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Argentinian scientists condemn budget cuts ahead of university protest

Right-wing President Javier Milei has taken an axe to funding for education and scientific bodies, sparking fears for climate research 

Global billionaires tax to fight climate change, hunger rises up political agenda

Brazil and France want the G20 to get behind a global minimum tax on billionaires’ wealth, also backed by IMF chief, but Germany rejects the idea

Canadian minister vows to fight attempts to weaken plastic pollution treaty

Environment minister Steven Guilbeault accuses “some countries” of slow-walking negotiations, ahead of talks in Ottawa next week

As donors dither, Indigenous funds seek to decolonise green finance  

Tired of waiting for donor dollars for climate and nature protection to trickle down, Indigenous rights groups are creating new funds to do things differently

Fossil fuel debts are illegitimate and must be cancelled 

The Spring Meetings of the World Bank and IMF are a chance to transform outstanding debts for fossil fuel projects into grants for renewable energy systems

World Bank climate funding greens African hotels while fishermen sink

Climate Home reveals that the World Bank Group has counted support for luxury hotels as climate finance, which experts say fails the most vulnerable

SBTi’s rigid emissions rules don’t reflect business reality

The Science Based Targets initiative ignores the good a company’s products do in avoiding planet-heating emissions – only counting those from its operations

SBTi needs tighter rules on companies’ indirect emissions

Businesses are not required to cut all their value chain emissions in line with a 1.5C warming limit – and allowing offsetting could weaken efforts further

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At the Clean Energy Frontier

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Spring Meetings can jump-start financial reform for food and climate 

The World Bank and IMF have a big part to play in raising the $3 trillion needed to help countries meet global development goals and the Paris accord

Louisiana communities are suffering from Japan-funded LNG exports

When the Japanese and US leaders meet in Washington, they should back a renewable energy future that will end harm to our health and livelihoods from fossil gas

Nigeria’s path to net zero should be fully lined with trees – and fairness

To meet its pledge of net zero by 2060, Nigeria needs to rein in emissions from deforestation and land use, which equal those from the oil and gas sector

Cancellation of UN climate weeks removes platform for worst-hit communities

The UNFCCC has said it will not hold regional climate weeks in 2024 due to a funding shortfall – which means less inclusion for developing-country voices

Companies still missing in action on methane-cutting goals

The farming and fossil fuel industries must help governments cut methane emissions 30% this decade by harnessing existing technologies and changing practices

How to hold shipping financially accountable for its climate impacts

A levy on shipping emissions will be discussed by governments at IMO talks this month, with climate-vulnerable nations seeking funding from the industry

When governments fund fossil fuels, it’s time to take them to court 

A new wave of climate litigation is targeting state institutions that are still providing public finance for fossil fuels, despite pledges to turn off the funding tap

Oil drilling while in the Energy Charter Treaty is economically reckless

The UK is opening itself up to repeated lawsuits from foreign oil and gas firms if it passes the Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill

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