Climate politics

Mapped: A world tour of 2017 in climate change news

What a year. Take a virtual world tour of our 21 top stories, from forest diamonds to Fiji-on-the-Rhine climate talks. Yes, Donald Trump makes an appearance

Climate Weekly: Macron banks on green capitalism

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US ‘no position’ on how much humans are changing climate, says Trump envoy

George David Banks speaks with Arthur Neslen about keeping the US in the Paris deal, morale in the state department and why he said he didn’t know what 2C means

Macron summit touts green finance progress – despite Trump

Paris meeting showed movement towards cleaner investments by development banks and the private sector, but there was little new money for the poorest

Civil society summit calls for international action on climate migration

Campaign groups meeting in Suva, Fiji, urged recognition of climate change in the global compact for migration due to be negotiated in 2018

Climate Weekly: Macron shipping declaration exclusive

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Macron summit to launch call for shipping to meet Paris climate goals

Declaration obtained by Climate Home News urges the International Maritime Organization to set emissions targets in line with “well below 2C” global warming limit

Canada and China to strengthen cooperation on climate, carbon markets

On a state visit to Beijing, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau struck a deal that will weave climate action into a potential trade agreement

Latest climate politics

UN Climate Talks

In Poland’s coal heartland, miners defend their jobs but imagine a greener future

While the government champions coal, the area around Katowice, host of next year’s UN climate summit, is starting to diversify its economy

What would Hannah Arendt have seen on a beach covered in plastic bottles?

Only banal good can defeat banal evil. Kerrie Foxwell-Norton writes from the rubbish-strewn beaches of the southern Maldives

Sexual harassment at UN talks weakens the fight against climate change

‘Zero tolerance’ only works when victims feel comfortable coming forward. Meanwhile smart, passionate women are driven away from the UN process

Rich countries ‘trying to turn climate funds into World Bank’

The rich are ‘renegotiating’ the Paris climate deal by trying to limit access for middle income countries to climate finance, it has been claimed

China flexes its muscle as climate talks end with slow progress

At the first climate talks of the Trump era, a coalition of developing countries, with China at its centre, won small but significant victories

Fight over finance threatens end of climate talks

As climate talks head into their final hours, a disagreement over how rich countries will report their plans to finance climate action could boil over

Four overlooked issues at the Bonn climate talks

Oceans, adaptation and loss and damage among issues countries say have drifted into obscurity at UN talks

Call for polluters to pay ‘climate damages tax’

Disappointed by slow progress at UN talks in Bonn, 50 organisations and individuals demand a fossil fuel levy to compensate victims of climate change impacts

UN climate talks

COP21 Paris 2015

Podesta email dump reveals tight US-China climate ties

Todd Stern and Xie Zhenhua were opposing climate envoys for nearly five years – but in the heat of international negotiations they forged a vital friendship

Reaction: US and China ratify Paris climate agreement

Leading civil society groups, Al Gore, Michael Bloomberg and UN leaders say formal approval by biggest polluters is a tipping point in climate fight

Paris climate agreement set to become law this year

Fifty-seven countries accounting for 59.88% of global emissions have now indicated they will sign agreement before end of 2016

Patricia Espinosa: Who is the UN’s incoming climate change chief?

Mexican diplomat is a team builder with a ruthless streak, say ministers who have worked with her

Fabius: EU failure to rapidly ratify Paris Agreement ‘damaging’

French former president of UN summit warns of negative consequences if Brussels does not formally join deal before it enters into force

‘Critical mass’ to support UN climate change deal

India, Canada and Mexico among countries set for early approval of Paris Agreement, in boost for climate action

Early entry: Approving the Paris climate deal in 2016 makes sense

Could the Paris Agreement set a new record for the number of countries signing up on the first day?

Paris climate change pact to come into effect ‘by 2018’

NEWS: UN’s outgoing climate chief says late change to text means agreement could be enforced well before 2020, raising hopes world can avoid dangerous climate change


COP20 Lima 2014

Winners and losers at the UN’s Lima climate talks

ANALYSIS: No one country can leave Peru saying it got everything it wanted, but the building blocks of a global deal remain in place

US-China chat broke impasse at Lima climate talks

NEWS: Warming relationship between superpowers key as countries work towards global emissions deal in 2015

Lima Call for Climate Action – what was decided?

BRIEFING: Details on key agreements reached at the UN’s COP20 climate change conference in Peru

Nine lessons from the Lima climate talks

BLOG: Latin American cities are choking to death, that US-China emissions pact didn’t solve everything and other nuggets from COP20

Late deal in Lima saves UN climate talks from collapse

UPDATED: Hopes for 2015 agreement to slow global warming remain alive after dramatic late deal in Peru

UN climate talks face “major breakdown” warns Todd Stern

NEWS: Lead US negotiator says time running out for deal in Lima, major divide remains between countries

LIVE IN LIMA – DAY 12: UN COP20 climate change summit

Rolling commentary, news, analysis and video from the 20th Conference of the Parties to the UN Climate Convention in Lima, Peru

A tale of broken promises – finance and the UN climate talks

COMMENT: Least developed countries deserve more support in the face of evident and increasing threats, says expert


COP19 Warsaw 2013

When young people infiltrate the UN climate machine

ANALYSIS: Not all youths protest. Some have become part of official government delegations. What can they achieve?

Loss and damage: UN receives new climate compensation plans

NEWS: Ideas flood in on how Warsaw’s loss and damage mechanism could limit damage to the world’s most vulnerable

Rich – poor divide ‘main question’ at UN climate talks says Korolec

Current head of international negotiations says developing nations will need to deliver emission reduction plans by 2015

Loss and damage: UN needs to deliver on Warsaw climate pact

Loss and damage mechanism was a victory for developing countries, but its success will depend on work done in months ahead experts tell RTCC

World Coal: UN climate chief Figueres ‘ignoring reality’

Coal lobbyist Milton Catelin says Christiana Figueres is too focused on climate change and misunderstands energy sector

The path to Paris will be tough, agree UN climate chiefs past and present

Christiana Figueres, Michael Zammit Cutajar and Yvo de Boer on challenges facing international negotiations up to 2015 Paris summit

Five reasons why the 2013 climate talks were a success

This year’s round of international climate negotiations weren’t all doom and gloom. We’ve chosen five outcomes worth celebrating

Lord Stern: global climate ambition lacking at Warsaw summit

Leading climate change economist says Warsaw summit conclusions indicates leading countries do not take climate change seriously



US, EU offer to help African countries deliver climate plans

New international partnership aims to provide the technical knowledge needed to couple climate action and growth in developing countries

South Korea leads list of 2016 climate villains

Seoul *weakened* its climate ambition after the Paris Agreement, joining Saudi Arabia, Australia and New Zealand in laggards’ corner

New Zealand uses pine forests, creative accounting to dodge carbon cuts

Proposed forestry accounting changes would allow New Zealand to claim credits without cutting emissions, NGO claims

Japan, New Zealand to ratify Paris climate deal in 2016

Announcement makes entry into force for Paris deal more likely, but concerns remain over both countries’ weak emission cutting goals

View from Manila: Duterte must deliver ambitious climate plan

Former head of Philippines climate commission calls on new president to accept climate science and slow coal power growth

Brazil must review its climate pledge on new data

Emissions from farming and forestry were 28% higher than previously thought in 2005, the baseline year for Brazilian climate targets

Panama to deliver climate plan at Paris signing ceremony

Central American state will deliver belated plan at UN signing ceremony diplomat says, leaving six holdouts remaining

Developing nations urged to boycott Paris Agreement signing

EXCLUSIVE: Governments of poorer nations warned early support for UN climate deal on 22 April could limit political leverage at negotiations later this year