“Green” finance bankrolls forest destruction in Indonesia

Green funds have been spent cutting down trees for biomass to make electricity, decimating the traditional food sources of indigenous people

Restrictions on energy firm’s borrowing complicates South Africa’s energy transition

The South African government has told cash-strapped power company Eskom it can’t invest in new electricity generation

Rich nations “understanding” of South African delay to coal plant closures

Despite a multi-billion dollars clean energy transition deal, South Africa expects to keep coal plants running for longer while it battles electricity blackouts.

Study: Fossil fuel firms owe $209bn a year for climate damage

A multi-billion dollar reparations scheme has been proposed for fossil fuel companies to atone for the damage caused by their greenhouse gas emissions

Regulator blocks Brazilian oil drilling, sparking conflict within government

While President Lula’s environment minister Marina Silva supported the decision, Lula ally Randolfe Rodrigues vowed to oppose it

France proposes tax credits for green technology

France will spend €500m a year on tax credits for wind and solar power, heat pumps and batteries funded by a tax rise on carbon-intensive fuels

Local business group tries to keep South Africa’s coal plants alive

A business coalition in South Africa’s energy heartland is fighting against plans to shut down coal plants.

Cop28 moots oil and gas initiative despite greenwash accusations

Critics say a focus on just the emissions from producing oil and gas not consuming it is a distraction and that similar initatives have not worked

Nations split over fossil fuels and carbon capture

An agenda-setting gathering of climate ministers saw continuing disagreement over the need for fossil fuels phase-out and the role of technology

Europe’s push for global renewables target gains support

The UAE has backed the EU’s call to set a global target for the renewable roll-out at the Cop28 climate talks


Renewable Energy

US solar boom on hold as industry awaits subsidy rules

Solar installers are waiting to find out which solar panels are considered US-made and qualify for subsidies

Green hydrogen rush risks energy ‘cannibalisation’ in Africa, analysts say

The EU signed green hydrogen agreements with Egypt, Kazakhstan, Morocco and Namibia to supply the bloc with the gas ahead of its 2030 goals.

OECD reforms set to give “green” projects better export finance

OECD countries agree to extend support for ‘climate-friendly’ projects. But vague definitions and inclusion of contested activities worry campaigners.

Uncertainty on renewable retraining frightens South Africa’s coal communities

An investigation by Oxpeckers and Climate Home found coal-reliant communities in South Africa have scarce details on how funds for reskilling workers from its $8.5 billion deal will be implemented.

COP28 boss urges Big Oil to join fight against climate change

Cop28 president and oil and gas executive Sultan al-Jaber urged energy conference participants in Houston to do more faster to limit global warming

World Bank backs mega dam threatening to displace thousands in Mozambique

The World Bank argues the project will accelerate the energy transition in southern Africa, but people facing displacement say their voices are not being heard

Greta Thunberg protests wind farm “violating human rights” in Norway

Thunberg said the wind farm violates the rights of indigenous Sami people to herd their reindeer, as the sight and sound of the turbines scares the animals

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Renewable energy

Fossil Fuels

India mulls end to coal plant construction

If approved by the cabinet, India’s new electricity policy would end the construction of new coal-fired power plants after the planned 28 GW are built

Exxon scrambles to save investments before Colombia bans fracking

The company is looking at how to get some money back despite Gustavo Petro’s government looking to ban it from fracking in Colombia

Japan, US and EU block G7 from setting coal phase out date

Canada and the UK pushed for the inclusion of a 2030 deadline to end domestic coal-fired electricity. But their plan failed following strong opposition.

G7 may ignore climate warnings and call for new gas investments

A draft communique includes calls investments in gas production but that language is likely to prove controversial among the G7 climate ministers

World Bank’s private sector arm to stop supporting new coal  

The International Finance Corporation is closing a loophole that allowed its financial clients to continue funding new coal projects 

Migrant workers face risks building Europe’s new gas supplies in the UAE

Climate Home spoke with migrant workers in the UAE, who face harsh conditions and a lack of transparency when risk turns deadly.

Revealed: How Shell cashed in on dubious carbon offsets from Chinese rice paddies

Shell’s rice farming offset projects are under review. Climate Home found them riddled with accounting loopholes and questionable integrity claims.

Governments battle over carbon removal and renewables in IPCC report

While the Saudis pushed carbon capture and storage technology, Europeans fought for wind and solar to be talked up in the report.

Fossil Fuels

Nuclear energy

Nuclear fusion: Why Silicon Valley is betting on man-made star power

Students at MIT have found a way to make nuclear fusion reactors smaller and cheaper, but the tech is a long way from commercial operation

Clean energy jobs overtake fossil fuel sector but wages lag behind

Employment is booming in electric vehicle production, building insulation and renewable power sectors, the International Energy Agency reports

EU set to use ‘green’ label for gas, nuclear investments after parliamentary vote

Climate campaigners accused EU lawmakers of “betrayal” and some member states are preparing legal challenges to the sustainable taxonomy

Macron promises to abandon gas, oil and coal, but will he deliver?

The re-elected French president performed poorly on climate in his first term and is relying too heavily on nuclear, experts say

Saudi energy minister touts pink hydrogen made by “emancipated young ladies”

Saudi Arabia wants to become a leading exporter of hydrogen from both clean and dirty sources as part of an economic diversification plan

Pakistan signals coal power exit, in potential model for China’s belt and road

Imran Khan announced his government would not approve any more coal power plants and pivot to renewables, contrary to the grid operator’s forecast of a coal boom

UN development chief calls for green shift away from ‘irrational’ oil dependence

Governments, at a fork in the road because of the Covid-19 pandemic, should ‘insert the DNA’ of a low-carbon future into stimulus packages, says Achim Steiner

Japan’s woeful climate plan amounts to science denial

Japan reiterates past pledges for 2030 rather than mapping out a radical overhaul needed by the world’s fifth largest greenhouse gas emitter

Nuclear Energy


Turn down the heating: France unveils ‘ambitious’ energy saving plan

French people and businesses are encouraged to take shorter showers, turn down thermostats and car pool but none of the measures are binding

Demand response: A win-win solution to climate and energy price crises

By shifting electricity demand away from peaks, customers can get cheaper bills and cleaner electricity can be prioritised

EU lawmakers back stronger energy efficiency target in response to Russian war

The European Parliament’s four largest political groups are proposing a 14.5% efficiency goal by 2030, up from the 9% discussed last year

Tar sands companies aim for ‘net zero’ by 2050 – with no plan to extract less oil

The alliance of Canadian oil producers makes no mention of winding down oil production, which modelling shows is necessary to achieve global climate goals

Ships to get free pass on emissions until 2030, under compromise proposal

Ship efficiency measures backed by a broad coalition of 14 countries will fail to reduce emissions in line with industry and Paris climate goals, campaigners warn

Countries promise green recovery at Japanese virtual summit, keep quiet on fossil bailouts

Ministers from China, EU and other major economies outlined plans to build back better after the coronavirus pandemic at a meeting convened by Japan

For all its green talk, the IEA still gives comfort to oil and gas producers

Under Fatih Birol, the International Energy Agency leads talk of a green recovery, yet dodges hard questions about phasing out dirty energy

Spain unveils climate law to cut emissions to net zero by 2050

The government hopes the draft law, which would ban all new coal, oil and gas projects with immediate effect, will shape the recovery effort to Covid-19