Latest climate change news

EU and China agree sweeping joint statement on climate action

: Leaders put climate at centre of relationship, push for agreement on the Paris deal rulebook and reject Trump’s efforts to undermine global cooperation

EU-Japan trade deal first to carry Paris climate clause

: The world’s largest ever trade deal is also the first Europe has signed that commits both parties to upholding the UN climate accord

How the Paris Agreement can take on fossil fuel supply

: The UN deal doesn’t mention coal, oil or gas, but it can still be used to limit their extraction

Fragile China-EU climate pact must be backed by action

: Leaders overcame differences on climate. But in the EU-China relationship, trouble is never far away

Climate Home News is seeking a full-time reporter

: We are expanding our award-winning team and we want a tenacious, ambitious journalist to join us in London. Applications close Monday, August 6

Trump is wrecking the climate and free trade. Here is a common solution for both

: Instead of tit-for-tat retaliation to US tariffs, trade partners should link their response to climate goals and kill two birds with one stone

Climate Weekly: Sweden pushes climate security agenda

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‘Trump’s climate denial threatens all of us’: protestors hit London’s streets

: A massive baby Trump balloon, organised by climate activists, was part of rolling protests that greeted the president in the UK on Friday

Cape Town ‘Day Zero’ drought odds tripled by climate change

: Such a dry spell would once have only occurred only once every 300 years. Now it is a once-a-century event and will get even more frequent with further global warming

UK seeks post-Brexit climate tie-up with EU

: Cooperation on climate change is a “shared interest” between London and Brussels, according to a paper released by the UK government on Thursday

Latest news

Reclaiming coal

US agency calls for ban on controversial coal mine ‘self-bonds’

The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office is urging Congress to make coal mining companies pay for environmental clean-up and reduce the risk to taxpayers

Coal tycoon governor Jim Justice uses loophole to leave mines and workers idle

Companies owned by WV governor exploited a supposedly temporary status to defer environmental clean up and leave miners in limbo, in some cases for decades

What happens to the land after coal mines close?

Across the country, mining land has been reclaimed at low cost, leaving communities with few alternatives to rebuild their economies

Crackdown on coal mine ‘self-bonds’ stalls under Trump

Regulators have almost wiped out risky practice since 2015-16 wave of bankruptcies, but some coal companies still insure themselves

Obama official: Trump cuts will leave coal clean-up agency unable to function

The number of mine site inspections is falling and proposed budget cuts at the federal regulator will further erode oversight, a former top official warns

Why and how we investigated the coal industry’s clean-up funds

The Reclaiming Coal investigation involved six months of crunching data from state and federal agencies, coupled with travel across the country

Reclaiming coal: US mines’ clean-up cash – all our data

All of our data on the US coal industry’s reclamation bonds, compiled nationally and published here for the first time

Climate Conversation

My baby can’t sleep from the heat, why aren’t we talking about climate change?

As heatwaves hit northern countries, there has been a deeply worrying silence about the likely key driver, says Climate Outreach’s Jamie Clarke

8 takeaways from the Green Climate Fund meltdown

The UN’s flagship climate finance initiative had a public setback this week. What went wrong, what are the political implications and what happens next?

Why is the world’s newest development bank investing in coal despite its green promise?

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is backing a coal-fired cement works in Myanmar through an intermediary, in a worrying sign for its climate credentials

I’m Tory he’s Labour, the UK climate act shows what happens if we work together

When politicians from opposing sides look for solutions, on the basis of evidence and in the common interest, remarkable things can be achieved

Climate Home News is offering two African reporting fellowships

We are looking for two African journalists to report deeply on the effects of climate change and climate science on the continent’s development

Court cases will expose Big Oil’s hypocrisy on climate change

In court, oil majors say climate action is a matter for governments; outside it, they lobby against climate policies. They can’t have it both ways

US Republican mayors pursuing climate policies undercover

Study shows that while Republican mayors are unwilling to join climate coalitions, they and their voters favour action on emissions

US cities sue Big Oil, but ignore their own climate guilt

Rich cities and counties claiming reparations from oil companies increases the inequality at the heart of climate change. But it can be fixed


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