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Saudi pledges net zero by 2060, but no oil exit plan

Riyadh will invest $187 billion in climate action by 2030 but keep pumping oil and gas for decades, under a plan submitted to the UN

Donor countries set to reach $100bn climate finance target in 2023 – three years late

The UK presidency hopes a delivery plan for long-promised climate finance will start to restore trust ahead of Cop26, but experts warn late delivery means trouble

Revealed: Cop26 sponsor National Grid spewing methane across England

A campaigner with an infrared camera and methane monitor found significant leaks at National Grid compressor stations in eastern England

Modi’s ‘gamechanger’ palm oil push raises concerns for Indian forests and women

Prime minister Narendra Modi has big plans for palm oil cultivation. But the experience of farmers in Mizoram does not bode well

A US coal-state senator makes losers of us all – Climate Weekly

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US climate credibility in doubt as legislative wrangles go down to the wire

Ten days before Cop26 climate talks, president Joe Biden’s climate policies are being blocked by coal state senator Joe Manchin, weakening his hand internationally

Emerging economies slam Cop26 net zero push as ‘anti-equity’

In a rebuke to the UK hosts of next month’s climate summit, countries including China, India and Saudi Arabia said a call for net zero goals went “against climate justice”

We don’t have time to dismiss carbon markets as a climate solution

Concerns carbon markets could become a new form of colonialism are not unfounded – but with robust safeguards, they can deliver much-needed climate finance

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UK and EU must not abet the theft of indigenous territory in Brazil

Brazil’s indigenous people are anxiously awaiting a supreme court judgement on our land rights. Proposed new laws in the EU and UK will profoundly affect us too

The IEA is embracing 1.5C ambition, leaving no excuse for new fossil fuel investment

In a fundamental shift in mainstream thinking, the world’s most influential energy body has for the first time put a net zero scenario at the heart of its forecasting

Cop26 must urgently get specific on carbon removal in net-zero pathways

The last IPCC report overlooked the technical, financial, and political limitations of carbon removal techniques and risks informing poor policy choices

Street vendors and garbage pickers need protection from climate extremes

Two billion people globally do informal work that exposes them to unsafe conditions like extreme heat, air pollution and flooding

Why I refuse to collude with polluters in the carbon offsetting lie

The industry-led Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets is pitching carbon offsets as a win for the Global South. This is greenwashing at its most patronising

From obscurity to vital global service: Celebrating 10 years of Climate Home

As Climate Home News celebrates its 10th anniversary, founding editor Ed King recounts the wild ride to establish it as a credible news outlet

Reader profile: Amelia Rose Khan wants Cop26 to close carbon accounting loopholes

“I don’t relax, the climate crisis is always on my mind” says Canadian regional organiser Amelia Rose Khan

To close the climate ambition gap, we must look beyond national targets

Rapid advances in clean steelmaking are an example of the kind of sectoral progress that needs to be captured by the UN’s global stocktake of climate action