Write for us

Climate Home News welcomes article pitches. This page is a guide to what we are looking for, who to contact and what information to provide. 

In all cases, send a short (<300 words) outline of what you intend to write, not the finished article. The relevant editor may have guidance on how to make it a good fit for Climate Home. While we try to give timely feedback, we cannot guarantee a response to your pitch. 

News and investigations

We have a modest budget to commission freelance reporting from around the world. Successful stories complement the coverage of our editorial team and combine human interest with hard news. 

All stories must have a climate change angle and an international outlook. While our coverage is informed by scientific evidence, our editorial focus is on the political, economic and social dimensions of the climate crisis.

We do not typically run stories based on a research paper or widely distributed report. Or stories that are solely focused on climate impacts or common climate solutions like a new wind farm.

Topics of interest include climate finance, major energy projects, land use conflicts, loss and damage attributable to climate change, greenwash, climate diplomacy and geopolitics. 

In your pitch, explain: 

  • What is new? Whether your story is based around a single event, ongoing process or trend, explain why *now* is the time to read about it. 
  • Why does it matter to an international audience? This could be the scale of emissions associated with a project, an extraordinary detail, the involvement of a global brand or multilateral organization, or implications for trade or international relations. 
  • Who are the main actors? To catch a reader’s attention, there should be colourful characters and/or tension between different interest groups.
  • What sources would you use? Make the most of any hard-to-reach contacts, leaked documents, original analysis and on-the-ground reporting.
  • What is your background? If you have not written for us before, include a short bio and links to two or three stories you have had published. 
  • Where is the action? For certain reporting programmes, we can cover reasonable travel expenses, by prior agreement. 
  • Is there a visual or audio component? While our reporting is text-based, good photos can elevate a story and we are open to multimedia ideas. 

Rates start at £0.35 a word (GBP). A standard 600-word news story should involve interviewing (and usually quoting) at least three sources and linking to relevant data or research. We periodically run reporting programmes on a given theme with a budget for travel expenses and in-depth reporting. We can also support bids for reporting grants. 

Email news pitches to Megan Rowling: mr [at] climatehomenews.com and investigative pitches to Sebastian Rodriguez: sr [at ] climatehomenews.com.


Climate Home offers a platform for insightful commentary on the climate crisis. This is generally unpaid but exceptions can be considered for authors not backed by an institution. A good comment article: 

  • Expresses an opinion. If no reasonable person disagrees with your point, it is probably not worth publishing. 
  • Is concise. Aim for 600 words.
  • Avoids jargon. 
  • Links to a recent or upcoming news event. This could be a breaking news story or planned summit. 
  • Links to sources of key facts and figures. 
  • Combines emotional force with rigorous analysis. 

Email comment pitches to Megan Rowling: mr [at] climatehomenews.com.

Branded content 

If your goal is to promote the work of a particular organization to Climate Home’s unique audience, a branded content deal may be appropriate. Contact James Ramsey to discuss paid-for content placement: james [at] rtcc.org