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Researchers push to make polluters put carbon back in the ground

A team from Oxford University is trying to persuade governments to impose carbon capture and storage requirements on fossil fuel producers

Exploding an energy security myth – Climate Weekly

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Hurricane Ian could cost US $67bn in economic damages

The Category 4 hurricane, one of the most powerful to ever make landfall in the US, has destroyed homes, infrastructure and citrus farms

Public procurement can play a bigger role in greening construction

The US and Saudi Arabia have joined a coalition to decarbonise steel and cement. Governments can help by driving demand for green products

Nord Stream pipeline blowouts highlight vulnerability of fossil fuels

Oil and gas infrastructure has been repeatedly targeted in conflicts, making decentralised renewable energy such as solar panels more resilient

Corporate pushback against climate action is getting desperate

Our UN-backed initiative was told we could be sued for saying new coal isn’t compatible with science-based targets. We need regulatory reform

Scaling up renewables means big changes to electricity networks

Flexible storage and grid upgrades are key to integrating high volumes of renewable energy into electricity grids

The fate of the Amazon rests on the outcome of Brazil’s election

Jair Bolsonaro dismantled social and environmental protections. Brazil’s next president must combat illegal activity and restore safeguards

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When the EU and US score climate points off China, Africa suffers

Frans Timmermans and John Kerry are downplaying historic responsibility for the climate crisis. That’s a red flag for Africa

Copenhagen’s failure to meet 2025 net zero target casts doubt on other pledges

Copenhagen was the first city to launch a carbon neutrality plan in 2012, but has given up on its pledge due to a lack of CCS funding

Five priorities for a meaningful post-2025 climate finance target

The quality of climate finance is as important as the quantity to rebuild trust after rich countries failed to deliver on their $100bn by 2020 target

Pakistan floods must be a wake up call on climate action

The colossal disaster shows why rich countries must deliver on finance for loss and damage at Cop27 international climate talks

Sri Lanka food crisis has its roots in the globalisation of the 1970s

The Rajapaksa regime deserved to be banished, but today’s hunger stems from decades of choosing global markets over self-sufficiency

We got fooled again: As big oil and gas cash in, Britons crippled by energy bills

Millions of Britons are paying an exorbitant price for successive governments’ short-termist decisions that prolonged our dependence on fossil fuel

Why the US climate bill might struggle to deliver on carbon capture

Up to a fifth of emissions cuts from the Inflation Reduction Act are expected to come from carbon capture technologies, but there are major hurdles

The problem with The Bahamas’ blue carbon market plans

Caribbean nations need rich countries to pay their fair share of climate finance, not market measures that let polluters off the hook