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UN shipping chief warns of industry’s rising climate impact

: Existing fuel efficiency measures won’t cut it as shipping demand grows, says Kitack Lim at environmental meet

World has entered new climate reality – UN weather chief

: Global average CO2 concentrations breached symbolic milestone of 400ppm for the first time in 2015, while temperatures soared

Rapid glacier melt threatens Bolivia water supplies, homes

: Area of the Bolivian Andes covered by ice has shrunk 43% in a generation, study finds, with alarming implications

Crib notes: shipping sulphur cuts offer hidden climate bonus

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Wind, solar costs undercut new coal plants in South Africa

: Wind and solar power are 40% cheaper than new coal generation today, analysis of government data shows

Weekly wrap: oil producers grapple with climate reality

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Netherlands accounting fudge reduces 2020 carbon cuts

: Revised emissions forecasts relieve pressure on government to close coal plants in response to Urgenda court case

Brazilian senate approves new coal funding

: Support to “modernise” coal power plants was smuggled into a bill about electricity sector privatisation, prompting calls for a presidential veto

UN approves plans for new IPCC global warming report

: Top climate scientists have just under two years to deliver assessment of dangers and avoiding strategies for warming of 1.5C

Antarctic ice shelf collapse pits fishing against science

: British scientists want a fishing moratorium while they study newly open waters, but Russia stands in their way

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Podesta email dump reveals tight US-China climate ties

Todd Stern and Xie Zhenhua were opposing climate envoys for nearly five years – but in the heat of international negotiations they forged a vital friendship

Reaction: US and China ratify Paris climate agreement

Leading civil society groups, Al Gore, Michael Bloomberg and UN leaders say formal approval by biggest polluters is a tipping point in climate fight

Paris climate agreement set to become law this year

Fifty-seven countries accounting for 59.88% of global emissions have now indicated they will sign agreement before end of 2016

Patricia Espinosa: Who is the UN’s incoming climate change chief?

Mexican diplomat is a team builder with a ruthless streak, say ministers who have worked with her

China: The green dragon roars

China cuts pollution at home, grows coal abroad

China cuts coal at home but state owned companies and banks drive new coal expansion overseas, despite promises of green growth for developing countries

Scientists “too frightened” to tell truth on climate impacts

Professor Peter Wadhams says peers are failing in their duty, and warns China is planning huge land grabs as warming hits crop production

US and China release fossil fuel subsidy peer reviews

With public assessment of each others’ $15.42bn and $8.2bn in subsidies, China and the US take a big step on transparency, but inch forward on reform

Atomic politics: UK mends China links with Hinkley deal

Choosing your power source should come down science and economics, but as the UK’s Hinkley saga shows it’s also a deeply political game

UK pitches China for climate-friendly finance trillions

London’s expertise places it in pole position to channel private finance to China, as superpower seeks to invest around $4 trillion a year in infratsructure

EU-sized coal fleet shelved since Paris climate deal

China and India are cracking down on excess projects, but remaining pipeline will still blow the 2C carbon budget, say analysts

China’s top ministries commit to green finance drive

Proposals to ensure China’s financial sector backs green projects gains influential support, though doubts over what can be classed as ‘green’ persist

G20 reaffirms climate commitments – but dodges deadlines

Leaders back rapid implementation of the Paris agreement and ramping up of green finance, but fail to set timeline for phase out of fossil fuel subsidies


In focus: Green Climate Fund

Rich nations on course to miss 2020 climate finance goal

Study by British and Australian administrations says wealthy nations likely to miss politically sensitive $100 billion goal, but flows will continue to rise

Saudi Arabia blasts Korean bank for “playing” with UN climate fund

“Either you are serious, or you are not,” says Saudi Green Climate Fund representative after Korea Exim pulled its application to the fund at the last moment

Australian selected as head of the Green Climate Fund

Howard Bamsey, a former climate envoy, will take on one of the most important and difficult jobs in the climate world

As the world hails Paris, Africa’s energy plans are stagnating

Despite bold promises of the UN’s first comprehensive global warming deal, African governments feel their demands for energy equity are being ignored

Green Climate Fund urged to blacklist coal-funding agencies

Export credit agencies are inappropriate partners for the Green Climate Fund, according to a letter signed by 92 NGOs

We’ve only just begun: more climate fights are coming

Luckily for the chances of avoiding global warming, the Paris climate deal isn’t the only game in town. Here’s a rundown of what else is cooking

Green Climate Fund asked for indigenous people’s rights policy

UN’s flagship climate bank must recognise positive benefits traditional communities offer forests and ecosystems, says civil society group

Green Climate Fund to target ‘high risk’ investments

Projects in Africa and Asia set to benefit as GCF sets out stall to be top clean energy and resilience lender to developing countries

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