Clean energy is vital to the Covid-19 response in the world’s poorest countries

Renewable mini-grids can power health facilities and irrigation systems, making communities more resilient to future pandemics and climate shocks

China prioritises employment over GDP growth in coronavirus recovery

Climate watchers are cautiously hopeful Beijing will not turn to polluting infrastructure to rebuild the economy, but specific assurances are lacking

Coal generator uses investment treaty to fight Netherlands coal phaseout

Uniper is using a controversial investor dispute system to claim up to €1 billion compensation for being forced to close a coal power station early

Denmark proposes two huge ‘energy islands’ to meet 2030 climate target

With a total capacity of 4GW, offshore wind power hubs in the North and Baltic Seas are to help the country cut emissions by 70% in the next decade

Coronavirus lockdown cut energy-related CO2 emissions 17%, study finds

Early estimates show deep cuts to emissions from air and road travel as a result of public health measures, but scientists warn these are only temporary

Spain unveils climate law to cut emissions to net zero by 2050

The government hopes the draft law, which would ban all new coal, oil and gas projects with immediate effect, will shape the recovery effort to Covid-19

This oil crash is not like the others

The coronavirus lockdown has dealt a savage blow to Big Oil, at a time fears of climate breakdown call the whole basis of our energy system into question

Covid-19 outbreak in Polish coal mines heaps further pain on struggling sector

The health crisis could lead to mine closures and further weaken Poland’s coal industry, which has lobbied against tough EU climate targets


Renewable Energy

Coronavirus lockdown speeds India’s shift from coal to solar power

Renewable energy sources are proving resilient in the Covid-19 crisis, while analysts say coal power capacity could peak this decade

Renewables most resilient to Covid-19 lockdown measures, says IEA

While demand for all sources of energy has been hit by the response to coronavirus, solar and wind generators are best placed to weather the crisis

UN development chief calls for green shift away from ‘irrational’ oil dependence

Governments, at a fork in the road because of the Covid-19 pandemic, should ‘insert the DNA’ of a low-carbon future into stimulus packages, says Achim Steiner

South Korea to implement Green New Deal after ruling party election win

Seoul is to set a 2050 net zero emissions goal and end coal financing, after the Democratic Party’s landslide victory in one of the world’s first Covid-19 elections

Japan’s woeful climate plan amounts to science denial

Japan reiterates past pledges for 2030 rather than mapping out a radical overhaul needed by the world’s fifth largest greenhouse gas emitter

Electric cars help limit climate change despite blackspots in India, Poland

Study shows it makes sense to drive an electric car in most of the world including in China and the US rather than stick to petrol, diesel engines

‘Historic opportunity’ – Climate Weekly

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Governments have ‘historic opportunity’ to accelerate clean energy transition, IEA says

IEA head Fatih Birol is calling on heads of state and international financial institutions to make coronavirus recovery plans sustainable

Renewable energy

Fossil Fuels

After the oil crash, we need a managed wind-down of fossil fuel production

To meet climate goals and avoid further market chaos, governments need to plan the decline of coal, oil and gas production, with support for workers

South Korean government backs $2 billion bailout to coal company, despite green finance pledge

Campaigners ask government to explain relief for coal plant manufacturer Doosan Heavy Industries, contrary to its promise to end coal financing

Coronavirus: which governments are bailing out big polluters?

A round-up of the support countries are extending to aviation, coal, oil and gas businesses as demand is hit by the Covid-19 pandemic

Kenyans live with shattered hopes of a Chinese oil boom

Merti residents eagerly anticipated investment in public services, but when oil failed to materialise, they were left with damaged land and a fear of outsiders

Why climate advocates should welcome the historic Opec++ deal

Oil producers are cooperating to face the coronavirus crisis; they can and should cooperate on a responsible transition to cleaner energy

Russia’s plans to tighten 2030 climate goal criticised as ‘baby steps’

Russia’s revised draft plan would allow greenhouse emissions to rise to 2030, defying UN calls for sharp cuts in the coming decade

Coronavirus: China’s economic slowdown curbs deadly air pollution

Premature deaths from air pollution in China could fall by 50,000-100,000 if economic downturn lasts a year, study estimates

World faces ‘decisive decade’ to fix global warming, former UN climate chief says

Christiana Figueres issues blueprint for a peaceful global revolution to tackle ‘dire emergency’ of climate change, guided by the Paris Agreement she helped craft

Fossil Fuels

Nuclear energy

Campaigners urge African Union to stop fossil fuel proliferation on continent

In a communique, African civil society called on leaders meeting in Ethiopia to ‘rapidly initiate a transition to clean and safe renewable sources of energy’ for all

In depth: The EU’s plan to become the first climate-neutral continent

CHN’s media partner EURACTIV takes a look at the ‘king of policies’ that will define Europe’s future, just as the EU finally looks ready to adopt it

As rich countries slow walk green finance, Putin offers Africa an alternative

Two summits in one week presented a choice for African leaders: stalled promises of climate finance in Paris or business deals in Sochi

Hungary wants end to coal power by 2030

‘Sky-rocketing’ EU carbon prices could mean Hungary is the first country in eastern Europe to set an exit date for the most polluting fossil fuel

Brexit: Avoiding the nuclear fallout

UK government report card on replacing the EU’s atomic energy community shows progress, but no deal on March 29 still threatens power and medical supply

UK offers green assurances for no-deal Brexit

London says it will carry over EU emissions rules for cars, coolants and industrial plants even if it crashes out in March with no negotiated deal

US launches nuclear initiative to cut carbon with Canada, Japan, UK

While the Trump administration generally avoids discussion of climate change, it is participating in a coalition to promote “clean, reliable” nuclear power

Wind, solar costs undercut new coal plants in South Africa

Wind and solar power are 40% cheaper than new coal generation today, analysis of government data shows

Nuclear Energy


No silver lining to coronavirus, but a golden opportunity

Rebuilding after the pandemic should be a moment to reset international governance, deepen global cooperation and restructure societies away from fossil fuels

Governments urged to attach green strings to long-term coronavirus recovery plans

UN says Paris climate agreement and sustainable development goals should guide recovery beyond massive stopgap measures needed to combat coronavirus

Coronavirus: IMO postpones key meeting on reducing shipping emissions

The international shipping body has postponed five meetings due to take place at its London headquarters

European Investment Bank moots fossil fuel lending ban

The world’s largest development bank proposed a pivot to clean energy, in a draft plan for consideration by EU finance ministers in September

EU ‘climate leaders’ plans found lacking

Finland, Sweden, Portugal, France and Germany praised for ambitious targets, but NGO analysis raises questions over details

Asian Development Bank signals end to ‘dirty’ coal finance

Falling renewable energy costs and a shadow carbon price are making coal power investments unviable, according to bank energy chief Yongping Zhai

UK government refuses to commit to EU clean energy targets after Brexit

The UK helped craft a deal on EU renewable and energy efficiency ambition but its participation after it leaves the union is uncertain

EU decides on non-binding 2030 energy efficiency target

Deal between lawmakers and ministers will cut energy waste 32.5% and reduce reliance on fossil fuel imports, but didn’t go far enough for green groups