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UK votes to leave EU, fears grow for climate ambition

: Six questions for UK and EU low carbon ambitions as British voters reject continued membership of world’s largest single market

Weekly wrap: EU blow as UK votes for Brexit

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Post Brexit, will UK government approve 2030 climate target?

: With climate and euro sceptics close to regaining Number 10, British climate policy looks set for a rocky ride this summer

Brexit reaction: How will it impact global climate politics?

: Scientists, politicians, green groups and the international community react to stunning British vote to leave European Union

Oslo votes to slash emissions 95% by 2030

: Norway’s capital announces ambitious carbon cutting plans with a car-free city centre and clean energy buses topping the agenda

The EU referendum debate shows truth still matters

: In climate change circles as for the Brexit battle, misinformation must be challenged

Could solar meet 13% of global power demand by 2030?

: Cratering costs that seemed implausible only a few years ago are driving the fast expansion of solar, say analysts at the International Renewable Energy Agency

Time for divestment and oil subsidy campaigns to join forces?

: Investors are less likely to divest if governments continue to prop up the sector with rampant subsidies, aid and investments

Bleached Great Barrier Reef corals ‘sickest ever’, warn scientists

: Corals are dying rapidly and sustained high sea temperatures will make it harder than ever to recover, say researchers

Turkey coal surge an ‘historic error’ say economists

: Fears Russia could turn off the gas taps are driving Turkey towards coal – which experts say will be an expensive mistake for the country and climate

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Patricia Espinosa: Who is the UN’s incoming climate change chief?

Mexican diplomat is a team builder with a ruthless streak, say ministers who have worked with her

Fabius: EU failure to rapidly ratify Paris Agreement ‘damaging’

French former president of UN summit warns of negative consequences if Brussels does not formally join deal before it enters into force

‘Critical mass’ to support UN climate change deal

India, Canada and Mexico among countries set for early approval of Paris Agreement, in boost for climate action

Early entry: Approving the Paris climate deal in 2016 makes sense

Could the Paris Agreement set a new record for the number of countries signing up on the first day?

China: The green dragon roars

Solar module prices set for further falls in 2016

Oversupply in China will likely cause a global glut and cratering costs, say experts from UBS and IHS

China set to blitz 2020 climate goal as emissions flatline

Ahead of the release of China’s five-year energy strategy, Greenpeace analysts say real world carbon intensity cuts are ahead of target

US, China to publish fossil fuel subsidy peer reviews

Studies being presented at the G20 could kick-start efforts to remove price supports for oil and coal, write Liu Shuang and Hu Min

China and US set for airline emissions clash

Responsibilities of rich and emerging economies at issue in Montreal meeting to thrash out aviation’s contribution to international climate action

Shanghai must target heavy industry to peak emissions

China’s largest city is leading on green buildings and sustainable transport technology, but experts say it needs to get a grip on polluting sectors

China to ratify UN climate change deal by September

Beijing makes surprise announcement at New York signing ceremony as UN urges countries to speed global efforts

Canada, Germany lead calls to price 50% of carbon emissions by 2030

Global carbon market can promote innovation and accelerate low carbon development, say coalition of six leaders

BRICS bank hands $811m in green energy loans

New Development Bank issues first tranche of renewable energy loans in emerging economies, but 2016 outlook for renewables industry downgraded on Q1 results


In focus: Green Climate Fund

Green Climate Fund: 8 questions for the board

The honeymoon is over, pressure is mounting. As the GCF board prepares to meet Climate Home looks at the key issues they need to resolve

Green Climate Fund partners condemned for fossil fuel funding

Study highlights billions channelled towards oil, coal and gas from 2013-2015, support campaigners say is ‘deeply at odds’ with Paris climate deal

Green Climate Fund has more money than projects

Developing countries urged to deliver proposals for clean energy and climate adaptation projects as GCF aims to distribute $2.5 billion in 2016

Climate finance must be based on science

Development banks can learn from corporations when it comes to getting bang for their green buck

How the Maldives are putting climate funds to work

As leaders meet in New York to sign the Paris climate deal, a water project is helping remote islands handle drought risk

Development banks eye pension funds in new climate finance drive

Manager of Climate Investment Funds says it wants to de-risk low carbon projects in developing world, unlocking trillions from institutional investors

UN-backed green fund to wean major banks off fossil addiction

INTERVIEW: New alliance with HSBC and Credit Agricole takes flak from civil society, but GCF heads say finance giants are now part of transition away from fossil fuels

Positives emerge from Green Climate Fund link with HSBC

BLOG: Big banks are not a natural partner for the UN’s flagship green fund, but a new link could reap benefits for both

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