To reach net zero emissions mid-century, start today

Since China’s carbon neutrality pledge, more than a third of global emissions are covered by net zero targets. That ambition must be backed up by near term plans

Why we no longer use the phrase ‘brown finance’

We realised “brown finance” to describe investment in harmful fossil fuels is offensive to people with brown skin, so we switched to “dirty finance”

There will be no ‘green recovery’ for poor countries without loss and damage finance

A loss and damage fund linked to rich countries’ mitigation efforts could levy new funds to address ‘perfect storm’ of flooding, Covid-19 and economic hardship

How ‘green’ the EU recovery is depends on member states

A 7-year EU budget and coronavirus recovery plan agreed this week calls for climate-friendly spending, but the details have been left to national capitals

World Bank policy advice boosts oil and gas, undermining climate goals

In technical assistance to governments like Mozambique’s, the World Bank favours the interests of the fossil fuel industry over those of ordinary citizens

No time for loopholes: Japan must immediately end all overseas coal finance

Environment minister Shinjiro Koizumi promised to scrap funds for dirty power plants abroad, but the government is making too many exceptions

Small islands need a debt shakeup to survive climate and Covid shocks

The coronavirus pandemic has choked off tourism, worsening the debt burden of small island states already facing significant climate threats

The EIB has further to go to become the “EU Climate Bank”

The European Investment Bank should stop supporting airport expansion and close the loopholes in its policy against lending to fossil fuels


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EU must not sacrifice the Amazon rainforest on the altar of trade with Brazil

As Brazil’s second-biggest trade partner, the EU should condemn President Bolsonaro’s assault on environmental protections and indigenous rights

We need to talk about racism in the climate movement

As a non-white activist, I was excluded from Greenpeace publicity. This was not an isolated incident and the movement needs to change

Coronavirus shows why we need an economy designed for wellbeing

Pre-pandemic, we were working too hard and sacrificing public space to private cars. Lockdown forced us to reflect on what really matters

We have a moral responsibility to build a better post-Covid future for our children

New Zealand’s climate minister explains why he is launching a podcast on what comes after the coronavirus pandemic

Now is the time to climate-and-pandemic-proof our food systems

Social safety nets and shorter supply chains are essential to protect smallholder farmers facing spiralling debt and bankruptcy

Clean energy is vital to the Covid-19 response in the world’s poorest countries

Renewable mini-grids can power health facilities and irrigation systems, making communities more resilient to future pandemics and climate shocks

The European Investment Bank must go further to truly become a ‘climate bank’

In its roadmap for 2021-25, the EIB should eliminate support for high-carbon activities in all sectors and make its intermediaries follow the same standards

How to raise an easy $1 billion per day for the Covid-19 recovery

A temporary tax hike on gasoline and diesel is one of the fairest, greenest ways to fund post-pandemic economic stimulus packages

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Climate Home News launches African reporting programme

If you are an experienced African journalist, we want to hear your story ideas on the links between climate science and development

Elon Musk’s disaster capitalism

The entreprenuer has made a habit of intervening in crises, particularly climate-related ones, but it’s a high wire act

Climate Home News is seeking a full-time reporter

We are expanding our award-winning team and we want a tenacious, ambitious journalist to join us in London. Applications close Monday, August 6

Climate Home News is offering two African reporting fellowships

We are looking for two African journalists to report deeply on the effects of climate change and climate science on the continent’s development

Climate Home News wins online media award

At a prestigious UK journalism awards ceremony, CHN was named best specialist or local news site of 2018, beating bigger rivals like BBC East of England

A bottle of brandy that Trump won’t leave the Paris deal. Any takers?

Trump’s US remains firmly in the Paris climate deal. Richard Black reckons that’s how it will stay and he’s prepared to put his brandy where his mouth is

One kilometre along the Arctic sea ice – my hardest ever swim

When Lewis Pugh finished his 22-minute, awareness-raising swim his hands were so frozen he hand to grip onto his photographer with his teeth

Trump schedules Paris announcement for 3pm Thursday

Join our live blog from around 2pm ET (7pm BST) for updates from the US and around the world as Trump makes his decision on the Paris accord