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China makes net zero official – Climate Weekly

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Trudeau promises green jobs for Canada as his leadership hangs in the balance

Justin Trudeau promised to make climate action a “cornerstone” of Canada’s coronavirus recovery plan, but has yet to win the backing he needs in parliament

UK, UN bill Paris Agreement anniversary as key moment for raising climate ambition

An online summit on 12 December offers a last chance for leaders to show off increased climate ambition by the end of 2020, the UN deadline

5 burning questions about China’s carbon neutrality pledge

It is the biggest climate policy milestone since the Paris Agreement in 2015, but the strength of China’s carbon neutrality pledge depends on these key details

UK plans to boost climate ambition face delays amid rising Covid-19 cases

The UK host of critical Cop26 climate talks was tipped to set out its vision to world leaders during the UN general assembly, but the timeline has slipped

Xi Jinping: China will aim for carbon neutrality by 2060

China, the world’s biggest emitter, officially spoke of ending its contribution to global heating in a video message from President Xi to the UN

EU Commission defends 2030 climate target against ‘accounting trick’ critique

EU climate chief Frans Timmermans insists including carbon sinks in a proposed new 2030 emissions target does not weaken it, rejecting campaigner concerns

China, South Africa take baby steps towards net zero – Climate Weekly

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Latest climate politics


UK government appoints Alok Sharma as Cop26 president

Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed the former secretary of state for international development to lead the critical UN climate talks in November

Don’t shop till you drop: advice to UK citizens on net zero climate goals

UK holds ‘citizens’ assembly’ to seek ideas for cutting emissions to net-0 by 2050. But some participants doubt the government will listen

‘Miles off track’ – Climate Weekly

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UK walks diplomatic tightrope for 2020 climate summit after shaky start

Boris Johnson officially launched Cop26 on Tuesday but gave little indication as to how the government is going to leverage the world into taking bolder climate action

UK leaders debate climate, with Boris Johnson replaced by ice sculpture

Leaders of most major parties presented their ideas for meeting tough climate goals, but the Conservative prime minister declined

Brexit must not distract from UK’s biggest job in 2020: the Glasgow climate summit

Next year’s climate talks are absolutely vital and as hosts the UK could determine whether the talks fail or succeed. The government must start preparing now

London bids to host 2020 UN climate talks to show UK remains ‘open’

Mayor Sadiq Khan writes to UK prime minster urging every effort to win the presidency of Cop26 in the face of a competing bid from Italy

UK and Italy bid for 2020 climate talks, amid political uncertainty for both

Both countries face potential general elections and economic problems before the crucial Cop26 meeting and the UK may still be in a Brexit imbroglio


UN Climate Talks

‘China is willing to contribute more’: Beijing signals carbon neutrality intent

After a virtual summit with the EU, China trailed plans to go carbon neutral by mid century, in a move welcomed by climate advocates

Vietnam brings cement sector into new climate submission to the UN

The southeast Asian nation has made slight improvements to its 2030 climate plan but still expects emissions to increase rapidly over the next decade

There will be no ‘green recovery’ for poor countries without loss and damage finance

A loss and damage fund linked to rich countries’ mitigation efforts could levy new funds to address ‘perfect storm’ of flooding, Covid-19 and economic hardship

China among nations likely to miss 2020 deadline for climate plans – UN’s Espinosa

UN climate chief expects only 80 updated national climate plans this year, as preparations are delayed by coronavirus pandemic and US political uncertainty

Extra UN climate talks mooted for 2021 to help negotiators catch up

After losing a year to the coronavirus pandemic, UN Climate Change is considering an extra meeting in 2021 to resolve sticking points in the negotiations

On the ticket – Climate Weekly

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Angola ratifies Paris Agreement promising more ambitious climate plan

The government is working to develop its climate plan in time for a UN deadline at the end of the year – leaving just seven countries to formally endorse the 2015 deal

Most of UN climate science report likely to be delayed beyond 2021 Glasgow summit

Only the first section of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, about the science of global warming, is set to be ready before the postponed Glasgow summit

UN climate talks

Paris Agreement

Which countries have a net zero carbon goal?

A growing number of governments are setting targets to end their contribution to global warming. Bookmark this page to stay up to date

Which countries have not ratified the Paris climate agreement?

More than four years after the Paris Agreement was adopted, seven of 197 signatories have not formally backed the deal. Angola, Kyrgyzstan and Lebanon ratified in 2020

Kamala Harris might help ‘night and day’ shift for US on global climate diplomacy

If they defeat Trump, Biden and Harris will have to prove they can cut emissions at home to rebuild US global leadership on climate change.

South Africa tightens restrictions for new coal power in ‘landmark’ ruling

A top tribunal scrapped water licences for the 600MW Khanyisa coal plant, saying the developer had failed to consider the impact of climate change

‘Worst-case’ global warming scenario still best guide until 2050, study says

UN panel’s RCP8.5 scenario of sharply rising emissions matches trends since 2005, PNAS study says, rejecting criticisms it’s “alarmist”

For all its green talk, the IEA still gives comfort to oil and gas producers

Under Fatih Birol, the International Energy Agency leads talk of a green recovery, yet dodges hard questions about phasing out dirty energy

Guterres confronts China over coal boom, urging a green recovery

China’s provinces have overseen a coal plant building spree in the first half of the year, in a bid to revive the Covid pandemic-hit economy

Big nations aid fossil fuels more than clean energies amid pandemic, researchers find

US, Russia are among many G20 nations helping coal, oil and gas more than clean energy as part of recovery packages, a major study will show

Paris Agreement