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UN to investigate mysterious emissions of banned ozone-damaging CFCs

: Scientific advisors to the Montreal Protocol will examine evidence of new sources of CFCs in East Asia and report by the end of the year

Climate Weekly: Tracking down rogue CFCs

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EU energy chief flies to Tehran to talk gas supply, as US sanctions loom

: As companies withdraw from deals involving Iran, fearing US sanctions, the EU scrambles to preserve growing energy cooperation

German coal phase-out commission to balance jobs with climate

: Leaked strategy paper leads on jobs and calls for environmental concerns to be ‘harmonised’ with economic development

The UN Security Council is starting to take climate change seriously

: The most powerful UN body is tentatively addressing the links between global warming and instability. It can and should do more, writes Ashley Murphy

ILO: green economy can create 24 million jobs by 2030

: The Paris Agreement is generating new clean industries that will offset the loss of oil and coal jobs, finds a report by the UN’s labour body

Indian authorities claim progress in campaign to end heatwave deaths

: After nearly 200 die in extreme weather, national disaster agency reiterates zero-mortality goal and says toll could have been higher without action plans

London’s ‘light touch’ regulatory hub for African oil ventures exposed

: DeSmog UK investigation finds secretive companies using UK’s Alternative Investment Market to raise finance for new oil and gas projects

Fears for post-Brexit climate laws as UK green watchdog plans revealed

: Post-divorce environment body will not enforce climate change regulations, says proposal, but UK lacks direct replacement for EU institutions

11 ways the Paris climate deal is working in the real world

: As climate talks stall, it’s clear the UN process is no longer the major driving force of the climate transition. But does that matter?

Latest news

Reclaiming coal

US agency calls for ban on controversial coal mine ‘self-bonds’

The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office is urging Congress to make coal mining companies pay for environmental clean-up and reduce the risk to taxpayers

Coal tycoon governor Jim Justice uses loophole to leave mines and workers idle

Companies owned by WV governor exploited a supposedly temporary status to defer environmental clean up and leave miners in limbo, in some cases for decades

What happens to the land after coal mines close?

Across the country, mining land has been reclaimed at low cost, leaving communities with few alternatives to rebuild their economies

Crackdown on coal mine ‘self-bonds’ stalls under Trump

Regulators have almost wiped out risky practice since 2015-16 wave of bankruptcies, but some coal companies still insure themselves

Obama official: Trump cuts will leave coal clean-up agency unable to function

The number of mine site inspections is falling and proposed budget cuts at the federal regulator will further erode oversight, a former top official warns

Why and how we investigated the coal industry’s clean-up funds

The Reclaiming Coal investigation involved six months of crunching data from state and federal agencies, coupled with travel across the country

Reclaiming coal: US mines’ clean-up cash – all our data

All of our data on the US coal industry’s reclamation bonds, compiled nationally and published here for the first time

Climate Conversation

We need bold action before 2020 to hold global warming below 1.5C

If rich countries fail to live up to their promises over the next two years, they condemn small islands to catastrophic warming impacts, says Maldives minister

We need long-term strategies to meet the challenge of climate change

The Paris Agreement sets a vision to transform the global economy; now it is time for countries to draw their roadmaps for the coming decades to make it reality

The shipping sector has the technology to go green, it just needs the policy signal

The International Maritime Organization should build on growing industry awareness and agree an ambitious climate target for shipping this week

Will the IMO deliver the climate deal of 2018?

As a key meeting kicks off in London, the hopes of climate hawks are pinned on the shipping industry finally setting course for reform after years in the doldrums

10 years of success, but the UK climate change act needs an upgrade

The pioneering piece of legislation has helped bring emissions down, but the challenges of the Paris Agreement require more ambition from the government

Climate change victims need money to survive, not words

There is an opportunity in May to help people hit hardest by climate change; governments must take it

Germany’s new government deal fails the Paris climate accord test

It’s three steps forward and four back as Angela Merkel resumes government in coalition with the social democrats

Why are the world’s climate funds ignoring coral reefs?

Vital marine ecosystems are threatened by ocean warming and acidification, yet get a tiny fraction of climate finance, E3G research shows


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