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The Canadian city betting on recycling rare earths for the energy transition

As countries scramble to secure critical minerals, Kingston’s burgeoning clean tech ecosystem is attracting startups to create circular supply chains and reduce reliance on China

As South Africa heads to the polls, voters await stalled “just energy transition”

Progress on the Just Energy Transition Partnership has been slow due to South Africa’s debt concerns and divisions over the role of gas

Can the rising cost of chocolate help cocoa producers go green?

Cocoa farmers have long faced difficult growing conditions and low pay. Recent record high prices have highlighted the need for change.

In Malawi, dubious cyclone aid highlights need for loss and damage fund

Malawi’s Red Cross built 45 homes funded by a suspected Nigerian fraudster, which residents of Mchenga village say are unsafe

UN court: Countries must go beyond Paris Agreement to protect oceans

Small island states score “historic” victory as UN maritime tribunal says countries must take necessary measures to address emissions

Azerbaijan pursues clean energy to export more ‘god-given’ gas to Europe

Baku rolls out its first large-scale renewables, but a rise in clean energy does not mean leaving fossil fuels in the ground

Calls for responsible mining fail to stem rights abuses linked to transition minerals

As demand grows for critical minerals used in clean energy supply chains, new data suggests more protection is needed for communities affected by their extraction

Paris summit unlocks cash for clean cooking in Africa, side-stepping concerns over gas

The gathering raised $2.2 billion for clean cooking in Africa, where four in five people still use polluting energy like charcoal – but some say LPG should not be promoted as a transition fuel

Days after climate talks, US slaps tariffs on Chinese EVs and solar panels

The measures are designed to increase the cost of Chinese goods needed for the energy transition – and could therefore slow the US shift away from fossil fuels

In Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan’s net zero vision clashes with legacy of war

After Armenians fled the conflict-torn region, the COP29 host nation has launched a huge reconstruction effort to polish its green credentials



World Bank tiptoes into fiery debate over meat emissions

The bank has advised wealthy nations to cut subsidies for high-emissions foods but stopped far short of promoting veganism

UN agrees carbon market safeguards to tackle green land grabs

Local communities will be able to officially challenge UN-registered carbon credit projects before and after they are up and running

Road row in protected forest exposes Kenya’s climate conundrum 

The government wants to expand a road through the Aberdare National Park but conservationists argue it will harm the forest, wildlife and water supplies

How to fix the finance flows that are pushing our planet to the brink

Commercial banks are financing a huge amount of fossil-fuel and industrial agriculture activities in the Global South – they must turn off the tap

Tensions rise over who will contribute to new climate finance goal

Germany wants all high-emitters, especially among G20 countries, to pitch in. But China and Saudi Arabia say the responsibility lies with developed nations

Peak COP? UN looks to shrink Baku and Belém climate summits

While 84,000 delegates attended COP28 in Dubai, just 40,000-50,000 are expected at COP29 in Baku and COP30 in Belém

SBTi’s rigid emissions rules don’t reflect business reality

The Science Based Targets initiative ignores the good a company’s products do in avoiding planet-heating emissions – only counting those from its operations

UN climate chief calls for “quantum leap in climate finance”

Simon Stiell says far more money is required for developing countries to submit bold new climate plans, which would benefit all economies



Seismic shifts are underway to find finance for loss and damage

The new UN fund can channel taxes and other innovative ways of raising money to pay for climate loss and damage – we just have to decide to apply them

Loss and damage board speeds up work to allow countries direct access to funds

At its first meeting, the fund’s board decided to fast-track the selection of its host country so money can be disbursed as fast as possible to disaster-hit people

G7 offers tepid response to appeal for “bolder” climate action

Climate and energy ministers from G7 nations agreed a coal exit deadline – with a caveat, but made little progress on other fossil fuels and finance

Southern Africa drought flags dilemma for loss and damage fund

Scientists blame the current drought on El Niño – which could exclude those affected from receiving aid for climate-change damage

Limiting frontline voices in the Loss and Damage Fund is a recipe for disaster

Representatives of groups hardest-hit by the climate crisis say restrictions on their participation at the fund’s first board meeting set a worrying precedent

Will blossom of reform bear fruit? Spring Meetings leave too much to do 

Changes are afoot at the IMF and World Bank – but debt-squeezed developing nations need far faster access to more finance for climate action

Global billionaires tax to fight climate change, hunger rises up political agenda

Brazil and France want the G20 to get behind a global minimum tax on billionaires’ wealth, also backed by IMF chief

As donors dither, Indigenous funds seek to decolonise green finance  

Tired of waiting for donor dollars for climate and nature protection to trickle down, Indigenous rights groups are creating new funds to do things differently



Africa must reap the benefits of its energy transition minerals 

In the rush to exploit minerals needed to fight climate change, African leaders should harness their natural wealth for the continent’s development 

Indigenous lands feel cruel bite of green energy transition 

Mining companies have been offered a path to sustainability but few are taking it – Indigenous people need to be at the table demanding change

Fossil fuel debts are illegitimate and must be cancelled 

The Spring Meetings of the World Bank and IMF are a chance to transform outstanding debts for fossil fuel projects into grants for renewable energy systems

World Bank climate funding greens African hotels while fishermen sink

Climate Home reveals that the World Bank Group has counted support for luxury hotels as climate finance, which experts say fails the most vulnerable

Louisiana communities are suffering from Japan-funded LNG exports

When the Japanese and US leaders meet in Washington, they should back a renewable energy future that will end harm to our health and livelihoods from fossil gas

European court rules climate inaction by states breaches human rights

European Court of Human Rights says Swiss government violated its citizens’ human rights by not doing enough to curb climate change

Cancellation of UN climate weeks removes platform for worst-hit communities

The UNFCCC has said it will not hold regional climate weeks in 2024 due to a funding shortfall – which means less inclusion for developing-country voices

Tesla EV gigafactory drives Germany’s latest climate justice struggle 

Activists have set up a camp in Grünheide to stop expansion of Tesla’s factory, amid concerns over water, the forest and the wider effects of EV supply chains



Hopes fade for production curbs in new global pact on plastic pollution

With no further talks scheduled on limiting plastic production before final negotiations in November, the treaty may focus instead on recycling

Companies still missing in action on methane-cutting goals

The farming and fossil fuel industries must help governments cut methane emissions 30% this decade by harnessing existing technologies and changing practices

Fossil fuel industry under pressure to cut record-high methane emissions

New regulations and monitoring advances could turn the tide on methane emissions from oil, gas and coal production this year

Fossil fuel firms seek UN carbon market cash for old gas plants

Fossil fuel companies that built gas power plants more than a decade ago are hoping for rewards from a new carbon credit market

China steps away from 2025 energy efficiency goal

The government aims to cut the amount of energy needed for its economic growth by 2.5% in 2024, putting it far off track for a key five-year climate target

Global energy-related CO2 emissions hit record high in 2023 – IEA

Global emissions from energy rose by 410 million tonnes, or 1.1%, in 2023 to 37.4 billion tonnes, hitting a record hight

Clean, cheap or fair – which countries should pump the last oil and gas?

The world will need oil and gas for a few decades more – and the debate is heating up over who should get to produce and sell it

Despite Cop28 pledge, France keeps fossil fuel subsidies for farmers

France has abandoned plans to phase out tax breaks on agricultural diesel in efforts to appease its increasingly disgruntled farmers



Spring Meetings can jump-start financial reform for food and climate 

The World Bank and IMF have a big part to play in raising the $3 trillion needed to help countries meet global development goals and the Paris accord

Forest carbon accounting allows Guyana to stay net zero while pumping oil

Experts say UN rules around forests and oil are open to abuse, so that countries like Guyana can claim to be carbon-negative without cutting emissions

Nigeria’s path to net zero should be fully lined with trees – and fairness

To meet its pledge of net zero by 2060, Nigeria needs to rein in emissions from deforestation and land use, which equal those from the oil and gas sector

“Two steps forward, two steps back” – Governments off course for forest protection target

While Brazil and Colombia saw forest loss drop, their progress was offset by rises elsewhere

What will it take to protect India’s angry farmers from climate threats?

Indebted farmers, facing falling yields and water scarcity, want legally guaranteed price support for more crops – but that may not fix their climate woes

UN climate fund axes Nicaragua forest project over human rights concerns

In its first such move, the Green Climate Fund has pulled out of a project after developers failed to address environmental and social compliance issues

While Europe’s green backlash grows, Poland tells different story

As the backlash against laws protecting nature intensifies across Europe, public pressure has helped push forests centre stage in Poland

Amazon nations to tackle rainforest crime together in donor-funded new office

The $1.8 million Centre for International Police Cooperation will be built in the Brazilian Amazon city of Manaus and funded by the Norwegian-backed Amazon Fund



Shipping sector pushes to keep emissions-tax cash for itself

The industry and governments’ maritime ministries want a proposed levy on emissions spent on cleaning up shipping, not used for wider climate goals like loss and damage

The EU must take the driver’s seat in fossil fuel-free transport

Transport accounts for a growing share of global emissions. The EU should lead a push for clean travel at home and internationally

The cruise industry says LNG is a climate solution. It’s not

Some of the world’s biggest cruise companies are claiming to be green, while continuing to use weakly regulated fossil fuels

Dozens of oil & industry lobbyists attended secretive shipping emissions talks

Oil and gas companies like Shell, BP and Equinor were represented at shipping climate talks

The EU lacks ambition on Cop28 renewable targets

The EU’s interpretation of a global renewables target is less ambitious than the Cop28 presidency’s and incompatible with the Paris agreement

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Pacific “mixed feelings” after compromise on shipping’s climate goals

Climate vulnerable Pacific islands struck a deal with emerging economies worried about the targets’ impact on economic development

Governments set to fail to plot shipping industry course for 1.5C

Despite a strong push from Pacific islands, the latest draft does not improve on targets criticised as not ambitious enough



Argentinian scientists condemn budget cuts ahead of university protest

Right-wing President Javier Milei has taken an axe to funding for education and scientific bodies, sparking fears for climate research 

Switzerland proposes first UN expert group on solar geoengineering

A draft resolution aimed at creating a space for discussion on sun dimming technologies will be debated at the summit of the UN’s environment body this month

Adaptation playbook is the true test of Cop28 for world’s vulnerable

While most attention is on fossil fuels, the US is blocking progress on an adaptation playbook, a matter of life or death for many Africans

OECD: Rich countries ‘likely’ to hit $100bn climate finance goal in 2022

Data shows countries provided $89.6bn in 2021, but funding for adaptation declined.

UK aid cuts leave Malawi vulnerable to droughts and cyclones

After the UK cut short a £52m climate adaptation scheme in Malawi, vulnerable communities saw their livelihoods destroyed by Cyclone Freddy

Talks to boost ‘underfinanced’ climate adaptation split over money

Developing and developed countries are wrangling over whether finance should be included in an adaptation framework to be approved at Cop28

Brazilian government eyes money from Amazon Fund for controversial road

Brazil’s transport ministry plans to bid for money from the Amazon Fund to pave the world’s “most sustainable highway”

Overshoot Commission calls for research into solar geoengineering

Dimming the sun could “complement” emissions cuts, says panel of leaders, while acknowledging concerns about the risks