Ireland’s democratic experiment lays the ground for stronger climate action

The Citizen’s Assembly could become a model for developing informed, fair and ambitious climate policy – if the government accepts its recommendations

Stalemate in Poland revealed central tension of Paris Agreement

Centralised governance is a thing of the past; a new era of climate diplomacy must find ways to accommodate national difference

In Ireland, Brexit proofing must mean climate proofing

Brexit has led to delays in climate action just at the moment when bold plans could soften the impact of the UK divorce, writes MEP Lynn Boylan

Davos elite looks to ‘Globalisation 4.0’ to stem climate change

Business leaders say the next wave of globalisation must create social benefits as well as provide technical solutions to climate change

The ‘laughing matter’ of Australia’s relationship with the Pacific

The Fijian PM used the Australian leader’s visit to call out his promotion of fossil fuels, showing Scott Morrison is on the wrong side in the Pacific as well as at home

Stoke’s potteries backed remain, now they want May’s deal to reshape climate policy

As the PM visits the pro-Brexit heartland, the major industry, once overwhelmingly against leaving, sees an opportunity to lighten the burden of EU carbon pricing

Departing World Bank chief leaves climate job unfinished

Jim Kim reformed world’s largest development lender, but it continues to finance fossil fuels and his climate legacy could be challenged if the US chooses his successor

Carbon clubs turn national self-interest into climate action

How did Poland, one of Europe’s strongest advocates for coal power, end up with one of the world’s strongest carbon prices?


Green Climate Fund

Japan bids for top climate finance job, citing $1.5bn contribution

As the biggest donor to the Green Climate Fund, Japan said it had a ‘responsibility’ to ensure it is run well

EU finance ministers call for transparency in climate finance

At a meeting in Brussels, ministers agreed on the need to scale up public and private climate finance to the developing world

US-China trade war spills into Green Climate Fund

Global green fund gets back on track with $1bn splurge, but US vetoed a project that would have loaned $100m to China

Climate Weekly: Bahrain bid divides Green Climate Fund

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Political deadlock has put $1bn in green projects on hold

Green Climate Fund board meets in Bahrain three months after a contentious meeting failed to approve any money for projects in developing countries

Australia won’t give money to Green Climate Fund, says PM

The country won’t withdraw from the Paris Agreement, but it’s not obliged to follow UN recommendations either, Scott Morrison said

Rich-poor cooperation crucial for Green Climate Fund, say chairs

At our next meeting, the board faces several challenges we must resolve in order to continue supporting climate action in the developing world

Bangkok Bulletin: All night climate party

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Green Climate Fund

Carbon markets

EU must not blindly sign up to a weak aviation carbon market

As countries negotiate rules for offsetting airline emissions in Montreal, Brussels should reserve its right to impose stronger regional policies

German finance ministry rejects own party’s carbon price plan

Plan being developed by SPD environment minister would ‘increase the burden on citizens’ said finance ministry, which is controlled by the same party

‘Unacceptable’: Scotland and Wales reject post-Brexit carbon tax plan

Two devolved governments attack ‘unilateral’ tax on carbon pollution proposed by UK if Brexit talks end with no deal

Post-Brexit carbon tax would set Scotland against UK

UK weighs future carbon pricing options, but Scotland will not abide a national tax it says will stomp on devolved powers

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Rich countries cannot be allowed to buy their way out of climate change

Favouring market tools over real pollution cuts in the richest countries is a recipe for climate disaster

Carbon trading rules meet socialist sticking point

Progress on market rules for climate credits faces ‘a giant sticking point’ as Venezuela and others push for similar progress on ‘non-market’ tools in Bangkok

UN to fight for future of carbon offset scheme

Amid calls for the Clean Development Mechanism to be axed, the UN climate chief has weighed in on its behalf

Carbon markets

Carbon bubble

Gas companies face Californian wipe-out, say S&P, Moody’s

Ratings agencies say the state’s bid to go 100% renewable poses a ‘significant threat’ to gas generators’ credit stability

Australian bank sued over failure to disclose climate risks

Shareholders are taking the Commonwealth Bank to court, alleging that it is misleading investors about its financial position

Planned gas investments will blow 1.5C climate target, say analysts

Report by Climate Action Tracker warns that overly bullish gas demand forecasts will lead to stranded assets or an unsafe future climate

Exxon shareholders win ‘historic’ climate vote against board’s advice

Shareholders in world’s largest private oil company won a victory that signals deep unease about climate change amongst major investors

Exxon shareholder rebellion gains momentum ahead of climate vote

Major investors BlackRock and Vanguard could tip the balance and force oil firm to publicly divulge risk clean technology and regulations pose to its business

UK is in no position to lecture Saudis on oil dependence

PM Theresa May has offered to help wean Saudi Arabia off oil, but her government’s subsidies to North Sea producers are a poor model for the Middle East petrostate

Exxon Mobil shareholders renew call for 2C climate analysis

New York State and the Church of England lead investors worth US$4trn in campaign for US oil major to disclose climate risks

Coal and oil demand ‘could peak in 2020’

Solar power and electric vehicles will wreak havoc on the energy sector, say analysts from Carbon Tracker and Grantham Institute, in contrast to rosy industry forecasts

Carbon bubble

Climate finance

Bill Gates throws new weight and cash into climate fight

In back-to-back events this week, the billionaire launched projects to slow global warming and limit the damage it causes

Bangkok bulletin: No one’s talking about ambition

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Struggling climate funds must be renewed, says Uruguay minister

Promises of climate cash remain unfulfilled, said Eineda de León, who also called for unity in a region split by the collapse of Venezuela

One tenth of UK climate aid spent through western consultants

Corporate role in UK overseas climate projects revealed for the first time, with critics saying it undermines development of expertise in poor countries

Are we getting climate finance all wrong?

Long term thinking about climate change challenges widely held assumptions about how we spend money today

Board meeting turns ‘toxic’ as UN climate fund runs low

Rich and poor country representatives clash over policy priorities and replenishment at Green Climate Fund board meeting

Development bank climate funding jumped 28% in 2017

Global banks gave $35.2bn in climate finance, although much of it was in loans or did not reach those countries most in need

Why are the world’s climate funds ignoring coral reefs?

Vital marine ecosystems are threatened by ocean warming and acidification, yet get a tiny fraction of climate finance, E3G research shows

Climate finance


EU subsidies to a massive gas pipeline clash with climate goals

The European Investment Bank approved a €1.5 billion loan to the Trans Adriatic Pipeline last week. This is why it matters

Insurers urged to stop underwriting coal projects, following Axa move

#UnfriendCoal campaign targets the insurance sector to end support for climate-polluting fossil fuels

Anti-fossil fuel activists stage Louvre oil slick

Group protesting against museum’s links to oil major Total create symbolic river of crude on steps in front of one of the museum’s main attractions

Irish lawmakers vote to divest from fossil fuels

Ireland could become the first country to fully divest its sovereign wealth fund from coal, oil and gas

Church of England to launch climate investment tracker

Church Commissioners say Transition Pathway Initiative will allow them to hold major polluters to account at shareholder meetings

Climate divested funds now bigger than listed oil, gas sector

Outgoing UN chief hails news as value of organisations ditching polluting fossil fuels doubles to $5tn in 2016

Think tank takes “unburnable carbon” warnings to Wall Street

The Carbon Tracker Initiative, hailed by US environmentalist Bill McKibben for changing the climate debate, is opening an office in New York

Exxon and climate change: Why it’s better to engage than divest

Investors must stay involved with oil majors rather than exit and allow a far more dangerous off market game to ensue


Green bonds

Ex-UN climate chief calls for green bonds to hit $1 trillion by 2020

Christiana Figueres is urging public authorities and corporates to scale up climate-friendly infrastructure investment by 2020, under the “green bond pledge”

India raises $400m green bond to fund renewables drive

Money raised by the Power Finance Corporation will support solar and wind projects, contributing to national renewables target of 175GW capacity by 2022

Fiji announces $50m ‘climate bond’ ahead of COP23 presidency

Prime minister Frank Bainimarama says money raised with help from the World Bank sets an example for innovative green finance to protect the vulnerable

China is taking the green bond market by storm

Beijing’s sustainable finance push is bearing fruit, with a world-leading $36.9bn worth of green bonds issued last year

Risky business: G20 panel to order climate stress tests

Donald Trump’s US election win may damage the Paris climate deal, but climate risk reporting rules for businesses could radically change the investment landscape

Poland green bond issue will not fund coal, says official

Investors are sceptical about Warsaw bid to finance renewables, given its coal-heavy energy policy

UK pitches China for climate-friendly finance trillions

London’s expertise places it in pole position to channel private finance to China, as superpower seeks to invest around $4 trillion a year in infratsructure

Green bonds must keep the green promise

Robust standards are urgently needed to channel capital debt markets into climate-friendly projects, says WWF France chief Pascal Canfin

Green bonds