Climate politics

Edna Molewa, who fought for unity on climate change, dies aged 61

South African environment minister, who made crucial interventions during the Paris climate conference, died on Saturday while still in office

Leaked: Draft UN declaration to ‘ensure decent future’ for fossil fuel workers

Proposal by Polish climate presidency calls for a programme to monitor national efforts to protect communities impacted by climate action

Poland’s coal miners: ‘EU climate proposals terrify us’

The host city of this December’s UN climate summit is keen to share a story of post-mining transformation, but the coal industry still holds sway

Marshall Islands commit to going carbon-neutral by 2050

First plan of its kind from an island nation says adopting new shipping technologies ‘could have ripple effects across the international sector’

Climate Weekly: G7 spotlights Canada’s climate dissonance

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UN lacks plan to help climate migrants, finds internal report

Experts say drought, flooding and storms can force people from their homes and urged the UN chief to develop a system-wide strategy

France is lagging on 8 out of 9 climate targets, watchdog warns

For all President Macron’s talk of “making our planet great again”, emissions are not falling fast enough in most sectors, according to an NGO scorecard

‘Major shift’: Nations face bottom-up pressure to act on climate change

A California summit of business, city and state leaders ends with a call on national governments to increase their pledges to the Paris climate deal

Latest climate politics

UN Climate Talks

EU pushes Poland to drive climate ambition as UN host

As climate hosts, Poland will be charged with spurring greater efforts to cut emissions. The EU has some suggestions

Poland’s plan to leave its mark on UN climate talks

Declarations on forests, electric vehicles and the impact of climate action on coal workers will be a central legacy of this year’s talks in Katowice

Secretary-general to throw entire UN into fight against ‘suicidal emissions’

Antonio Guterres to outline personal and institutional crusade on climate change in ‘major’ speech in New York on Monday

Bangkok Bulletin: Countdown to Katowice begins

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‘Everyone was frustrated’: US-China stand-off holds up climate talks

A week of climate negotiations in Bangkok proceeded unevenly, as old fights about the firewall between rich and poor countries resurfaced

Bangkok Bulletin: Money talks

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Bangkok Bulletin: All night climate party

It’s crunch time at the UN climate talks. Catch up on the latest and sign up here

Armed with faded copies, four diplomats write the rules of the Paris Agreement

Climate Home News grabs the four sleepless negotiators who are leading talks on the rules of the global climate regime

UN climate talks

Paris Agreement

Yvo de Boer: Heads of state must intervene to fix climate process

Former UN climate chief says trust underpinning global negotiations can only be restored at the highest political level

Australia joins Pacific to declare climate ‘single greatest’ security threat

Region of island states calls for the Paris Agreement to be upheld, with Australia joining despite recent political turmoil over climate policy

Bangkok bulletin: ‘We are not ready’

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In Bangkok, governments scramble to agree Paris climate rulebook

UN climate chief calls on nations to make decisive progress in last-chance talks in the Thai capital

Three things this week’s Bangkok climate talks must get right

As talks resume in Thailand, experts outline the game plan for a deal on the rules of the Paris Agreement

Polish climate chief calls on former presidents for back-up

Michał Kurtyka convened a meeting with French, Mexican and Moroccan heads of previous UN climate summits, in preparation for December’s critical talks

Green fund woes loom over upcoming climate talks

Difficulties within the UN Green Climate Fund will bleed into sensitive negotiations on climate change next week in Bangkok

Ousted Australian PM: This government cannot address climate change

Turnbull says party is captured by ideologues with views not based in ‘engineering and economics’. He is replaced by treasurer who brought lump of coal to parliament

Paris Agreement