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Rich world’s leaders fail to commit to Paris global financing summit

Just two weeks ahead of a key climate and finance summit, only two developed country leaders have promised to turn up

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Republicans’ anti-ESG attack may be silencing insurers, but it isn’t changing their pro-climate business decisions

Republicans are pressuring insurers out of climate coalitions but won’t change their pro-climate business decisions

World Bank set to take on risk of insuring carbon credits amid market upheaval

As a growing number of developing countries tighten control over carbon markets, MIGA plans to step in to provide political risk insurance and facilitate investments.

Confusion surrounds China’s pledged climate finance towards the Global South 

China is not obligated to provide financial aid but has pledged to “make available’ $3.1bn to other developing countries 

Bitter conflicts stop Eastern Europe from choosing next year’s Cop host

Divisions over wars between Russia and Ukraine and Azerbaijan and Armenia are delaying the choice of the host of next year’s climate talks

Turkiye joins Australia in race to host Cop31 climate talks

Turkiye and Australia will vie for the support of Western Europe, North America and New Zealand in their bids to host the 2026 climate talks

Fake social media profiles wage “organised” propaganda campaign on Cop28

Over a hundred Twitter profiles are suspected of a coordinated effort to influence opinion online. The Cop28 team says these activities are “unacceptable”.

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How a local victory against petrochemicals can spur global action on plastics

The Banner sisters fought for the preservation of land in America’s ‘Cancer Alley’. They are now in Paris to demand a global cap on plastic production.

G7 leaders must fulfil their promise to stop funding fossil fuels

Rich nations’ leaders need to uphold their commitment to a clean and sustainable energy future.

What’s at stake for climate at the World Bank’s spring meeting?

The World Bank controls tens of billions of dollars which can make a real difference in the fight against climate change. A coalition of nations is pushing for green reforms.

Carbon credit rule-makers must engage Indigenous People

Indigenous people protect the forests but the organisation writing up a rule-book for high-quality carbon offsets has not adequately consulted them

I’m a COP veteran. Here are 3 suggestions for the new Loss and Damage fund

Cop27 resulted in the historic decision of setting up a loss and damage fund to help vulnerable countries, but success depends on a few key actions.

The IPCC’s climate scientists have done their job – now we must do ours

As citizens, we must educate and inspire our peers to act on climate change through positive and empowering campaigns

Energy Charter Treaty exodus shows a global power shift

European governments are abandoning a treaty that has become a barrier to climate action, but legal hurdles remain

Gas is casting a long shadow over green development in Africa

At the Cop27 summit in Egypt, a dash for gas risks distracting from the support for climate resilience Africans really need

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