Climate politics

EU-Japan trade deal first to carry Paris climate clause

The world’s largest ever trade deal is also the first Europe has signed that commits both parties to upholding the UN climate accord

How the Paris Agreement can take on fossil fuel supply

The UN deal doesn’t mention coal, oil or gas, but it can still be used to limit their extraction

Fragile China-EU climate pact must be backed by action

Leaders overcame differences on climate. But in the EU-China relationship, trouble is never far away

EU and China agree sweeping joint statement on climate action

Leaders put climate at centre of relationship, push for agreement on the Paris deal rulebook and reject Trump’s efforts to undermine global cooperation

Climate Weekly: Sweden pushes climate security agenda

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UK seeks post-Brexit climate tie-up with EU

Cooperation on climate change is a “shared interest” between London and Brussels, according to a paper released by the UK government on Thursday

UN security council considers ‘cycle of conflict and climate disaster’

Sweden chaired the influential body’s first session focusing on climate change in seven years, calling for international coordination to address the risks

Which countries have not ratified the Paris climate agreement?

Nearly three years after it was agreed, more than a tenth of global emissions are generated in countries that have not formally adopted the deal

Latest climate politics

UN Climate Talks

China and EU can lead on climate action

After the US surrendered its influence, the upcoming EU-China summit in Beijing will be yet another moment for both economies to show leadership on climate action

Trade war would harm the environment, warns UN green chief

Donald Trump’s punitive tariffs and the reaction could undermine global cooperation and slow the transition to a sustainable world, says Erik Solheim

Leaked final government draft of UN 1.5C climate report – annotated

A draft summary of the most important climate science report of 2018, published here annotated with changes from the previous version

Colombia tree loss spikes as peace deal leads to land grabs

The area of forest cleared in Colombia jumped 46% last year, data compiled by the World Resources Institute show, in an “alarming” trend

Eight EU countries signal openness to increased Paris climate pledge

UK among signatories of call for greater ambition, one day after the EU climate chief said the bloc could raise its Paris commitment. Poland was notably absent

Eastern Europe turns to private sector as EU clean energy budget cut

Czech officials warn the loss of EU structural funds and carbon market revenues leave a funding gap for renewable and energy efficiency projects

EU climate efforts not living up to Paris promises, says NGO

Report ranking national efforts finds many European nations are working against efforts to increase ambition to act on climate change

Climate Weekly: From Pope to Petersberg

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UN climate talks

Paris Agreement

EU can increase 2030 pledge to Paris Agreement, says climate chief

The EU should raise its Paris deal pledge to a 45% emissions cut by 2030, commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete tells ministers in Brussels

South Africa draft climate law would set emissions targets for every sector

The bill calls on every part of government to coordinate in climate action, but South Africa’s heavy use of coal remains its biggest challenge

Trump has damaged the Paris Agreement, say its architects

One year on from Donald Trump’s announcement he would withdraw the US from the UN climate pact, leading figures assess the “dire consequences”

Emerging economies say rich countries must still lead on climate action

Ministers from China, Brazil, South Africa and India want to see more action from the rich world, in a critical year for writing the rules of the Paris Agreement

11 ways the Paris climate deal is working in the real world

As climate talks stall, it’s clear the UN process is no longer the major driving force of the climate transition. But does that matter?

Extra climate talks scheduled amid Bonn stalemate

UN climate officials add a week-long session in Bangkok in September to the diary, as Bonn talks make insufficient progress on the Paris Agreement rulebook

Africa holds EU climate agenda ransom

As a tough year of talks begins, the EU is searching for allies in a fight with China over the rules of the Paris Agreement, but Africa’s help will come at a cost

Macron: EU ‘mad’ to do trade deal with US after Paris climate withdrawal

‘I’m not in favour of showing any softness to those who decide to break those rules,’ the French president said about the deal struck in his capital in 2015

Paris Agreement