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Indonesian utility pledges to stop building coal plants beyond existing pipeline

State-owned electricity company PLN said it will finish building 20GW of planned coal capacity before turning to renewables

Youth activists prank Standard Chartered in critique of coal lending policy

Fridays for Future activists donned false moustaches in a stunt to put pressure on Standard Chartered to stop financing fossil fuels

Tar sands executive named as Canadian ‘climate champion’ ahead of Cop26

Suncor’s chief sustainability officer is one of 26 people praised for moving Canada towards net zero emissions, despite the oil company expanding production

Merkel ‘wasted opportunity’ to show international solidarity at climate summit

The German chancellor resisted calls to announce an increased climate finance pledge at the Petersberg Climate Dialogue, her last before leaving office in September

California is the biggest producer in the world planning to go beyond oil

Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered a plan to phase out oil and gas production in California by 2045, but the industry won’t go down without a fight

Asian Development Bank plans exit from coal finance

As Asian lenders are turning their back on coal, campaigners warn against treating methane gas as a “transition fuel”, calling for an end to all fossil finance

Covid aid is critical to climate action – Climate Weekly

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Meet the Indian climate experts desperately trying to save lives from Covid-19

Climate researchers and journalists are working to connect Covid sufferers with oxygen supplies and hospital beds as India’s health crisis deepens

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Can Biden forge a new social contract for the climate?

Taxing the super-rich and showing ordinary people that climate action can directly benefit them is the best way to build support for ambitious legislation

Health must be put at the heart of national climate plans

After the World Health Organization called for a green and healthy Covid recovery, health must be a priority in countries’ climate plans

It took the Suez Canal crisis to highlight the scale of the polluting shipping sector

The growing global shipping fleet is increasing the sector’s climate and environmental impacts. To rein it in, we need a global carbon price for shipping

How the shipping industry can halve climate-warming black carbon in the Arctic

Switching to cleaner shipping fuel would prevent Arctic warming and deliver an easy win for the climate

It’s time to end subsidies for burning wood from forests

Trees are worth much more to humanity alive than dead, say 500 scientists in an open letter to leaders in the EU, US and East Asia

Three ways the EU, China and US should deepen cooperation on climate in 2021

Building coalitions on green finance and carbon pricing and putting climate at the heart of diplomacy will allow the big three emitters to deliver on net zero goals

Covid-19 normalised social protection. Now apply it to the climate crisis

Almost every country rolled out measures such as cash transfers, food and sick pay to cope with coronavirus. Victims of climate shocks need the same support

The Biden-Harris administration can rebuild democracy and climate action

With strong business support and an experienced team of dealmakers, Biden inspires confidence he will deliver on his climate and environmental justice plan