South Asia’s women suffer as climate migration rises

Feminization of environmental migration is already underway in South Asia but governments have been slow to recognise the role of climate change

Climate science is skewed to rich country interests, say researchers

Lack of interest in issues affecting poor countries such as adaptation informs global climate deals, argues international panel of scientists

Global 2C warming limit not feasible, warns top economist

With “extreme policy measures”, a 2.5C limit is in reach, according to latest climate model from William Nordhaus

Trump’s climate impact could be ‘vanishingly small’

Trump has called climate change a hoax, but what’s truly scary, scientists tell ProPublica, is how much larger the problem is than one American president.

2016 mapped: around the world in top climate stories

Look back on a year of weird weather and clean energy breakthroughs around the world

Growing water stress drives desalination push in Kenya

As drought hits crop yields and livelihoods, Kenya approves the first of a planned fleet of plants to get drinking water from the ocean

Obama’s last climate play: US, Canada agree Arctic oil ban

Over 115 million acres of Arctic will be free from oil and gas exploration under decrees by leaders of US and Canada

Global warming linked to plant, animal extinctions

Almost half of plant and animal species have experienced local extinctions due to climate change, research reveals, with the tropics suffering the most pronounced loss

Climate Science


UK Met Office: 2017 to be ‘very warm’ but won’t beat 2016

Temperatures likely to dip slightly next year as El Nino wanes but long term average remains on an upward curve, say UK experts

G20 panel tells energy giants to come clean on climate risks

Voluntary rules for climate disclosure will force companies to evaluate role and strategy in a carbon-constrained world, say experts

Iconic Kruger game park faces bleak climate future

Recent drought gives a taste of things to come for Kruger National Park, South Africa, as global warming outpaces species’ ability to adapt

Global greening slows rise of CO2, but not fast enough

The greenhouse effect has prompted plants to consume more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere − but not enough to prevent global warming

UN plans early warning network as climate risks soar

While governments continue to negotiate on climate change, meteorological scientists warn that the global warming situation is rapidly deteriorating

Paris climate target slips away as Donald Trump rises

Faint hopes for a 1.5C global warming limit to rescue low-lying island states from rising seas have been shattered by the US election result, say scientists

Paris climate deal will not kill fossil fuels, says ex-Saudi oil chief

Influential former oil and climate envoy says solar is the future but predicts strong growth prospects for oil and gas sector, despite climate policies

12 reports to read before the COP22 UN climate summit

Get a rounded picture of the science, technology, policy and economics of the climate challenge



Brazil’s coffee growers face bleak future as world warms

Small-scale farmers who produce most of the world’s coffee beans face reductions in crop yield and quality as a result of rising temperatures and extreme weather

Africa gears up for first-of-a-kind climate impact study

A scientific pilot in Kenya and Ethiopia seeks to identify the link between extreme weather events and global warming

UN to extend freeze on climate change geoengineering

Draft documents suggest countries will agree to further ban on large-scale climate techno-fixes, warning risks of damage to biodiversity outweigh potential benefits

There’s a secret UN climate summit taking place in Mexico

UN biodiversity chief tells Climate Home protecting and restoring ecosystems is the best way to protect the world from dangerous levels of global warming

Fire bombs: why is the Mediterranean burning?

Huge fires, once rare in southern Europe, have ripped through communities from Greece to Portugal. The third and final part of our series investigates why

Fire bombs: Hobart lies in the path of climate disaster

Around the world, communities are living obliviously close to climate-driven fire disaster. In the first in a series of reports, Karl Mathiesen visits Hobart, Tasmania

US, EU offer to help African countries deliver climate plans

New international partnership aims to provide the technical knowledge needed to couple climate action and growth in developing countries

Adaptation finance: climate change’s forgotten child

Top advisor to poor countries says he’s changing advice and telling them to give up reliance on the promises of adaptation funding from developed countries



Antarctic ice shelf collapse pits fishing against science

British scientists want a fishing moratorium while they study newly open waters, but Russia stands in their way

Elephant seals enlisted in Antarctic sea ice study

Marine mammals have been fitted with monitoring devices to gather data in inaccessible parts of the South Pole

The puzzle of Antarctica’s long-term ice loss

Satellite data records reveal that the worrying loss of hundreds of square kilometres of ice along West Antarctica’s coastline has been occurring for decades

Top insurer urges US to stop subsidising climate-risk homes

National scheme encourages irresponsible housebuilding on regions exposed to flooding and storms, warns Lloyds

Antarctic glacier melt could add 3 metres to sea levels – study

A huge glacier in the frozen wastes of East Antarctica, a region previously thought stable, could melt much faster than expected, scientists say.

Antarctica geoengineering idea flawed say scientists

NEWS: Pumping sea water onto the continent to form ice to slow sea-level rise is flawed say scientists – and could make it worse

Warmer oceans speed up Antarctic ice loss

NEWS: Studies show a thinning ice shelf is accelerating the flow of glaciers into the Southern Ocean, raising sea levels

Giant icebergs fertilise the ocean, sucking carbon – study

NEWS: Nutrients in meltwater sustain greater numbers of CO2-absorbing ocean algae than previously thought, researchers find



Melting Arctic: ‘It’s a very different Svalbard’

Wildly abnormal weather threatens Arctic bird species and the safety of Longyearbyen town, says polar scientist

UN confirms 2016 will be hottest year on record

“Another year. Another record,” says World Meteorological Organisation chief, as temperatures smash the mark set last year

Green groups sue Norwegian government to block Arctic oil

Drilling licenses awarded in the Barents Sea violate the Norwegian constitution and Paris Agreement, Greenpeace and Young Friends of the Earth will argue in court

Greenland warns Denmark over thawing US military bases

A warming Arctic is unfreezing toxic Cold War relics and with them, disputes between the US, Denmark and Greenland

Norway minister urged to halt Arctic oil drilling

Greenpeace, Sierra Club and Alaska Wilderness League are among NGOs calling on Tord Lien to cancel licences, on climate grounds

Scientists struggle to keep up with melting Arctic

UN weather agency warns of rapid changes to the polar ice, at science ministerial summit in Washington DC

Arctic sea ice falls to second lowest extent, despite cool summer

Cloudy, cool weather in the high north could not save the sea ice, which fell to more than two million sq km below average

Climate change now has a start date

Researchers have pinpointed the beginning of global warming to a couple of decades in mid-1800s, showing earth’s sensitivity to small atmospheric changes



Worst-recorded coral bleaching event to continue into 2017

World’s reefs in “uncharted territory”, say scientists, as bleaching set to hit reefs for an unprecedented third year in a row

Asia’s coastal typhoons are gaining power

The violence of typhoons that devastate Asian coastal regions is being magnified by rising sea surface temperatures caused by greenhouse gas emissions

Visitors rush to the Great Barrier Reef to catch it “before it’s gone”

Survey finds that 69% of visitors to the world’s largest coral reef system are motivated by the fear that it might disappear

UN asked Australia to cover up Great Barrier Reef lobbying

Email exchanges between Australian government and Paris-based UNESCO indicate officials colluded in keeping lobbying over key climate report secret

Bleached Great Barrier Reef corals ‘sickest ever’, warn scientists

Corals are dying rapidly and sustained high sea temperatures will make it harder than ever to recover, say researchers

Anote Tong: Migration is the “brutal reality” of climate change

Migration with dignity must be part of a climate change adaptation strategy, rather than relocation of people as climate refugees

NASA: World just baked in hottest May on record

Extreme warmth due to man-made greenhouse gases causing coral bleaching, rapid Arctic sea ice melt and early disappearance of snow

Oceans warming too fast for Great Barrier Reef – study

Corals survived bleaching in the past as gradual warming gave time to adapt. That’s not so certain in the future



Indonesia president bans further destruction of peatlands

Norwegian pressure and financial support credited as world’s 8th largest greenhouse gas emitter targets end to exploitation of peatlands

Conservation zones exclude indigenous people, drive deforestation

Without their traditional land managers, reserves in Central America are left vulnerable to corporate interests, report finds

Fire bombs: British Columbia prepares for infernos

The second part of our series on vulnerable communities finds BC taking radical action in the face of a pile up of fire threats. Can it move fast enough?

Cattle ranchers face heat as efforts to protect forests falter

Annual index by Global Canopy Programme shows commodity suppliers are acting too slowly to meet high level sustainability goals

Brazil needs new coalitions to halt forest clearance surge

The latest data confirms an increase in tree-cutting, including in the most valuable carbon-rich areas of Amazon rainforest

7 things you missed at COP22 while Trump hogged the headlines

It was a ‘uuugggggee story. But while the media reacted in horror, the world – soon to be renamed Planet Trump – and the COP22 climate talks kept turning

New Zealand uses pine forests, creative accounting to dodge carbon cuts

Proposed forestry accounting changes would allow New Zealand to claim credits without cutting emissions, NGO claims

Brazil forest clearance is rising in a recession – that’s worrying

Latest data shows forest protection schemes are not enough to protect the Amazon rainforest, writes Natalie Unterstell



Green Climate Fund talks ‘hijacked’ by India-Pakistan conflict

After objections by the Indian representative, the Green Climate Fund has kept on hold a project to reduce the risk of glacial lake outburst floods in northern Pakistan

Rapid glacier melt threatens Bolivia water supplies, homes

Area of the Bolivian Andes covered by ice has shrunk 43% in a generation, study finds, with alarming implications

Human-caused warming postpones next ice age by 50,000 years

NEWS: Scientists forecast long delay to return of glaciers as carbon emissions screw the Earth’s climate systems

Greenland ice melt speeds up sea level rise

NEWS: Scientists have found evidence suggesting that melting icecap water from the interior of Greenland is adding to sea level rise faster than previously realised

Glacier melt hits record levels, report Zurich-based monitors

NEWS: Scientists say many glaciers are melting faster than ever − and many will continue to do so even if climate change can be stabilised

Too few scientists track loss of Himalayan glaciers

NEWS: Millions rely on meltwater from Asia’s water towers, but lack of expertise and manpower hampers the study of climate impacts

Alaska glaciers melting faster as planet overheats

NEWS: Climate change rather than natural causes is the main driver of state’s glacier loss, which is set to speed up, US scientists say

Canadian glaciers could start to disappear by 2040 – scientists

NEWS: Climate change could cause many glaciers in western Canada to start to disappear by mid century, affecting people and places that depend on their water



Don’t blame the solar cycle for global warming

New research confirms that increased greenhouse gas levels − rather than solar radiation impacts − are the key factor in global climate change

Carbon dioxide eases drought pressure – study

Plants exposed to more CO2 draw less water through their roots, mitigating the impact of global warming and rainfall shifts

In pictures: the citizen scientists tracking Kenya’s water woes

Smallholder farmers are helping to monitor water levels in the Sondu river catchment, to pave the way for better flood and drought warnings

World population to hit 10bn by mid-century – forecast

Surge will strain natural resources and ability to cope with climate change

The artificial leaves that turn CO2 and sunshine into fuel

Scientists have found a way to turn carbon dioxide into usable energy, which could help tackle climate change

Inter-ethnic conflict linked to climate change

Ethnic divides, more than economic inequality or poverty, raise the risk of violence erupting when droughts or heatwaves kick in

Scientists warn of ecological recession as biodiversity declines

Species loss has pushed ecosystems past a danger threshold across more than half of the terrestrial world

Tropical storms to get fiercer as the world warms

Turbocharged weather events like Typhoon Nepartak, Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy are expected to become more common with climate change



Climate change is raising peat fire risk – study

Drying bogs are increasingly flammable, researchers warn, fuelling blazes from Fort McMurray in Canada to southeast Asia

China’s pandas, flowers threatened by global warming

Researchers scent danger as rising temperatures threaten to eliminate vast amounts of the bamboo vital to panda diets and make flowers less attractive to pollinators

Super CO2-sucking crops could save the world from starving

NEWS: Plants genetically modified to thrive in hotter temperatures and increased carbon dioxide could cut fertiliser use and raise yields to reduce food shortages

Climate change could make growing these crops in African regions impossible

NEWS: Farmers advised to swap beans, bananas and maize for hardier staples in face of hotter continent in new study

Climate change slows health gains from eating better – study

NEWS: Cutting greenhouse gas emissions could save half a million lives in 2050, researchers find, by preventing food crop damage

India bee populations are collapsing under environmental strain

NEWS: A warming climate and the loss of natural areas to meet the demands of tourism are driving Indian bee colonies to the brink, imperilling food crops

Lost at sea: Rising ocean CO2 intoxicates fish – study

NEWS: Burning fossil fuels could change ocean’s chemistry enough by 2050 to disorient and confuse marine life, scientists warn

On forests, the UN and indigenous people are worlds apart

ANALYSIS: Germany, Norway and UK lead forest protection announcements, but where are the real forest defenders at COP21?



Climate change is testing southern Africa water agreements

Stronger and fairer water agreements will be needed to prevent conflicts in southern Africa as the climate changes

South Africa authorises coal splurge during UN climate summit

Government accused of ignoring increasingly severe water crisis as it gives green light to more coal plants in bid to tackle electricity shortages

Water security: huge climate risk, huge business opportunity

The Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) plans to help millions of vulnerable people better adapt to shocks and chronic stresses and thrive in a more resilient future

High and dry: South African drought leaves Lesotho parched

Water-rich Lesotho has long lubricated South Africa’s burgeoning population, but when drought struck in 2016, it was the residents of Katse village who suffered

Squid are winning adaptation race in warming ocean

‘Weeds of the sea’ are on the rise, as rival fish species suffer from overfishing, acidification and increasing temperatures

Price water or prepare for a thirstier, poorer planet – World Bank

Value water or face plummeting growth rates, warns World Bank as Africa and Asia suffer from ongoing drought linked to El Nino and climate change

Climate models ‘overestimate’ increase in wet and dry extremes

NEWS: Analysis of data stretching back 12 centuries reveals questions surrounding climate models that have linked wet and dry weather extremes to current temperature rise

Coal and climate threatens India, China water supplies

IN PICTURES: Greenpeace report reveals world’s most polluting form of energy uses as much water as one billion people, urges governments to invest in renewables