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Mapped: A world tour of 2017 in climate change news

: What a year. Take a virtual world tour of our 21 top stories, from forest diamonds to Fiji-on-the-Rhine climate talks. Yes, Donald Trump makes an appearance

Climate Weekly: Macron banks on green capitalism

: This week’s top climate change stories. Sign up to have our newsletter sent to your inbox

Bitcoin reforms proposed to curb soaring carbon footprint

: Revamped cryptocurrency transactions could be cleaner than credit cards, experts say, while the underlying blockchain technology can bring climate benefits

China to launch nationwide carbon market next week: officials

: The emissions trading scheme will initially cover only the power sector, not heavy industry as planned, but will nonetheless become the biggest in the world

US ‘no position’ on how much humans are changing climate, says Trump envoy

: George David Banks speaks with Arthur Neslen about keeping the US in the Paris deal, morale in the state department and why he said he didn’t know what 2C means

Macron summit touts green finance progress – despite Trump

: Paris meeting showed movement towards cleaner investments by development banks and the private sector, but there was little new money for the poorest

Trump seeks pro-coal alliance as global push against fuel grows

: While leaders gather in Paris to celebrate the second anniversary of global climate pact, Trump official says US wants to form group of countries to promote “clean” coal

Belt and road countries could emit triple China’s carbon, warns official

: Top green finance official Ma Jun tells a conference in Paris that China wants international support to clean up its investments abroad

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Climate Conversation

Remake Puerto Rico’s power grid and create a universal basic income

While any move away from fossil fuels is welcome, we need to think bigger about what resilience could mean for Puerto Rico

Sexual harassment at UN talks weakens the fight against climate change

‘Zero tolerance’ only works when victims feel comfortable coming forward. Meanwhile smart, passionate women are driven away from the UN process

Let’s ban car advertising to protect public health

Public health hazards like smoking commonly face advertising restrictions. Simon Dalby of Wilfrid Laurier University asks why we don’t do the same for climate change

Your greatest hope against climate change is standing beside you

As COP23 marks Climate Justice Day, the right to participation holds the key to turning the tide on climate change, writes the former Irish president

Is the Paris climate deal legally binding or not?

“Like hell it’s non-binding,” Donald Trump has said of the 2015 UN deal to cut carbon pollution. Is he right?

Puerto Rico hurricane shows islands must have renewable energy

As the world resumes climate talks in Bonn next month, island states will use the devastating hurricane season to fuel calls for expanded renewable energy investment

‘UN reformer’ Guterres must do more on climate change

Climate change risks are global and intersecting, so why doesn’t the UN do more to treat them that way?

Kenya’s most polluting coal plant could poison coastline

A project that will double Kenya’s carbon emissions also threatens life on a fragile coastline, but the government’s planning process has been flawed


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