Norway at loggerheads with DR Congo over forest protection payments

International donors have frozen funding to conserve the world’s second largest rainforest, with the DRC environment minister said to have gone “rogue”

Arctic countries call for regional heavy fuel oil ban at UN shipping talks

Melting sea ice is opening the Arctic up to increased maritime traffic, raising fears of toxic fuel spills and climate pollution

Four ways the Trump administration has buried climate science

When Donald Trump became US president, there were fears for public information on climate science. So what happened?

Emissions controls for 1.5C climate target to cost three times 2C: study

Meeting the tougher global warming limit in the Paris Agreement will require earlier emissions cuts in transport and buildings sectors, study shows

US, EU biggest importers of illegal Amazon ipe timber: report

Dodgy credits allow exporters to ship the valuable timber overseas, to unsuspecting consumers who are unaware the timber may be illegal

Why are the world’s climate funds ignoring coral reefs?

Vital marine ecosystems are threatened by ocean warming and acidification, yet get a tiny fraction of climate finance, E3G research shows

Tokyo 2020 Olympics confirms use of rainforest timber in stadium build

Admission prompts calls for transparency over Tokyo 2020 supply chain with timber sourced from deforestation hotspot

Documents reveal UK push to water down EU biomass regulations

Brexit-bound UK won big concessions for power stations that burn wood, while new research claims the technology will undermine carbon cuts for half a century

Climate Science


Warming could breach 1.5C within five years: UK Met Office

Background warming and natural cycles could push warming beyond 1.5C, within a decade of nations agreeing to try and keep it below that limit

Global carbon emissions rise in 2017, driven by China

The projected 2% increase in carbon dioxide emissions comes from growth in China’s smokestack industries and jeopardises the Paris climate agreement goals, say experts

Did limiting warming to 1.5C just get easier?

A new report has revised the ‘carbon budget’, apparently putting a 1.5C limit to warming within reach. But how useful is this measure?

How did we end up with a 2C climate limit?

The global temperature goal started life as a back-of-the-envelope guess but become a powerful principle for political organising

Sweltering European summer has human fingerprints

The chance of extremely hot days, such as have been seen across southern Europe this summer has been “greatly increased” by climate change

Countries urged to start bargaining over negative emissions

There is an emerging consensus CO2 needs to be sucked out of the air to meet climate goals, but no discussion of which countries are responsible for acting

We already have a magic technology that sucks up carbon

Why have emissions plans that rely on removing carbon from the air with unproven technologies when forests can do it today?

World is well placed to stay under 2C – if we have carbon capture

“We are broadly in the right starting position to keep warming below 2C,” but most models require carbon capture to meet the Paris goal, researchers say



African countries urged to prepare for rise in extreme El Niño events

Early warning systems and early action funds are needed to prevent repeats of the 2015/16 famine, experts warn in response to latest science

Groundwater recharge offers hope to drought-hit Indian farmers

In Odisha, where late monsoons mean crop failures, poverty and even suicide, a novel scheme aims to boost water access

Maldives regime imperils coral reefs in dash for cash

Under President Yameen, ministers are quashing environmental concerns to strike opaque resort deals with foreign investors, warn divers, scientists and two EPA insiders

Netherlands invests €1m in global climate adaptation centre

Dutch join forces with Japan, UN among leading donors for project aimed at helping countries understand how they can cope with climate impacts

Russia starts work on climate adaptation strategy

Kremlin wants new plan by mid-2018, as brief sent to regions highlights focus on extreme weather events, permafrost thawing

Drought sours future of Swaziland’s sugar growers

Sugarcane has brought wealth to the world’s last absolute monarchy, but climate change spells an uncertain future for this thirsty crop

Global warming to shrink US harvests, say scientists

Rising temperatures will lead to massive crop losses in the US, which will increase prices and cause problems for developing countries, says international study

South Asia’s women suffer as climate migration rises

Feminization of environmental migration is already underway in South Asia but governments have been slow to recognise the role of climate change



Polar sea ice hits record new low

Northern spring thaw begins with sea ice at a record low. Nasa scientists say the world has lost an expanse of ice larger than Mexico since 1981

Global sea ice at lowest area ever recorded

Scientists mystified by a sudden fall in sea ice around Antarctica, but said there was no evidence it was related to global warming

Antarctic ice shelf collapse pits fishing against science

British scientists want a fishing moratorium while they study newly open waters, but Russia stands in their way

Elephant seals enlisted in Antarctic sea ice study

Marine mammals have been fitted with monitoring devices to gather data in inaccessible parts of the South Pole

The puzzle of Antarctica’s long-term ice loss

Satellite data records reveal that the worrying loss of hundreds of square kilometres of ice along West Antarctica’s coastline has been occurring for decades

Top insurer urges US to stop subsidising climate-risk homes

National scheme encourages irresponsible housebuilding on regions exposed to flooding and storms, warns Lloyds

Antarctic glacier melt could add 3 metres to sea levels – study

A huge glacier in the frozen wastes of East Antarctica, a region previously thought stable, could melt much faster than expected, scientists say.

Antarctica geoengineering idea flawed say scientists

NEWS: Pumping sea water onto the continent to form ice to slow sea-level rise is flawed say scientists – and could make it worse



Timelapse video: shipping first as LNG tanker crosses Arctic in winter without icebreaker escort

Teekay vessel Eduard Toll is designed to cut through ice and take advantage of the opening of Russia’s Arctic coastline to industry

Norwegian campaigners lose court case against Arctic oil drilling

Oslo district court told Greenpeace and co-plaintiffs exploration for new reserves did not violate citizens’ constitutional right to a healthy environment

Big oil vs bearded seal: Case to test Trump climate stance

Supreme Court to decide whether to hear oil companies and Alaskan native case against Trump administration for listing seal as threatened due to climate change

Gas tanker crosses thawing Arctic without icebreaker for first time

Sovcomflot vessel cut through thinning sea ice on the northern sea route to carry its cargo of fuel from Norway to South Korea in record time

One kilometre along the Arctic sea ice – my hardest ever swim

When Lewis Pugh finished his 22-minute, awareness-raising swim his hands were so frozen he hand to grip onto his photographer with his teeth

US endorses global action to curb greenhouse gases at Arctic summit

Secretary of state Rex Tillerson signed the Fairbanks Declaration, calling for climate action but holding judgement on the Paris Agreement

Tillerson to answer climate questions at Arctic Council

US secretary of state will fly to the world’s fastest warming region to join ministers in a statement that could sit uncomfortably with his president’s anti-climate agenda

Weekly wrap: Will China turn its back on coal?

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Ocean acidification is global warming’s forgotten crisis

We have the tools to barricade ecosystems against some impacts of warmer, more acidic oceans. But do we have the political will to use them?

There’s a secret UN climate summit taking place in Mexico

UN biodiversity chief tells Climate Home protecting and restoring ecosystems is the best way to protect the world from dangerous levels of global warming

Worst-recorded coral bleaching event to continue into 2017

World’s reefs in “uncharted territory”, say scientists, as bleaching set to hit reefs for an unprecedented third year in a row

Asia’s coastal typhoons are gaining power

The violence of typhoons that devastate Asian coastal regions is being magnified by rising sea surface temperatures caused by greenhouse gas emissions

Climate change now has a start date

Researchers have pinpointed the beginning of global warming to a couple of decades in mid-1800s, showing earth’s sensitivity to small atmospheric changes

Visitors rush to the Great Barrier Reef to catch it “before it’s gone”

Survey finds that 69% of visitors to the world’s largest coral reef system are motivated by the fear that it might disappear

UN asked Australia to cover up Great Barrier Reef lobbying

Email exchanges between Australian government and Paris-based UNESCO indicate officials colluded in keeping lobbying over key climate report secret

Bleached Great Barrier Reef corals ‘sickest ever’, warn scientists

Corals are dying rapidly and sustained high sea temperatures will make it harder than ever to recover, say researchers



Peru ends era of ‘roadless wilderness’ in its Amazon rainforests

Roads spread destruction and deforestation in the Amazon, now Peru, driven by neoliberal imperatives, plans a highway for one of the regions most sensitive forests

The Brazilian state letting illegal Amazon loggers keep logging

In Mato Grosso, logging permits are issued that allow export to European markets, even to those charged with crimes by federal authorities

Logging surge threatens a quarter of Estonia’s forest, warn conservationists

Baltic state lobbied for flexibilities in EU rules to enable a dramatic increase in forestry, turning its thriving woodland into a net emitter of carbon by 2030

Will these hand-painted signs be enough to stop a dam in the Amazon?

With indigenous land demarcations frozen across Brazil, illegal mining and hydro dams threaten the Amazon. Communities are taking matters into their own hands

It’s war in the Amazon, says Brazil’s top environmental law enforcer

Local politicians are colluding with gangs to undermine rainforest protection, Luciano Evaristo tells delegates at UN climate talks in Bonn

Brazil’s carbon emissions rose 8.9% in 2016, despite recession

After a surge in illegal deforestation, Brazil’s carbon emissions have risen for the third year running, according to a new study

Brazilian Amazon lost 660,000 hectares of forest in last year

Temer government claimed a victory as deforestation rate declines slightly, but green groups said announcement was no cause for celebration

Amazon forest fires pushing climate change ‘beyond human control’

Leading Amazon scientist highlights ‘grave problems’ in Brazil’s management of the world’s most important forest as climate-driven fires eat it away



Green Climate Fund talks ‘hijacked’ by India-Pakistan conflict

After objections by the Indian representative, the Green Climate Fund has kept on hold a project to reduce the risk of glacial lake outburst floods in northern Pakistan

Rapid glacier melt threatens Bolivia water supplies, homes

Area of the Bolivian Andes covered by ice has shrunk 43% in a generation, study finds, with alarming implications

Human-caused warming postpones next ice age by 50,000 years

NEWS: Scientists forecast long delay to return of glaciers as carbon emissions screw the Earth’s climate systems

Greenland ice melt speeds up sea level rise

NEWS: Scientists have found evidence suggesting that melting icecap water from the interior of Greenland is adding to sea level rise faster than previously realised

Glacier melt hits record levels, report Zurich-based monitors

NEWS: Scientists say many glaciers are melting faster than ever − and many will continue to do so even if climate change can be stabilised

Too few scientists track loss of Himalayan glaciers

NEWS: Millions rely on meltwater from Asia’s water towers, but lack of expertise and manpower hampers the study of climate impacts

Alaska glaciers melting faster as planet overheats

NEWS: Climate change rather than natural causes is the main driver of state’s glacier loss, which is set to speed up, US scientists say

Canadian glaciers could start to disappear by 2040 – scientists

NEWS: Climate change could cause many glaciers in western Canada to start to disappear by mid century, affecting people and places that depend on their water



Link between Hurricane Harvey and climate change is unclear

Reports the devastating storm was made worse by humanity’s carbon emissions fail to grasp climate change is not just about warming

Humans massively increased odds of three consecutive hottest years

New research shows odds of record years and runs of record years have changed from tiny to probable because of greenhouse gases

Pope’s climate essay won’t convince Trump, it didn’t even work on Catholics

Pope’s encyclical on climate change appealed to liberals, but conservative Catholics were driven away by the values it invoked

Dryland expansion to hit food crops as planet warms

Studies warn climate change will bring faster warming to subtropical dry areas, making crops like wheat and potatoes unviable

Melting Arctic worsens Beijing’s pollution haze, study finds

Changing weather patterns make winter smog around China’s capital more likely, scientists warn, despite efforts to tackle air pollution at source

Trump budget: US to stop funding UN climate process

“America First” budget would axe 20% of the UN’s climate body’s funding and $2bn to help developing countries deal with global warming

Climate change made NSW’s hottest summer 50 times more likely

Researchers find strong climate signal behind the heatwaves and record average temperatures that beset Australia’s eastern states this summer

Global 2C warming limit not feasible, warns top economist

With “extreme policy measures”, a 2.5C limit is in reach, according to latest climate model from William Nordhaus



Climate threatens ‘Himalayan Viagra’ fungus, and a way of life

A valuable fungus reputed to be an aphrodisiac has been disappearing from the mountains of Nepal, taking with it a valuable source of income

Marine reserves are helping ecosystems cope with climate change: study

International review finds that protected areas are good for adaptation to global warming as well as preventing overfishing and pollution

It’s 1 March, but spring got started weeks ago

As warmer days wake parts of nature from their winter slumber earlier and earlier, ancient cycles are being broken

Global warming linked to plant, animal extinctions

Almost half of plant and animal species have experienced local extinctions due to climate change, research reveals, with the tropics suffering the most pronounced loss

Iconic Kruger game park faces bleak climate future

Recent drought gives a taste of things to come for Kruger National Park, South Africa, as global warming outpaces species’ ability to adapt

Scientists warn of ecological recession as biodiversity declines

Species loss has pushed ecosystems past a danger threshold across more than half of the terrestrial world

Climate change is raising peat fire risk – study

Drying bogs are increasingly flammable, researchers warn, fuelling blazes from Fort McMurray in Canada to southeast Asia

China’s pandas, flowers threatened by global warming

Researchers scent danger as rising temperatures threaten to eliminate vast amounts of the bamboo vital to panda diets and make flowers less attractive to pollinators



Rising CO2 levels threaten aquatic life, studies show

Both marine and freshwater species are affected by acidifying water in ways that disrupt the entire food web, scientists warn

Climate change threatens survival of the River Jordan

New research finds worsening droughts will sap the biblical waterway, which is already under pressure from agriculture and a growing population

Egypt faces water insecurity as Ethiopian mega-dam rumours swirl

Farmers along the lower Nile have little information to guide them as upriver barrage threatens to compound the impacts of global warming

Scientists say east Africa will get wetter, so why is it drying out?

Despite models predicting increased rainfall with climate change, the region has collapsed into drought – a puzzle known as the East African paradox

Rainfall extremes to become the Nile’s new normal

With global warming, the mighty river basin will swing from devastating floods to withering drought, models show

‘We are praying it rains soon’ – Nairobi on severe water rations

Some districts are receiving just 12 hours of water each week as drought hits the Kenyan capital – home to more than 3 million people

Climate change is testing southern Africa water agreements

Stronger and fairer water agreements will be needed to prevent conflicts in southern Africa as the climate changes

South Africa authorises coal splurge during UN climate summit

Government accused of ignoring increasingly severe water crisis as it gives green light to more coal plants in bid to tackle electricity shortages