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Latest data shows rich countries little closer to $100bn climate finance promise

OECD figures show international climate finance increased by just 2% from 2018 to 2019, leaving a $20 billion shortfall to the 2020 target

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From obscurity to vital global service: Celebrating 10 years of Climate Home

As Climate Home News celebrates its 10th anniversary, founding editor Ed King recounts the wild ride to establish it as a credible news outlet

Oil and SUVs: Why Canada’s emissions have risen since Trudeau took office

Justin Trudeau’s climate compromise allowed the oil sector to grow, driving emissions up before his carbon price could bite

EU commits €4 billion more to climate vulnerables, calls on the US to step up

Ursula Von der Leyen called out the US for failing to deliver its fair share of climate cash – an issue poor nations say is critical to success at Cop26

Reader profile: Amelia Rose Khan wants Cop26 to close carbon accounting loopholes

“I don’t relax, the climate crisis is always on my mind” says Canadian regional organiser Amelia Rose Khan

Leftwing victory in Norway election puts oil exit at the heart of coalition talks

A leftist party calling for a ban on new oil licences could be the kingmaker in negotiations to form a government, calling into question the industry’s future

Barbados pursues ‘Norwegian model’: going green at home and drilling for oil

The Caribbean nation wants its vehicles and electricity to be almost completely renewable by 2030 but supports oil and gas development for export

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To close the climate ambition gap, we must look beyond national targets

Rapid advances in clean steelmaking are an example of the kind of sectoral progress that needs to be captured by the UN’s global stocktake of climate action

Reader profile: Will Ward is all about human-centred stories

An educational program coordinator for a Canadian charity, Will Ward thinks great things can be achieved when you take brave positive action

Joe Biden can seal a breakthrough deal to end global public finance for fossil fuels

The US has the opportunity to make fossil-free public finance a new international norm ahead of Cop26 – but that requires ending its support for gas

How a Glasgow PACT can advance the climate agenda at Cop26

At November’s UN climate talks, leaders need to deliver on finance promises, raise ambition and accelerate the clean transition

Green taxation can help us recover from the Covid-19 crisis. Here’s how

Scandinavian countries have raised taxes on pollution in response to economic crises, while reducing them on labour and capital, boosting productivity

Following the science means slashing emissions 7% per year – starting now

Governments and businesses have set laudable net zero targets, but few have committed to the annual CO2 cuts this decade the planet needs

The climate crisis is intensifying. So why is climate finance drying up?

As the IPCC warns of intensifying climate impacts, rich countries must deliver on their funding promises and set new commitments to the developing world

Europe’s floods hit my childhood home, sweeping away my parents’ sense of safety

As a researcher, I want to bridge the gap between weather forecasts and warning systems so people can take protective action