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Coal India report finds renewables will ‘substantially decrease’ coal demand

: The falling cost of solar power and batteries is having a “significant impact” on the coal sector, says national mining company in Coal Vision 2030 consultation

Tokyo 2020 Olympics confirms use of rainforest timber in stadium build

: Admission prompts calls for transparency over Tokyo 2020 supply chain with timber sourced from deforestation hotspot

Climate Weekly: Coal India’s mixed messages

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Documents reveal UK push to water down EU biomass regulations

: Brexit-bound UK won big concessions for power stations that burn wood, while new research claims the technology will undermine carbon cuts for half a century

Former UN chief Ban Ki-moon to lead global ‘green growth’ push

: The diplomatic heavyweight, who oversaw UN climate and sustainable development deals, will join Seoul-based organisation as its chair and president

Why is tiny Nauru getting $26.9m in climate finance to build a port?

: Nauru’s biggest donor Australia lobbied for a project that raises tough questions over how climate finance differs from traditional development aid

Tasmania to reach 120% renewable electricity in five years, Labor pledge

: An election policy from the state opposition would provide a boost to rooftop solar and see more clean energy shipped to the mainland

International Solar Alliance to launch 121 projects at New Delhi summit

: India and France are leading a push to roll out solar power, with an event next month to focus on water pumps, affordable finance and mini-grids

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Climate Conversation

As China counts its emissions, has growth shaken free of carbon?

As the economy surged in 2017, experts are divided over whether emissions stayed flat. It could mean pollution has peaked more than a decade earlier than expected

Peru ends era of ‘roadless wilderness’ in its Amazon rainforests

Roads spread destruction and deforestation in the Amazon, now Peru, driven by neoliberal imperatives, plans a highway for one of the regions most sensitive forests

Why climate pariah Trump is welcome at the World Economic Forum

Far from being shunned, US president Donald Trump has been warmly welcomed at the Davos ski resort by business chiefs who benefit from his policies

The climate solution no-one in Davos will be talking about

Economists say a global carbon tax would efficiently shift the world to safer energy production. So why is it barely mentioned?

Tesla’s South Australian super battery beats expectations for first month

The world’s largest lithium ion battery has brought much needed flexibility to the grid, encouraging other states to follow suit

Five big gaps in national climate plans – and how to close them

The Paris climate deal is based on pledges from 165 countries, but there are major omissions that need addressing before the next round in 2020

Remake Puerto Rico’s power grid and create a universal basic income

While any move away from fossil fuels is welcome, we need to think bigger about what resilience could mean for Puerto Rico

Sexual harassment at UN talks weakens the fight against climate change

‘Zero tolerance’ only works when victims feel comfortable coming forward. Meanwhile smart, passionate women are driven away from the UN process


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