UN biodiversity meeting needs to deliver transformative change, not just targets

The biodiversity talks taking place in China later this year require a legacy that can stand the test of time, rather than a cosmetic victory

Climate finance: failing to serve the most vulnerable?

Climate finance often fails to reach people most at risk in developing nations – local governments and affected communities need more influence on spending

Climate Home News launches front line climate justice reporting programme

We want your story ideas about how communities – especially women, youth and indigenous peoples – are building resilience to climate change in the most vulnerable regions of the world.

Carbon taxes are key to stop deforestation

In Colombia and Costa Rica, where governments have imposed carbon taxes, deforestation rates are down, while revenues to fund forest restoration efforts are up

One million solar panels! If only we knew where they were…

Pinpointing solar panels and knowing exactly where the sun is shining can cut carbon emissions by reducing the need to keep fossil-fueled generators on standby

UN ruling on climate refugees could be gamechanger for climate action

The latest UN ruling is a step towards improving the lives of those most vulnerable and affected by climate change

2020 may be ‘last opportunity’ to limit warming to 1.5°C

Whether countries deliver on their pledge to raise ambition will be more consequential to the future of the Paris deal than even Trump’s withdrawal

We won’t let Germany build a new coal power plant

German activists plan in 2020 to block Datteln 4, the only coal power plant under construction in Western Europe, and push Berlin to exit coal


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Is the shipping industry’s R&D climate fund a Trojan Horse?

A proposed $500 million annual fund for climate innovation in shipping is welcome, but falls far short of a strategy to cut rising emissions

How to talk about climate change with family and friends over the holidays

Discussing climate change with friends and family can at times feel daunting. But following a few simple principles can help navigate the conversation

Today, shipping is taking responsibility for our role in the climate crisis

Our proposal would create a $5 billion innovation fund to eventually bring about the full decarbonisation of the global shipping industry

For the vulnerable, UN climate talks are no longer fit for purpose

I have been to all 25 UN climate conferences. I won’t be attending next year unless major changes are made to achieve real action

Finally saying the F-words at UN climate talks 

International negotiations have always focused on carbon emissions, not the coal, oil and gas that create them. That’s changing

Carbon markets will not help stop climate change

Trading carbon is widely said to make emissions cuts cheaper. But for whom? And why is it dominating climate diplomacy in Madrid?

The UN climate talks can tackle fossil fuels head-on: here’s how

The UN process has largely ignored the production of fossil fuels. That can, and must, change

One of the world’s biggest emitters is trying to fly under the radar at Cop25

Australia is the third biggest fossil fuel exporter, has high emissions and plans to use a loophole to meet its pledges. Don’t let them stay in the background

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Climate Home News launches African reporting programme

If you are an experienced African journalist, we want to hear your story ideas on the links between climate science and development

Elon Musk’s disaster capitalism

The entreprenuer has made a habit of intervening in crises, particularly climate-related ones, but it’s a high wire act

Climate Home News is seeking a full-time reporter

We are expanding our award-winning team and we want a tenacious, ambitious journalist to join us in London. Applications close Monday, August 6

Climate Home News is offering two African reporting fellowships

We are looking for two African journalists to report deeply on the effects of climate change and climate science on the continent’s development

Climate Home News wins online media award

At a prestigious UK journalism awards ceremony, CHN was named best specialist or local news site of 2018, beating bigger rivals like BBC East of England

A bottle of brandy that Trump won’t leave the Paris deal. Any takers?

Trump’s US remains firmly in the Paris climate deal. Richard Black reckons that’s how it will stay and he’s prepared to put his brandy where his mouth is

One kilometre along the Arctic sea ice – my hardest ever swim

When Lewis Pugh finished his 22-minute, awareness-raising swim his hands were so frozen he hand to grip onto his photographer with his teeth

Trump schedules Paris announcement for 3pm Thursday

Join our live blog from around 2pm ET (7pm BST) for updates from the US and around the world as Trump makes his decision on the Paris accord