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The Canadian city betting on recycling rare earths for the energy transition

As countries scramble to secure critical minerals, Kingston’s burgeoning clean tech ecosystem is attracting startups to create circular supply chains and reduce reliance on China

As South Africa heads to the polls, voters await stalled “just energy transition”

Progress on the Just Energy Transition Partnership has been slow due to South Africa’s debt concerns and divisions over the role of gas

Can the rising cost of chocolate help cocoa producers go green?

Cocoa farmers have long faced difficult growing conditions and low pay. Recent record high prices have highlighted the need for change.

In Malawi, dubious cyclone aid highlights need for loss and damage fund

Malawi’s Red Cross built 45 homes funded by a suspected Nigerian fraudster, which residents of Mchenga village say are unsafe

UN court: Countries must go beyond Paris Agreement to protect oceans

Small island states score “historic” victory as UN maritime tribunal says countries must take necessary measures to address emissions

Africa must reap the benefits of its energy transition minerals 

In the rush to exploit minerals needed to fight climate change, African leaders should harness their natural wealth for the continent’s development 

Azerbaijan pursues clean energy to export more ‘god-given’ gas to Europe

Baku rolls out its first large-scale renewables, but a rise in clean energy does not mean leaving fossil fuels in the ground

Calls for responsible mining fail to stem rights abuses linked to transition minerals

As demand grows for critical minerals used in clean energy supply chains, new data suggests more protection is needed for communities affected by their extraction

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Seismic shifts are underway to find finance for loss and damage

The new UN fund can channel taxes and other innovative ways of raising money to pay for climate loss and damage – we just have to decide to apply them

How to fix the finance flows that are pushing our planet to the brink

Commercial banks are financing a huge amount of fossil-fuel and industrial agriculture activities in the Global South – they must turn off the tap

‘More than a number’: Global plastic talks need community experts

Frontline leaders who know the effects of plastic-related pollution want a global treaty that puts public health, human rights and the environment first

Indigenous lands feel cruel bite of green energy transition 

Mining companies have been offered a path to sustainability but few are taking it – Indigenous people need to be at the table demanding change

Limiting frontline voices in the Loss and Damage Fund is a recipe for disaster

Representatives of groups hardest-hit by the climate crisis say restrictions on their participation at the fund’s first board meeting set a worrying precedent

Will blossom of reform bear fruit? Spring Meetings leave too much to do 

Changes are afoot at the IMF and World Bank – but debt-squeezed developing nations need far faster access to more finance for climate action

Fossil fuel debts are illegitimate and must be cancelled 

The Spring Meetings of the World Bank and IMF are a chance to transform outstanding debts for fossil fuel projects into grants for renewable energy systems

SBTi needs tighter rules on companies’ indirect emissions

Businesses are not required to cut all their value chain emissions in line with a 1.5C warming limit – and allowing offsetting could weaken efforts further

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