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Modi and Adani: the old friends laying waste to India’s environment

: India’s environment has been subjugated to the whims of the prime minister’s industrial cronies. How can the world believe him on climate change?

Modi and Trump avoid climate change tension on state visit

: Trade and migration are dominated the Indian prime minister’s visit to the White House, with differences on the Paris Agreement side-stepped

‘Nobody wants to be part of a dying culture’: Reddit on the end of coal

: Donald Trump wants to revive the coal industry. But Redditors from declining US coal towns say their families need a future rather than a return to the past

Indians want ‘jugaad’ not ‘climate justice’, study shows

: The language of self-sufficiency chimes better with Indian citizens than blaming the rich world for global warming, workshops by Climate Outreach find

End of coal: Failure to see it coming will hurt miners most

: History shows governments that don’t anticipate and make provisions for the decline of coal burden communities for generations

US joins UN resolution to protect human rights from climate change

: The US said climate change had “a range of implications for the effective enjoyment of human rights”, in a departure from recent diplomacy and Trump’s rhetoric

Climate Weekly: Norway sends Brazil an Amazon warning

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Norway rebukes Brazil’s Temer over Amazon deforestation

: Norway’s environment minister Vidar Helgesen warns that assault on forest protection jeopardises aid payments to Brazil through the Amazon Fund

Planned gas investments will blow 1.5C climate target, say analysts

: Report by Climate Action Tracker warns that overly bullish gas demand forecasts will lead to stranded assets or an unsafe future climate

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The seven men who will decide US role in Paris climate deal

Donald Trump’s most powerful advisors are set to debate whether the US stays in the UN climate pact. Here’s what we know about their positions

Marrakech climate summit closes with final plea to Trump

As climate talks in Marrakech dragged into the late hours of Friday, leaders finally broke the silence over their fears of Donald Trump

COP22 headlines: what did Marrakech climate summit deliver?

An oasis of climate commitment in a desert of Trump panic, the UN talks made steady progress on putting the Paris Agreement into action

Marrakech climate summit marks start of new era

As Obama, Kerry and Ban Ki-moon head for the exit, it’s unclear if a new world order will place same emphasis on climate action

China: The green dragon roars

EU-China: New ‘climate leaders’ are also enamoured of fossil fuels

Gas imports to Europe from the US and massive future coal burning in China undermine the rhetoric of the world’s new self-proclaimed climate spearheads

EU-China climate statement is a manifesto for a new global order

The ten-page document affirms, in extraordinarily strong language, that the EU and China intend to make the US irrelevant

Leaked EU-China climate statement – in full

As Trump reportedly prepares to walk out of the Paris climate deal, the EU and China have prepared a statement that sets them up to replace the US as climate leaders

Kenya signs China deal for coal plant beside Unesco site

Government assessment contains “grossly insufficient detail” about impact on world heritage site, said campaigners, who fear deal will prejudice an ongoing legal case

India and China ‘on track to exceed Paris climate pledges’

Coal plant cancellations mean the world’s two largest countries are cutting emissions faster than predicted a year ago, outweighing the effect of US policy rollbacks

China’s Xi promises green ‘belt and road’ investment strategy

At summit with 29 government leaders in Beijing, China’s president Xi Jinping proposed an “international coalition for green development”

Trump warned leaving Paris accord risks bad deals at G7, G20

Delegates at Bonn climate talks warn of wider diplomatic repercussions if the US withdraws from the Paris climate deal

China’s plan to cut shipping emissions

With pollution from shipping killing 18,000 Chinese every year, the government is cracking down on the use of dangerous fuels in port


In focus: Green Climate Fund

US cities and states back Paris deal but ignore climate finance

Several US states and cities have committed to cut emissions despite president Trump, but only Seattle remembered cash commitments to the developing world

Seattle pledges support for climate fund barred by Trump

Council resolution goes beyond backing emissions reductions, stepping up to honour the financial commitments made by the US

Poor world calls for climate finance to fill Trump void

US climate finance axe exposes poor communities worldwide, say negotiators and aid experts, putting pressure on other countries to step up

Coal industry begs Congress to save carbon capture from Trump

Future of US carbon capture and storage looks shaky after Trump tried to cut domestic research then choked off access to international collaboration

Groundwater recharge offers hope to drought-hit Indian farmers

In Odisha, where late monsoons mean crop failures, poverty and even suicide, a novel scheme aims to boost water access

Green Climate Fund ‘a laughing stock’, say poor countries

It was hydropower dams in, community drought readiness out, amid rich-poor tensions at the UN’s flagship climate finance scheme

Rich countries oppose bid to drought-proof Ethiopian communities

Debate at Green Climate Fund board meeting in Songdo exposes rich-poor tensions over flagship initiative’s funding priorities

Large hydropower dams have no place in the Green Climate Fund

The UN’s flagship climate finance initiative should be driving innovation, not wasting money on old technology saddled with resilience and human rights concerns

Green Climate Fund

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