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Climate Weekly: Fiji sets out Pacific COP vision

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Climate-hit Bangladesh struggling to access UN green funds

: Developing country institutions lack capacity to meet the Green Climate Fund’s heavy paperwork demands, experts say at Dhaka conference

Fiji’s climate leadership: ‘We are all in the same canoe’

: Prime minister Frank Bainimarama urged leaders in New York to look beyond narrow self-interest as he outlined plans for COP23 climate talks presidency

Fiji PM Frank Bainimarama’s speech to the UNGA – in full

: The president of COP23, the next round of UN climate talks, calls for solidarity with hurricane victims and sets the scene for negotiations

Nicaragua to join Paris climate deal in solidarity with ‘first victims’

: Announcement makes Syria the only party not to have adopted the 2015 deal, while the US is threatening to leave in 2020

‘UN reformer’ Guterres must do more on climate change

: Climate change risks are global and intersecting, so why doesn’t the UN do more to treat them that way?

Kenya’s most polluting coal plant could poison coastline

: A project that will double Kenya’s carbon emissions also threatens life on a fragile coastline, but the government’s planning process has been flawed

UN secretary general links hurricane devastation to climate change

: António Guterres and other leaders called for renewed efforts to cut carbon pollution as the Caribbean faces yet another devastating storm

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Climate Conversation

Did limiting warming to 1.5C just get easier?

A new report has revised the ‘carbon budget’, apparently putting a 1.5C limit to warming within reach. But how useful is this measure?

Now really isn’t the best time to talk about climate change

Experience shows extreme weather is a poor catalyst for changing minds about climate change, the conversation needs to begin before times of distress

Sydney and Vancouver are fulfilling climate promises made in Paris

As national governments delay, cities around the world are committing to climate action

Indigenous peoples are dying in a global war for their lands

Ten years after the UN recognised indigenous peoples rights, they remain on the frontline, defending the biosphere on behalf of us all

Developing disasters: How cities are making hurricanes more destructive

Scientists warn of expanding “bull’s-eyes” as the US builds in parts of the country at ever-greater risk because of climate change and severe weather

Gender remains one of climate change’s great inequalities

Globally, women are more affected by climate change. Sweden’s deputy prime minister and the head of the Green Climate Fund say they must be brought into the discussion

Climate adaptation cash is failing to reach the poorest, here’s how to fix it

To ensure the most vulnerable communities get the help they need, the Green Climate Fund must look to the already existing adaptation funds

Link between Hurricane Harvey and climate change is unclear

Reports the devastating storm was made worse by humanity’s carbon emissions fail to grasp climate change is not just about warming


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