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China flexes its muscle as climate talks end with slow progress

: At the first climate talks of the Trump era, a coalition of developing countries, with China at its centre, won small but significant victories

Everything you need to know about Cop23 UN climate talks

: The US’ split personality, a stronger China and all the technical outcomes of the 2017 Fiji-in-Bonn summit in one place, compiled by Carbon Brief

Former UN climate chief lobbies against $1bn loan to Australian coal train

: Christiana Figueres warns subsidising Adani’s controversial Carmichael mega-mine would damage Australia’s reputation abroad

Rich countries ‘trying to turn climate funds into World Bank’

: The rich are ‘renegotiating’ the Paris climate deal by trying to limit access for middle income countries to climate finance, it has been claimed

Fight over finance threatens end of climate talks

: As climate talks head into their final hours, a disagreement over how rich countries will report their plans to finance climate action could boil over

Four overlooked issues at the Bonn climate talks

: Oceans, adaptation and loss and damage among issues countries say have drifted into obscurity at UN talks

Call for polluters to pay ‘climate damages tax’

: Disappointed by slow progress at UN talks in Bonn, 50 organisations and individuals demand a fossil fuel levy to compensate victims of climate change impacts

‘Sometimes I get intimidated’: first-timers at UN climate talks

: Three young people share their impressions of international climate negotiations in Bonn, their hopes and fears for the future

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Climate Conversation

Your greatest hope against climate change is standing beside you

As COP23 marks Climate Justice Day, the right to participation holds the key to turning the tide on climate change, writes the former Irish president

Is the Paris climate deal legally binding or not?

“Like hell it’s non-binding,” Donald Trump has said of the 2015 UN deal to cut carbon pollution. Is he right?

Puerto Rico hurricane shows islands must have renewable energy

As the world resumes climate talks in Bonn next month, island states will use the devastating hurricane season to fuel calls for expanded renewable energy investment

‘UN reformer’ Guterres must do more on climate change

Climate change risks are global and intersecting, so why doesn’t the UN do more to treat them that way?

Kenya’s most polluting coal plant could poison coastline

A project that will double Kenya’s carbon emissions also threatens life on a fragile coastline, but the government’s planning process has been flawed

Did limiting warming to 1.5C just get easier?

A new report has revised the ‘carbon budget’, apparently putting a 1.5C limit to warming within reach. But how useful is this measure?

Now really isn’t the best time to talk about climate change

Experience shows extreme weather is a poor catalyst for changing minds about climate change, the conversation needs to begin before times of distress

Sydney and Vancouver are fulfilling climate promises made in Paris

As national governments delay, cities around the world are committing to climate action


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