Climate politics

‘Imperialist’ citizenship idea sparks spat between Australia and Pacific islanders

Tuvalu PM rejects idea that islanders would exchange maritime rights for Australian citizenship, telling Canberra to focus on breaking its coal addiction

EU foreign ministers back UN call to raise climate ambition

In a statement on Monday, the European Council said UN chief Antonio Guterres’ summit in September is “an essential opportunity” to ramp up national commitments

Ireland’s democratic experiment lays the ground for stronger climate action

The Citizen’s Assembly could become a model for developing informed, fair and ambitious climate policy – if the government accepts its recommendations

Climate Weekly: The kids are all right

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Labour scrambles to develop a British Green New Deal

Jeremy Corbyn meets AOC advisor to discuss US green stimulus package, while inside Labour, two camps are forming different proposals for a UK version

Ireland needs new oil and gas fields to ease reliance on Brexit UK, say drillers

Oil and gas explorers are gearing up to drill offshore Ireland in a bid to boost its energy independence from Britain

Stalemate in Poland revealed central tension of Paris Agreement

Centralised governance is a thing of the past; a new era of climate diplomacy must find ways to accommodate national difference

Irish energy industry calls for new links to Europe amid Brexit fears

Grid operator boss calls on Brussels to approve funding for a new electricity connection to France to avoid isolation from continent

Latest climate politics


In Ireland, Brexit proofing must mean climate proofing

Brexit has led to delays in climate action just at the moment when bold plans could soften the impact of the UK divorce, writes MEP Lynn Boylan

No deal Brexit to leave UK without green watchdog for two years – report

Changes to UK environment oversight and the Irish power market will not be set by 29 March, the Institute for Government said, and a crash out will leave no time to do so

MPs call to expand post-Brexit green programme across whole government

Indications that Britain’s new environmental watchdog will be government-funded raise questions about its independence, the National Audit Office said

UK anti-pollution drive undermined by leaving EU, say campaigners

As he launches new restrictions on pollution secretary Michael Gove says Brexit is a chance to go greener, but NGOs worry the regulatory bite is missing

Stoke’s potteries backed remain, now they want May’s deal to reshape climate policy

As the PM visits the pro-Brexit heartland, the major industry, once overwhelmingly against leaving, sees an opportunity to lighten the burden of EU carbon pricing

Starmer: UK and EU green protections risk diverging under Brexit deal

Draft withdrawal agreement prompts calls for green watchdog to assume climate powers

UK called to explain no-deal Brexit impact on power prices

A House of Lords committee was unsatisfied by minister Claire Perry’s testimony last month

Brexit and Germany erode EU climate resolve

The departure of a heavyweight champion of tough climate measures comes as Germany wavers and Europe faces big decisions about future


UN Climate Talks

Russia reviews ratification of Paris Agreement

A report on formally joining the climate deal is due for completion by the end of the month, while a key industry lobby has reversed its opposition

EU set to tighten rules on palm oil for biofuels

Indonesia and Malaysia say the EU measure will unfairly disadvantage their crops, while environmentalists worry it won’t be tough enough on deforestation

BP backs shareholder call to align its strategy with Paris climate goals

The oil and gas major will have to set out how its strategy and investments fit with targets to limit global temperature rise, under new resolution

Chile names first woman in eight years to lead UN climate summit

Environment minister Carolina Schmidt named president-designate for the UN’s 25th climate talks in Santiago

UN security council members mount new push to address climate threat

UK, France lead push to set up UN “clearing house” to identify climate-stressed regions at risk of collapsing into conflict

¿Quién debería ser el campeon climático del 2019?

Al contar con la presidencia de la CMNUCC en 2019, Chile enfrenta enormes desafíos y tendrá que usar todas las herramientas disponibles, incluido el subutilizado rol de campeón climático.

Who should be 2019’s climate champion?

Chile faces huge challenges as 2019’s UN climate presidency, it will need to use every tool available, including the underused climate champion role

World leaders face test of climate commitment in 2019

After a technically successful but politically lacklustre climate summit last year, it is time to see which countries will heed scientific warnings and crank up ambition

UN climate talks

Paris Agreement

As it happened: Final scramble for deal at climate talks in Poland

Reaction, news and analysis from the CHN team on the ground in Poland as negotiators reach the end of two weeks of talks

China open to ‘uniform’ climate rules, sidestepping old allies

Shift comes as EU and China hastily draft proposals to break an impasse on the toughest issues at UN climate talks in Poland

Step up on climate or choose ‘immoral, suicidal’ path, says UN chief

Call by António Guterres was joined by Fiji’s prime minister, who said not succeeding on climate change would be “craven, irresponsible and selfish”

Indigenous peoples gain foothold in climate talks

At China’s request, the deal for indigenous and local input makes clear it will not infringe on state sovereignty

The US, still in the Paris Agreement, is trying to decide its future

As the White House hosts an event on fossil fuels, the state department is in Poland to make a deal that will shape the global accord

Climate science on 1.5C erased at UN talks as US and Saudis step in

In a moment of drama in Poland, countries closed ranks against a push by oil producers to water down recognition of the UN’s report on the impacts of 1.5C warming

Global alignment of climate plans pushed to 2041 in UN draft

Late start date for synchronising national climate plans shows complacency and risks dampening ambition, warn observers

The Paris Agreement rulebook explained

Vastly more complex than the Paris Agreement itself are the set of rules that will make it work

Paris Agreement