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Colombia gets $70m from new global renewable integration fund

Colombia will get the first pay-out of a $300m Climate Investment Funds pot for transmission lines, batteries, EV chargers and green hydrogen

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Coal communities fear South Africa’s clean energy transition

Almost 80% of the more than 80,000 residents working in Ermelo are employed by Eskom and Transnet, the state-owned energy and transport companies

India announces $4.3 billion investment in clean energy

India wants to become a leader in green hydrogen production and to develop huge solar projects in the Ladakh region of the Himalayas

France seeks EU loophole for French Guiana to power space sector with biofuels

Campaigners have warned the exemption risks setting an incentive for increased logging in Europe’s corner of the Amazon forest.

Taiwan’s failure to clean up industry endangers its net zero pledge

Comment: Taiwan’s industry is responsible for more than half of its emissions but the government’s new climate policies have no specific plan to tackle them.

DR Congo delays rainforest oil auctions

After a series of multinational oil companies ruled themselves out of the controversial projects, the government pushed back bidding at the last minute

EU plans restrictions on climate-wrecking fishing method

The European Union plans to ban bottom-trawling in marine protected areas by 2030 but the fishing industry is resisting the measures

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Energy Charter Treaty exodus shows a global power shift

European governments are abandoning a treaty that has become a barrier to climate action, but legal hurdles remain

Gas is casting a long shadow over green development in Africa

At the Cop27 summit in Egypt, a dash for gas risks distracting from the support for climate resilience Africans really need

Hali Hewa episode 7: Youth talk loss and damage

Four young activists explain why loss and damage is a hot topic at Cop27 climate talks and how they are fighting for climate justice

I never got to say goodbye to my relatives, victims of climate chaos

My loss is just one of many for Africa. If we do not get justice at Cop27, I fear conflict and scarcity will escalate beyond national borders

Climate finance isn’t reaching African communities – Cop27 must fix this injustice

Indigenous peoples and local communities receive less than 1% of all climate funding despite scoring wins for people and nature

Africa’s broken food markets must be fixed to tackle hunger

A handful of large companies make big profits by controlling the food trade in Africa, while doing nothing to increase its climate resilience

Fear of farmer protests hampers methane-cutting ambition

While methane emissions from oil and gas infrastructure and landfills are seen as low-hanging fruit, governments are wary of tackling cows

Demand response: A win-win solution to climate and energy price crises

By shifting electricity demand away from peaks, customers can get cheaper bills and cleaner electricity can be prioritised

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