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Scottish oil-town plan for green jobs sparks climate campers’ anger over local park

The oil and gas industry aims to bring clean jobs to Aberdeen, but it involves paving over part of a much-loved park, igniting a debate on just transition

To keep its profits, Big Oil stole our future 

Children’s education, and their prospects, are suffering as a result of extreme heat driven by climate change – and dirty energy giants are the culprits

The world needs a new global deal on climate and development finance

A more effective framework led by the UN could involve a binding financial target, a role for emerging economies and consolidation of funds

Climate diplomat Laurence Tubiana backed by some left-wing parties as next French PM

But she is opposed by hard-left coalition partner La France insoumise, which fears she is too close to centrist President Macron

UK court ruling provides ammo for anti-fossil fuel lawyers worldwide

Britain’s top court ruled that emissions from burning a fossil fuel – not just producing it – should be considered in decisions on new extraction projects

Hurricane Beryl shows why the new UK government must ramp up climate finance 

In the wake of yet another Caribbean climate disaster, Labour should raise its ambition in offering international support

In Hurricane Beryl’s shadow, loss and damage fund makes progress on set-up

The board of the fund has agreed on a name and a host country at a meeting in South Korea, but trickier issues remain

Where East African oil pipeline meets sea, displaced farmers bemoan “bad deal” on compensation

The oil export project has pushed up the price of land, so compensation is too low to maintain affected villagers’ standard of living

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The Loss and Damage Fund must not leave fragile states behind 

Unless the unique needs of conflict zones are prioritized, climate-vulnerable communities risk losing out on finance again

Africa cannot afford to be complacent about solar radiation management

As the solar geoengineering debate heats up, it is time for voices across the continent to work together and make themselves heard

Finance flowing for locally led climate adaptation

A new approach to adaptation is putting communities most affected by climate change at the heart of how decisions are made

New European Parliament must act on climate change as a systemic threat  

The recent European election sets a trajectory for policymakers to shy away from the climate agenda rather than giving it the urgent boost needed 

Lessons from trade tensions targeting “overcapacity” in China’s cleantech industry

Clean technology is turning into the next global climate spat. The debate over China’s dominance is highly politicized, but there are ways forward

New finance goal needed to protect climate momentum from a Trump win 

The victims of the climate crisis will need support, and the energy transition will need to be funded, whoever is elected as the next US president

G7 countries must deliver on COP28 promise to cut fossil fuels

For Pacific Island nations like mine, the transition to clean and renewable energy is not just a goal but a necessity for survival

Bonn makes only lukewarm progress to tackle a red-hot climate crisis

At mid-year UN talks, negotiators have achieved little to get more help to those struggling with fiercer floods, cyclones and heatwaves in South Asia

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