Climate politics

Bolsonaro names climate denier as Brazil’s foreign minister

Ernesto Araújo, a relatively junior diplomat, accuses the left of using the environmental cause ‘to serve their political project of total domination’

UK called to explain no-deal Brexit impact on power prices

A House of Lords committee was unsatisfied by minister Claire Perry’s testimony last month

Carmakers slam Spanish climate law as ‘excessive and rushed’

Manufacturers say ban on diesel and petrol cars is against EU neutrality principles, setting up battle to clean up Europe’s second-largest auto-industry

G20 countries must break their addiction to fossil fuels

Leaders of major economies meeting in Argentina this month need to step up climate action if the world is to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement

Spain, Europe’s second largest carmaker, plans combustion engine ban

Proposal put forward for country’s first climate law takes swipe at auto-industry, scraps fossil fuel subsidies and sets 2050 goal for 100% renewable power

Can Teresa Ribera transform Spain into a green champion?

Highly experienced minister offers a contrast after years of slow-walking the environmental transition, but admits there is more to do

Island president beats no-confidence vote, days before leading climate summit

Marshall Islands Hilda Heine narrowly defeated the motion, just days before she is due to open a virtual summit of climate-vulnerable nations

Climate Weekly: Will China come clean on CFCs?

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Latest climate politics


Brexit and Germany erode EU climate resolve

The departure of a heavyweight champion of tough climate measures comes as Germany wavers and Europe faces big decisions about future

EU has ‘strong’ interest in safeguarding post-Brexit energy supply – UK minister

Preparing for a no-deal break with the EU’s energy market is tricky because it depends on other countries, Claire Perry said

‘Unacceptable’: Scotland and Wales reject post-Brexit carbon tax plan

Two devolved governments attack ‘unilateral’ tax on carbon pollution proposed by UK if Brexit talks end with no deal

Brexit: Avoiding the nuclear fallout

UK government report card on replacing the EU’s atomic energy community shows progress, but no deal on March 29 still threatens power and medical supply

Brexit: What it means for UK-EU energy trade

The UK says it wants to keep ties with the EU energy market – but it’s complicated

Post-Brexit carbon tax would set Scotland against UK

UK weighs future carbon pricing options, but Scotland will not abide a national tax it says will stomp on devolved powers

UK offers green assurances for no-deal Brexit

London says it will carry over EU emissions rules for cars, coolants and industrial plants even if it crashes out in March with no negotiated deal

Brexit is a climate story – help us tell it

Climate Home News hires a reporter with deep connections in Brussels and London to take on some of the most under-reported aspects of the divorce


UN Climate Talks

Bolsonaro in, Merkel out: the Paris climate gang is breaking up

In 2015, a group of countries banded together to shape the global climate pact, but political turmoil is pulling the alliance apart

EU lawmakers support 55% emission cuts as IPCC spectre lurks

MEPs are calling on the EU to bump its 2030 target in light of this week’s scientific report of 1.5C of global warming

EU environment ministers to consider stronger climate target, in light of 1.5C warming impacts

Leaked draft conclusions of meeting next Tuesday call for urgent response to UN landmark climate science report, but stop short of commitment to higher ambition

Poland pushing forest agenda as climate host, leak shows

Global declaration draft calls for new research from the UN science panel and for forest carbon stocks to be maintained by 2050

Edna Molewa, who fought for unity on climate change, dies aged 61

South African environment minister, who made crucial interventions during the Paris climate conference, died on Saturday while still in office

Leaked: Draft UN declaration to ‘ensure decent future’ for fossil fuel workers

Proposal by Polish climate presidency calls for a programme to monitor national efforts to protect communities impacted by climate action

Poland’s coal miners: ‘EU climate proposals terrify us’

The host city of this December’s UN climate summit is keen to share a story of post-mining transformation, but the coal industry still holds sway

Marshall Islands commit to going carbon-neutral by 2050

First plan of its kind from an island nation says adopting new shipping technologies ‘could have ripple effects across the international sector’

UN climate talks

Paris Agreement

Islands need support to face shocking impacts of 1.5C global warming

Last month’s landmark UN science report underlines why vulnerable countries must demand funding to cover their climate-induced losses

Bolsonaro says Brazil will stay in the Paris Agreement

Ahead of Sunday’s presidential election, the frontrunner has said he will stay in the UN climate pact, as long as it does not threaten Brazilian sovereignty

Australia won’t give money to Green Climate Fund, says PM

The country won’t withdraw from the Paris Agreement, but it’s not obliged to follow UN recommendations either, Scott Morrison said

Bolsonaro has made grim threats to the Amazon and its people

Presidential favourite would abolish Brazil’s environment ministry, exposing world’s largest rainforest and its indigenous owners to criminal gangs of loggers and miners

Todd Stern: Remain faithful to the Paris Agreement

The deal moved away from the firewall between developed and developing countries; going backward would undermine ambition

Poland’s plan to leave its mark on UN climate talks

Declarations on forests, electric vehicles and the impact of climate action on coal workers will be a central legacy of this year’s talks in Katowice

‘Everyone was frustrated’: US-China stand-off holds up climate talks

A week of climate negotiations in Bangkok proceeded unevenly, as old fights about the firewall between rich and poor countries resurfaced

Bangkok Bulletin: All night climate party

It’s crunch time at the UN climate talks. Catch up on the latest and sign up here

Paris Agreement