The Biden-Harris administration can rebuild democracy and climate action

With strong business support and an experienced team of dealmakers, Biden inspires confidence he will deliver on his climate and environmental justice plan

Gas pipeline investment shows flaws in EU ‘climate bank’ approach

The European Climate Bank claimed its €1 billion investment in the Southern Gas Corridor was “climate neutral”, based on mistaken assumptions

Why the hydrogen bubble could burst in Europe’s face

The EU’s enthusiastic embrace of hydrogen risks undermining the clean energy transition and its newly-minted 2030 greenhouse gas target

We have set an end date for oil and gas production. The world should follow

We, Costa Rica and Denmark, are moving beyond oil. To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, we encourage friends and allies to do the same

I am proud to have negotiated the Paris Agreement, at my first UN summit

Five years on from the landmark talks in Paris, multilateralism and dialogue continue to be the way forward for countries to meet their climate promises

10 myths about net zero targets and carbon offsetting, busted

Carbon neutrality targets are often not as ambitious as they sound, relying on problematic carbon offsets and unproven technologies

Christine Lagarde must change course to a green coronavirus recovery

The European Central Bank has pumped an estimated €100 billion of Covid bailout cash into polluting sectors, despite its chief’s climate-friendly rhetoric

Brazil must reverse deforestation trends before EU finalises Mercosur trade deal

Imazon study finds indigenous people’s territories at greatest risk from forest clearance as a result of growing agricultural activity under the agreement

Rich countries, remember your $100bn climate commitment to the world’s poor

As finance ministers finalise national budgets for 2021, they must meet their promises to protect the vulnerable from climate change impacts

In Java, a Japanese-financed coal plant threatens our health and livelihoods

The Indramayu coal plant will dirty our air, destroy our livelihoods and worsen the climate crisis. Japan must stop financing it immediately

As young people, we urge financial institutions to stop financing fossil fuels

Development banks supporting dirty projects are exacerbating climate chaos. This year needs to be a turning point to a just and sustainable future

Debt-for-climate swaps can help developing countries make a green recovery

In Argentina, green debt relief has supported forest conservation, an approach that can and should be scaled up as coronavirus stretches budgets

To reach net zero emissions mid-century, start today

Since China’s carbon neutrality pledge, more than a third of global emissions are covered by net zero targets. That ambition must be backed up by near term plans

Why we no longer use the phrase ‘brown finance’

We realised “brown finance” to describe investment in harmful fossil fuels is offensive to people with brown skin, so we switched to “dirty finance”

There will be no ‘green recovery’ for poor countries without loss and damage finance

A loss and damage fund linked to rich countries’ mitigation efforts could levy new funds to address ‘perfect storm’ of flooding, Covid-19 and economic hardship

How ‘green’ the EU recovery is depends on member states

A 7-year EU budget and coronavirus recovery plan agreed this week calls for climate-friendly spending, but the details have been left to national capitals

World Bank policy advice boosts oil and gas, undermining climate goals

In technical assistance to governments like Mozambique’s, the World Bank favours the interests of the fossil fuel industry over those of ordinary citizens

No time for loopholes: Japan must immediately end all overseas coal finance

Environment minister Shinjiro Koizumi promised to scrap funds for dirty power plants abroad, but the government is making too many exceptions

Small islands need a debt shakeup to survive climate and Covid shocks

The coronavirus pandemic has choked off tourism, worsening the debt burden of small island states already facing significant climate threats

The EIB has further to go to become the “EU Climate Bank”

The European Investment Bank should stop supporting airport expansion and close the loopholes in its policy against lending to fossil fuels