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Countries pledge $400m to set up loss and damage fund

Germany and Cop host UAE led contributions to get a fund for climate victims up and running, in an early win for the Cop28 presidency

Seven things to watch out for in world leader speeches at Cop28

Leaders including Narendra Modi, Rishi Sunak, Emmanuel Macron and Lula will share their climate plans in Dubai on Friday and Saturday

Cop28 bulletin: A loss and damage fund is born

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Cop28 bulletin: Welcome to Dubai

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How can corporates ‘course correct’ on climate?

The UN’s global stocktake found the world is off course to meet its climate goals. How can businesses help fix that?

Four questions for Cop28 to settle about a global carbon market

As carbon credits face intense scrutiny, negotiators will wrangle over how to ensure the integrity of a new global carbon market

Ten years on from Haiyan, Shell’s intimidation won’t silence me

I am named in a Shell lawsuit against Greenpeace for trying to board their oil rig, but I won’t stop fighting their climate vandalism

The Cop28 climate summit must set us free from fossil fuels

My homeland of Denmark played its part in causing the climate crisis but is now phasing out fossil fuels. In Dubai, the world must follow

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Avoid our mistake: Don’t let World Bank host loss and damage fund

At the Global Partnership for Education, we paid a high price to be hosted by the World Bank. A loss and damage fund should be independent

To triple renewable energy, the Global South needs finance

A renewable energy target will be debated at Cop28 but financial reforms are needed for the Global South outside China to meet that target

The EU is about to revive a failed climate solution

The EU once led the world in combatting flawed forest offset schemes. Now it’s looking to give them a new lease of life.

The cruise industry says LNG is a climate solution. It’s not

Some of the world’s biggest cruise companies are claiming to be green, while continuing to use weakly regulated fossil fuels

Why Portuguese youth are suing European countries over wildfires

The case, to be heard in the European Court of Human Rights on Wednesday, could change the way states are held accountable for climate harms

Leaders must listen to the people and end fossil fuels

Masses of people will take to the streets in 650 events around the world this weekend, to call for a phaseout of coal, oil and gas

Stop calling people ‘climate refugees’

We need to recognise the diversity of ways climate impacts influence people’s movements, not reduce them to one label

Identifying loss and damage is tough – we need a pragmatic but science-based approach

It’s often hard to judge whether a drought is weather-related or climate related and whether people are displaced by the drought or conflicts

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