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EU, France accused of hijacking ‘Africa-led’ clean energy scheme

: African head of $10bn programme quits, saying French environment minister Ségolène Royal intervened to impose EU-preferred projects

Insurers urged to stop underwriting coal projects, following Axa move

: #UnfriendCoal campaign targets the insurance sector to end support for climate-polluting fossil fuels

UK foreign office cut climate staff in half under Tory government

: Labour says the 46% reduction in foreign office climate jobs since it was in power is “staggering” and a sign the government is not serious about the issue

Groundwater recharge offers hope to drought-hit Indian farmers

: In Odisha, where late monsoons mean crop failures, poverty and even suicide, a novel scheme aims to boost water access

Dryland expansion to hit food crops as planet warms

: Studies warn climate change will bring faster warming to subtropical dry areas, making crops like wheat and potatoes unviable

Brazilian government fires top anti-deforestation official

: Thelma Krug has lost her job in a row over the precision of official data, say sources at the environment ministry

Vulnerable nations call on G20 to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2020

: Ministers from countries on the front line of climate change have urged rich nations to stop pouring money into the coal, oil and gas industries

Fund considering Adani coal mine loan ‘obsessed with secrecy’

: Experts say $5bn Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility’s repeated rejection of requests for information on Adani coal project loan has no basis in law

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The seven men who will decide US role in Paris climate deal

Donald Trump’s most powerful advisors are set to debate whether the US stays in the UN climate pact. Here’s what we know about their positions

Marrakech climate summit closes with final plea to Trump

As climate talks in Marrakech dragged into the late hours of Friday, leaders finally broke the silence over their fears of Donald Trump

COP22 headlines: what did Marrakech climate summit deliver?

An oasis of climate commitment in a desert of Trump panic, the UN talks made steady progress on putting the Paris Agreement into action

Marrakech climate summit marks start of new era

As Obama, Kerry and Ban Ki-moon head for the exit, it’s unclear if a new world order will place same emphasis on climate action

China: The green dragon roars

China’s plan to cut shipping emissions

With pollution from shipping killing 18,000 Chinese every year, the government is cracking down on the use of dangerous fuels in port

Have Chinese CO2 emissions really peaked?

We are really bad at predicting Chinese emissions. Why do we think we know what happens next?

This is China’s strongest statement yet on climate action

As President Trump rolls back climate policies and finance, China’s UN representative makes a detailed pitch for global leadership

Melting Arctic worsens Beijing’s pollution haze, study finds

Changing weather patterns make winter smog around China’s capital more likely, scientists warn, despite efforts to tackle air pollution at source

China floats split with EU over carbon trading

EXCLUSIVE: Government official tells Climate Home that carbon trading is “big challenge” for China: “We would like to use a different kind of economic instrument”

Weekly wrap: Will China turn its back on coal?

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Lessons from London’s 1952 fog could save millions today

Air pollution is one of the world’s biggest killers. Peter Thorsheim looks back at the resistance, disinformation and solutions that emerged from the London fog

China coal use fell again in 2016, solar capacity rose 82%

Massive investments in clean energy and economic shifts continue to dampen demand for coal in the world’s largest carbon emitter


In focus: Green Climate Fund

Green Climate Fund ‘a laughing stock’, say poor countries

It was hydropower dams in, community drought readiness out, amid rich-poor tensions at the UN’s flagship climate finance scheme

Rich countries oppose bid to drought-proof Ethiopian communities

Debate at Green Climate Fund board meeting in Songdo exposes rich-poor tensions over flagship initiative’s funding priorities

Large hydropower dams have no place in the Green Climate Fund

The UN’s flagship climate finance initiative should be driving innovation, not wasting money on old technology saddled with resilience and human rights concerns

Trump budget: US to stop funding UN climate process

“America First” budget would axe 20% of the UN’s climate body’s funding and $2bn to help developing countries deal with global warming

Climate fund, EPA likely to pay for huge Trump defence spend

As the US president announces a $54bn increase in defence spending, environmental agencies and UN climate funds face the axe

Obama sends $500m to UN climate fund

With the clock winding down on his presidency, Barack Obama signs over half a billion dollars to help poor countries fight climate change

7 tasks for the new Green Climate Fund chief

The new head of the UN’s green fund has a packed to-do list: here Climate Home outlines what he should focus on in his first year in charge

Green Climate Fund misses 2016 target as US donation in doubt

Board celebrates approval of projects worth $1.3bn at meeting in Samoa, but falls short of $2.5bn goal and delays key policy decisions

Green Climate Fund

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