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Reclaiming coal: US mines’ clean-up cash – all our data

: All of our data on the US coal industry’s reclamation bonds, compiled nationally and published here for the first time

US coal hasn’t set aside enough money to clean up its mines

: Schemes that favour coal companies in Appalachia have left a national shortfall experts said was ‘one of the biggest public failures that has gone under the radar’

Climate change victims need money to survive, not words

: There is an opportunity in May to help people hit hardest by climate change; governments must take it

Avocado trade threatened by shipping climate measure, say Chile, Peru

: Speed limits at sea could cut shipping’s carbon footprint fast, but fresh fruit exporters are raising concerns about trade impacts ahead of a critical UN meeting

Climate Weekly: You thought Tillerson was bad?

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Norway’s electric car demand is outstripping supply – with lessons for the EU

: Thousands of Norwegians are on waiting lists for electric cars, showing the success and limitations of policy incentives

Crackdown on coal mine ‘self-bonds’ stalls under Trump

: Regulators have almost wiped out risky practice since 2015-16 wave of bankruptcies, but some coal companies still insure themselves

Obama official: Trump cuts will leave coal clean-up agency unable to function

: The number of mine site inspections is falling and proposed budget cuts at the federal regulator will further erode oversight, a former top official warns

Why and how we investigated the coal industry’s clean-up funds

: The Reclaiming Coal investigation involved six months of crunching data from state and federal agencies, coupled with travel across the country

Climate deal critic Pompeo to replace Tillerson as US secretary of state

: Donald Trump has chosen Mike Pompeo, ally of the Koch brothers and critic of the Paris climate agreement, to replace Rex Tillerson as foreign affairs chief

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Germany’s new government deal fails the Paris climate accord test

It’s three steps forward and four back as Angela Merkel resumes government in coalition with the social democrats

Why are the world’s climate funds ignoring coral reefs?

Vital marine ecosystems are threatened by ocean warming and acidification, yet get a tiny fraction of climate finance, E3G research shows

Can one billion people in informal settlements be protected from climate change?

Those living in city slums unrecognised by law must not be forgotten as local governments try to adapt to a warmer world

Only one country will be to blame if the Paris climate deal fails

The agreement’s challenges should not be painted as a collective global failure: the US, with its malignant politics, is the only country that truly matters

As China counts its emissions, has growth shaken free of carbon?

As the economy surged in 2017, experts are divided over whether emissions stayed flat. It could mean pollution has peaked more than a decade earlier than expected

Peru ends era of ‘roadless wilderness’ in its Amazon rainforests

Roads spread destruction and deforestation in the Amazon, now Peru, driven by neoliberal imperatives, plans a highway for one of the regions most sensitive forests

Why climate pariah Trump is welcome at the World Economic Forum

Far from being shunned, US president Donald Trump has been warmly welcomed at the Davos ski resort by business chiefs who benefit from his policies

The climate solution no-one in Davos will be talking about

Economists say a global carbon tax would efficiently shift the world to safer energy production. So why is it barely mentioned?


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