Trump won’t impact India’s climate drive, says energy minister

Piyush Goyal tells investors in Delhi his government is committed to a clean energy future, regardless of what direction the US takes

Bangladesh bets on coal to meet rising energy demand

Renewable options are being overlooked as government backs controversial polluting power plants, say experts

End coal by 2030 to meet Paris climate goal, EU told

Germany and Poland face biggest challenge to break dependence on dirty fuel, in scenarios mapped by Climate Analytics

2016: the year wind outpaced coal in the EU

Wind energy overtakes coal as the EU’s second largest form of power capacity but concerns remain over politicians’ enthusiasm for renewables, reports the Guardian

Kenya clean energy revolution dogged by land disputes

One wind farm was cancelled and another – the flagship Lake Turkana project – was delayed by social conflict, report highlights

Women’s mosque goes solar in India clean energy push

As Uttar Pradesh lags its target for solar installations, female-led Ambar Mosque calls on everyone to do their bit for air quality and energy access

Coal and oil demand ‘could peak in 2020’

Solar power and electric vehicles will wreak havoc on the energy sector, say analysts from Carbon Tracker and Grantham Institute, in contrast to rosy industry forecasts

Climate ignored as Exxon Mobil takes earnings hit

US supermajor’s profits have halved since last year, on a $2bn write-down of gas assets, but executives still don’t mention climate risk


Renewable Energy

Saudi Aramco planning $5 billion clean energy binge

As low oil prices eat into country’s $600 billion sovereign wealth fund, state energy giant starts work on radical transition towards renewables

What Trump can learn from China about competitiveness

In Davos, President Xi Jinping is promoting a new growth model. China Dialogue looks at how booming renewables support that vision

Saudi $50 billion clean power plan close to launch

Minister says private sector will be encouraged to bid for major clean energy investment programmes as country moves to diversify economy

Global clean energy investments fell in 2016: BNEF

China cut back on renewable power subsidies to focus on grid upgrades, say analysts, driving a global slump

Obama: ‘I didn’t kill coal, gas did’

Donald Trump has accused Barack Obama of waging a “war on coal”, but the current president says it was “market forces”

Mapped: China’s $32 billion overseas clean energy splurge

Long known for its huge foreign investments in coal, oil and gas, Beijing is now starting to splash the cash on greener technologies

China to invest $361bn in clean power by 2020

Five-year plan sets country on path to get 15% of its energy from non-fossil sources by the end of the decade

Letters reveal Trump rants against Scottish offshore windfarm

Furious missives from golf magnate and US president-elect said wind power was useless and would ruin Scotland’s economy

Renewable energy

Fossil Fuels

New gas pipelines could face EU climate test

Energy infrastructure should align with climate targets to avoid stranded assets, European Commission is expected to advise on Wednesday

China energy efficiency improved in 2016, reports Xinhua

World’s largest carbon polluter making progress on efficiency, but doubts remain over accuracy of state data

BP’s energy outlook: reality check or PR bullshit?

Energy companies predict a dangerous climate future of high oil demand, but they persistently underestimate clean energy

BP revises oil forecasts amid climate policy surge

Oil giant predicts bright future for renewables, revises down China’s coal demand and admits oil use will be challenged by electric vehicles

Trump to approve Keystone XL, Dakota pipelines – report

Trump will reportedly approve two highly controversial oil pipelines as old environmental battle lines are redrawn in the US

India to end coal imports in ‘next few years’

A 25% drop in imports in 2016 leads minister to declare independence from foreign coal

Six bits of crucial context for Trudeau tar sands “gaffe”

Right wingers went spare when Canada’s prime minister said tar sands need to be phased out. Here’s why they’re being disingenuous

At State, Tillerson could get Exxon off human rights charges

As secretary of state the former Exxon CEO could influence long-running case that alleges company is responsible for murder and torture committed by its employees

Fossil Fuels

Nuclear energy

Wind, solar costs undercut new coal plants in South Africa

Wind and solar power are 40% cheaper than new coal generation today, analysis of government data shows

Atomic politics: UK mends China links with Hinkley deal

Choosing your power source should come down science and economics, but as the UK’s Hinkley saga shows it’s also a deeply political game

Atomic shambles: UK nuclear plans need urgent rethink

Planned celebrations by the nuclear industry were cancelled last week following the shock decision to put the world’s largest electricity project on hold

Could every UK town have a small nuclear reactor?

Industry poll shows that backing from the UK government is seen as a beacon of hope for a new breed of small nuclear reactors

Can nuclear really deliver 25% of global electricity by 2050?

Despite a record-breaking year of global nuclear construction in 2015, a report by the industry recognises that it still faces unresolved problems and uncertainties

Are small nuclear reactors a clean energy solution?

NEWS: Nuclear companies meet to discuss licensing the controversial modular reactors set to cost billions of dollars and be built near towns

As memory of Chernobyl, Fukushima fades, activists renew nuclear warning

BLOG: 2011 disaster survivors urge UK to ditch atomic plans: “Don’t consider Fukushima as something that could never never happen to you. It could.”

Armed ships embark on secretive plutonium mission

NEWS: Consignment from Japan to the US highlights hidden cost and security risk of growing nuclear waste stockpile

Nuclear Energy


UNEP: global climate action “still not good enough”

Greenhouse gas emissions need to fall a further 25% from projected levels in 2030 to meet 2C global warming limit, says report

Statoil chief: rise of electric cars will shrink oil industry

Once regarded as a joke, the electric car sector is growing fast with some predicting it could take a 35% share of car sales by 2035 – bad news for oil majors

Brazil shifts funds from coal to solar power

Major development bank is prioritising clean energy as economic crisis limits resources

IEA: oil, gas investments fell 25% in 2015

Energy experts say global investment patterns show a spectacular shift, with renewables on the rise and support for fossil fuels in sharp decline

Sustained cheap oil likely to hurt global climate plans

Low oil prices “considerably” hinder transition to greener energy, say IIASA and World Bank analysts, while sustained high prices would give a boost

Coalition of 17 US states signals support for wind, solar

NEWS: New ‘Accord’ published on Tuesday avoids direct mention of climate change, but makes economic case for renewables and warns of future extreme weather events

Vladimir Putin’s global warming fix: Carbon nanotubes

NEWS: Super-strong carbon nanotubes could transform materials like steel and plastics to slash carbon pollution, claims Russia

Philips targets carbon neutrality by 2020

NEWS: “We’ve reached the climate change checkout” but contributions are not enough, warns CEO, as giant lighting firm launches new efficiency drive