Climate politics

UK must cut land use emissions by two thirds to meet 2050 goal, advisers warn

Committee on Climate Change warns a fifth of all agricultural land needs to be released for climate mitigation to help the UK achieve carbon neutrality

Trump criticises ‘prophets of doom’ in Davos and touts fossil fuels

Trump, Thunberg set out radically different visions for the economy and climate in the 21st century

Thunberg says only ‘eight years left’ to avert 1.5°C warming

Climate change is a top priority at the Davos meeting for policymakers and business leaders though Donald Trump is pulling the United States out of the Paris Agreement

UK to stop funding coal abroad but will help Africa with oil, gas

The UK largely stopped financing new coal mines overseas in the early 2000s but spent billions of public funds supporting oil and gas projects abroad since then

2020 may be ‘last opportunity’ to limit warming to 1.5°C

Whether countries deliver on their pledge to raise ambition will be more consequential to the future of the Paris deal than even Trump’s withdrawal

The Davos effect – Climate Weekly

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Australia’s climate change polarisation hampers long-term bushfire fixes

‘We need to re-invent and re-think the management of our landscape,’ say bushfire experts, warning adapting to climate change will require bipartisan political support

Germany agrees pay-out to states and companies in coal phase-out deal

The federal government has struck a deal with the country’s coal-producing regions to phase out hard coal by 2035

Latest climate politics


UK leaders debate climate, with Boris Johnson replaced by ice sculpture

Leaders of most major parties presented their ideas for meeting tough climate goals, but the Conservative prime minister declined

Brexit must not distract from UK’s biggest job in 2020: the Glasgow climate summit

Next year’s climate talks are absolutely vital and as hosts the UK could determine whether the talks fail or succeed. The government must start preparing now

London bids to host 2020 UN climate talks to show UK remains ‘open’

Mayor Sadiq Khan writes to UK prime minster urging every effort to win the presidency of Cop26 in the face of a competing bid from Italy

UK and Italy bid for 2020 climate talks, amid political uncertainty for both

Both countries face potential general elections and economic problems before the crucial Cop26 meeting and the UK may still be in a Brexit imbroglio

Belfast’s bid to join UK environment law raises post-Brexit border issues

Adding Northern Ireland to the environment law adds pressure on London to keep its regulations in step with the EU’s

New UK green watchdog to be based on EU system, says Gove

‘Whatever else are the defects of the EU – that is a good working model,’ the environment secretary told MPs

UK bill would weaken environmental law after Brexit, legal experts tell MPs

The bill creates ‘get-out-of-jail-free cards’ for ministers and exposes the environment watchdog to government influence, they said

Ireland needs new oil and gas fields to ease reliance on Brexit UK, say drillers

Oil and gas explorers are gearing up to drill offshore Ireland in a bid to boost its energy independence from Britain


UN Climate Talks

Cop25 president Carolina Schmidt blames big emitters for low-ambition climate talks

Chile’s environment minister survived calls for her resignation as opposition lawmakers accused her of having personally bungled the negotiations last month

Australia on fire – Climate Weekly

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We won’t let Germany build a new coal power plant

German activists plan in 2020 to block Datteln 4, the only coal power plant under construction in Western Europe, and push Berlin to exit coal

2019 second warmest year on record, ends hottest decade yet, says EU observatory

Copernicus’ climate change service provides the first global picture of temperature levels and CO2 concentration in 2019

Into another decade – Climate Weekly

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How to talk about climate change with family and friends over the holidays

Discussing climate change with friends and family can at times feel daunting. But following a few simple principles can help navigate the conversation

2019 in review: Polarised world entering era of climate impacts

We look back on CHN’s reporting from a year that saw a great collision of political and physical forces

For the vulnerable, UN climate talks are no longer fit for purpose

I have been to all 25 UN climate conferences. I won’t be attending next year unless major changes are made to achieve real action

UN climate talks

Paris Agreement

Cop25: What was achieved and where to next?

After two weeks of talks, many issues remain unresolved. Here we break down the major fights and minor breakthroughs of the UN conference in Madrid

Irreconcilable rift cripples UN climate talks as majority stand against polluters

Longest climate summit in history ended weakly as nations on both sides held hardline positions

Push for carbon loopholes sends climate talks into overtime

Australia, US and Brazil threatening ‘spirit’ of the Paris Agreement, says Costa Rican minister, as fractious talks could drag into the weekend

Carbon markets will not help stop climate change

Trading carbon is widely said to make emissions cuts cheaper. But for whom? And why is it dominating climate diplomacy in Madrid?

US seeking further block on compensation for climate damage

US proposal would also allow country to remain eligible to sit on governing committee of ‘loss and damage’ talks after it leaves Paris deal

The UN climate talks can tackle fossil fuels head-on: here’s how

The UN process has largely ignored the production of fossil fuels. That can, and must, change

Carbon offsets have patchy human rights record. Now UN talks erode safeguards

A new global carbon market could unleash finance for projects around the world. But protections for local communities were weakened in draft rules at Cop25

Attempt to align global climate plans fails

No consensus could be found on whether new climate pledges should last five years, ten years or a mix of both as countries meet at UN talks in Madrid

Paris Agreement