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Spiral-tastic: Climate change in three animations

: These mesmerising climate visuals tell the story of how emissions have stoked global warming since 1850

Weekly wrap: Democrats, Philippines target ExxonMobil

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Hillary Clinton: Paris climate deal must be enforced

: Keynote speech from Democrat candidate identifies climate change and multilateralism as core priorities for campaign

Hollywood stars target Trump climate change denial

: Not reality TV: celebs highlight threat to US posed by rising sea levels, wildfires, drought and crop failure linked to fossil fuel emissions

Renewables overtake coal in UK power generation

: Biomass, wind and other clean sources produced a quarter of UK electricity last year, government figures show, as plant closures reduced coal’s share to 22%

Controlling vines gives dramatic boost to Tanzania’s forests

: Cutting back lianas allows trees to flourish, study finds, with lessons for forest management across tropical Africa, South America and Asia

US Democrats endorse WW2-scale mobilisation on climate challenge

: If elected president, Hillary Clinton will convene a climate summit in the first 100 days, according to platform endorsed at Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia

Oil majors summoned to Philippines human rights inquiry

: ExxonMobil, Chevron and BP are among 47 companies invited to answer for their part in causing climate change impacts

Buy Canadian oil if you love hot lesbians, says lobbyist

: Alberta tar sands group apologises for post after complaints of sexism, but reiterates criticism of Saudi Arabia’s human rights record

Could every UK town have a small nuclear reactor?

: Industry poll shows that backing from the UK government is seen as a beacon of hope for a new breed of small nuclear reactors

Scientists: 1.5C Paris climate goal needs more research

: Science underpinning the global treaty aiming to stop average temperatures rising more than 1.5C above pre-industrial levels needs more research

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Patricia Espinosa: Who is the UN’s incoming climate change chief?

Mexican diplomat is a team builder with a ruthless streak, say ministers who have worked with her

Fabius: EU failure to rapidly ratify Paris Agreement ‘damaging’

French former president of UN summit warns of negative consequences if Brussels does not formally join deal before it enters into force

‘Critical mass’ to support UN climate change deal

India, Canada and Mexico among countries set for early approval of Paris Agreement, in boost for climate action

Early entry: Approving the Paris climate deal in 2016 makes sense

Could the Paris Agreement set a new record for the number of countries signing up on the first day?

China: The green dragon roars

Cooler coolants: closing in on a climate deal in Vienna

The US is going all out at Montreal Protocol talks to secure a deal for phasing out HFCs, potent warming gases used in air conditioning

Ban Ki-moon calls on world to unite behind Paris climate deal

UN encourages countries to ratify Paris deal, as US weather agency NOAA reports June heat shattered global records

South China overwhelmed by heavy rain, flooding

Wuhan province has suffered its heaviest downpours since 1998, exposing the inadequacy of flood defences

Global gold lust driving rise in mining emissions

Lure of mining for precious metals in South America and Europe is creating new carbon emissions not controlled by international agreement

How China could peak CO2 emissions by 2022

Detailed policy proposals by influential Chinese and US researchers show potential to speed up low carbon shift

IEA: China is building a third of Africa’s new power capacity

Chinese state-owned companies are increasingly active in sub-Saharan Africa and dominate the hydropower dam business

Why the climate v development finance fight must stop

Tacking global warming and ensuring millions gain access to clean water, food and energy should not be tackled separately – they’re both sides of the same coin

Solar module prices set for further falls in 2016

Oversupply in China will likely cause a global glut and cratering costs, say experts from UBS and IHS


In focus: Green Climate Fund

Green Climate Fund asked for indigenous people’s rights policy

UN’s flagship climate bank must recognise positive benefits traditional communities offer forests and ecosystems, says civil society group

Green Climate Fund to target ‘high risk’ investments

Projects in Africa and Asia set to benefit as GCF sets out stall to be top clean energy and resilience lender to developing countries

Green Climate Fund: 8 questions for the board

The honeymoon is over, pressure is mounting. As the GCF board prepares to meet Climate Home looks at the key issues they need to resolve

Green Climate Fund partners condemned for fossil fuel funding

Study highlights billions channelled towards oil, coal and gas from 2013-2015, support campaigners say is ‘deeply at odds’ with Paris climate deal

Green Climate Fund has more money than projects

Developing countries urged to deliver proposals for clean energy and climate adaptation projects as GCF aims to distribute $2.5 billion in 2016

Climate finance must be based on science

Development banks can learn from corporations when it comes to getting bang for their green buck

How the Maldives are putting climate funds to work

As leaders meet in New York to sign the Paris climate deal, a water project is helping remote islands handle drought risk

Development banks eye pension funds in new climate finance drive

Manager of Climate Investment Funds says it wants to de-risk low carbon projects in developing world, unlocking trillions from institutional investors

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