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Fire bombs: why is the Mediterranean burning?

: Huge fires, once rare in southern Europe, have ripped through communities from Greece to Portugal. The third and final part of our series investigates why

UK cuts Foreign Office climate change team

: Cuts made to workforce at home and overseas despite ministers saying climate diplomacy should be a top priority, reports the Guardian

There’s a secret UN climate summit taking place in Mexico

: UN biodiversity chief tells Climate Home protecting and restoring ecosystems is the best way to protect the world from dangerous levels of global warming

Full circle: 33 hours in Australian climate policy

: It took just over a day for the suggestion of a carbon price to be stamped out by right-wing MPs who hold the prime minister in their thrall

Court blocks Polish coal plant, in victory for campaigners

: While Poland’s top politicians promote coal, communities and environmental lawyers are pushing back through the courts

Africa drought drives sexual abuse, hits HIV treatment

: Erratic rains have left a continent in crisis says UN, which is working on humanitarian ‘blueprint’ to make countries more resilient to extreme weather

Kill coal, create jobs business leaders urge Trump

: Cutting US emissions will wipe out thousands of jobs, but create more than a million in greener manufacturing industries says study

Fire bombs: British Columbia prepares for infernos

: The second part of our series on vulnerable communities finds BC taking radical action in the face of a pile up of fire threats. Can it move fast enough?

Fiji appoints beauty queen as climate ambassador

: Anne Dunn takes on diplomatic role for next hosts of UN climate talks shortly after winning Miss Pacific Islands competition

Trump, Gore talk climate change in New York meeting

: Democrat climate champion and Republican climate sceptic meet for unlikely chat as president-elect searches for ‘common ground’ on politically toxic issue

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Marrakech climate summit closes with final plea to Trump

As climate talks in Marrakech dragged into the late hours of Friday, leaders finally broke the silence over their fears of Donald Trump

COP22 headlines: what did Marrakech climate summit deliver?

An oasis of climate commitment in a desert of Trump panic, the UN talks made steady progress on putting the Paris Agreement into action

Marrakech climate summit marks start of new era

As Obama, Kerry and Ban Ki-moon head for the exit, it’s unclear if a new world order will place same emphasis on climate action

Fiji invites Trump to visit climate-hit Pacific islands

On the final day of climate talks in Marrakech, next year’s host appealed to the US president-elect for solidarity

China: The green dragon roars

Fuzzy data poses problems for China carbon market

Running an efficient carbon trading scheme is reliant on the supply of full and accurate data, which is often lacking in China’s secretive industrial sectors, warn analysts

Beijing limits on car registration boost electric vehicles

Subsidies and regulations make EVs an appealing option, but the charging infrastructure needs to keep up with demand

China prepares for world’s biggest carbon market

As Donald Trump’s victory plunges US climate action into uncertainty, China is going ahead with an ambitious policy

China minister confirms Beijing is not behind climate ‘hoax’

Asked by reporter if China is tweaking global warming fears, senior official urges critics to look at which US party set up UN climate science panel

Note to UK: China sees green economy as trade essential

Influential foreign ministry official emphasises importance of green economy for Beijing, says climate negotiations and free trade talks can generate global prosperity

Countries rely on carrot, not stick, to keep Trump in Paris Agreement

EU, Saudi chiefs dismiss the prospect of trade penalties to deter a US exit from the UN climate pact, focusing on the benefits of participation

German vice chancellor attacks China’s electric car targets

New proposals to set minimum quota for electric cars in China are “clearly discriminatory” toward German carmakers, says Sigmar Gabriel

China’s top envoy criticises Trump climate stance

Xie Zhenhua tells US presidential candidate a wise political leader conforms with global trends


In focus: Green Climate Fund

Why the UN’s Green Climate Fund is not fit for purpose

We need to recognise that adaptation to climate change is a new activity for which there is no real pre-existing “expertise” available – it’s time the GCF recognised this

Republicans plan multi-billion dollar climate budget raid

Under President Trump, the US is expected to halt cash for climate-friendly development, holding back international action

African climate plans in doubt amid slow aid flows

Delegates at COP22 in Marrakech warn they need faster cash flow to fulfill their contributions to the Paris Agreement

Africa’s “buyer’s remorse” over Paris climate deal

Some African governments are regretting the ambition of emissions targets submitted towards the Paris Agreement, say advisers

Green Climate Fund talks ‘hijacked’ by India-Pakistan conflict

After objections by the Indian representative, the Green Climate Fund has kept on hold a project to reduce the risk of glacial lake outburst floods in northern Pakistan

Rich nations on course to miss 2020 climate finance goal

Study by British and Australian administrations says wealthy nations likely to miss politically sensitive $100 billion goal, but flows will continue to rise

Saudi Arabia blasts Korean bank for “playing” with UN climate fund

“Either you are serious, or you are not,” says Saudi Green Climate Fund representative after Korea Exim pulled its application to the fund at the last moment

Australian selected as head of the Green Climate Fund

Howard Bamsey, a former climate envoy, will take on one of the most important and difficult jobs in the climate world

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