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Mozambique expands coal port lapped by rising seas

: Dignitaries celebrate the expansion of Maputo port, but experts warn fossil fuelled climate change threatens development gains

The making of Sweden’s climate law – and that photo

: How Sweden’s centre right and left parties united around a tough climate goal and spawned one of the strongest anti-Trump images of his short presidency

100+ species face extinction as warming hits Australia’s southern waters

: Scientists tell senate committee that marine animals and plants at Australia’s southern-most point have “nowhere to go” and will disappear this century

Mogherini to Mattis in Munich: climate investments boost security

: As US puts pressure on NATO members to increase defence spending, EU foreign affairs chief argues fighting climate change prevents instability

India subsidises electricity for the rich while millions lack access

: While over 20% of India’s population has no access to electricity, the richest 40% of the population gets highly subsidised power

Weekly wrap: Rex Tillerson debuts at the G20

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Bush EPA chief damns Pruitt with faint praise

: Mike Leavitt, Republican ex-governor of Utah, offers lukewarm endorsement of Donald Trump’s environment pick, calls for international climate cooperation

Air pollution linked to 2.7 million premature births a year

: Policymakers should tackle particulates at source to prevent infant deaths and lifelong disabilities, say researchers

Australian Labor will not back 2030 renewable energy target

: After political attacks, Labor says it will not legislate a renewable energy target, despite a policy promising to deliver a 50% share by 2030

EU and China can outflank Trump on climate change

: The time is ripe for Brussels and Beijing to step up their relationship as US climate diplomacy dwindles, write Maeve McLynn and Li Shuo

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Marrakech climate summit closes with final plea to Trump

As climate talks in Marrakech dragged into the late hours of Friday, leaders finally broke the silence over their fears of Donald Trump

COP22 headlines: what did Marrakech climate summit deliver?

An oasis of climate commitment in a desert of Trump panic, the UN talks made steady progress on putting the Paris Agreement into action

Marrakech climate summit marks start of new era

As Obama, Kerry and Ban Ki-moon head for the exit, it’s unclear if a new world order will place same emphasis on climate action

Fiji invites Trump to visit climate-hit Pacific islands

On the final day of climate talks in Marrakech, next year’s host appealed to the US president-elect for solidarity

China: The green dragon roars

Beijing is clamping down on provincial coal plans

At least 11 regions have been ordered to shelve coal power plants as China deals with surplus capacity

China energy efficiency improved in 2016, reports Xinhua

World’s largest carbon polluter making progress on efficiency, but doubts remain over accuracy of state data

Which countries are standing up to Trump on climate?

China, India, Mexico and Canada are among the global heavyweights to signal renewed support for climate action ahead of the new US administration’s first week in office

Xi Jinping: UN climate deal “must not be derailed”

Addressing UN in Geneva on Wednesday, China’s president again calls for countries to protect Paris climate agreement and embrace multilateralism

Xi warns Trump against quitting UN climate deal

Chinese president delivers impassioned ode to globalisation, free trade, green growth and says any trade war will leave ‘no winners’

What Trump can learn from China about competitiveness

In Davos, President Xi Jinping is promoting a new growth model. China Dialogue looks at how booming renewables support that vision

China is taking the green bond market by storm

Beijing’s sustainable finance push is bearing fruit, with a world-leading $36.9bn worth of green bonds issued last year

Weekly wrap: China cements low carbon plans

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In focus: Green Climate Fund

Obama sends $500m to UN climate fund

With the clock winding down on his presidency, Barack Obama signs over half a billion dollars to help poor countries fight climate change

7 tasks for the new Green Climate Fund chief

The new head of the UN’s green fund has a packed to-do list: here Climate Home outlines what he should focus on in his first year in charge

Green Climate Fund misses 2016 target as US donation in doubt

Board celebrates approval of projects worth $1.3bn at meeting in Samoa, but falls short of $2.5bn goal and delays key policy decisions

Dear Green Climate Fund board, Samoa needs you to deliver

This week’s meeting of the Board of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in the Samoan capital Apia – here the country’s ambassador to the UN outlines his hopes

Why the UN’s Green Climate Fund is not fit for purpose

We need to recognise that adaptation to climate change is a new activity for which there is no real pre-existing “expertise” available – it’s time the GCF recognised this

Republicans plan multi-billion dollar climate budget raid

Under President Trump, the US is expected to halt cash for climate-friendly development, holding back international action

African climate plans in doubt amid slow aid flows

Delegates at COP22 in Marrakech warn they need faster cash flow to fulfill their contributions to the Paris Agreement

Africa’s “buyer’s remorse” over Paris climate deal

Some African governments are regretting the ambition of emissions targets submitted towards the Paris Agreement, say advisers

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