The team

Matteo Civillini joined Climate Home News in February 2023 as a reporter. He previously worked at BBC World News and at Irpimedia, a non-profit investigative journalism outlet in Italy. He has reported on everything from mafia money laundering to songbird smuggling for publications including National Geographic, the Observer and OCCRP. In 2021, his investigation into human rights abuses in the tomato supply chain, in partnership with CBC, won the Amnesty International Media Award. Matteo strongly believes in the power of collaborative cross-border journalism to make a difference.

At the weekend, he can most likely be found in nature. He especially enjoys orienteering, climbing and skiing. He is also known for his risottos and for buying Parmesan by the kilogram.

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Megan Darby joined Climate Home in 2014 and became the editor in 2021. She is on maternity leave until September 2023. In her reporting career, Megan rocked the boat at UN shipping talks, told the inside story of the “lionesses” behind net zero and explored what climate migration looks like in Bangladesh. Her previous job at Utility Week taught her the difference between energy and electricity. Now her role is to make space for quality climate journalism to flourish. If all goes to target, she will reach retirement age in a net zero emissions society – but as a journalist, she doesn’t take that on trust.

When she is not editing, Megan enjoys singing, crosswords and discovering the world anew with the next generation.

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Zak Derler joined Climate Home News in 2018 and became the associate editor of branded content the following year. The role has allowed him to report on diverse angles of the global climate crisis including Inuit-led Arctic shipping policies, the importance of energy efficiency for smart cities, and the role of observational satellites to monitor changes in Earth’s climate variables.

In a previous life, Zak worked in documentary television and as a classically trained stage performer. He also holds a masters degree in Environmental Science, works part time in a volcanology lab and enjoys mountaineering, gaming, and bipolar advocacy.

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Joe Lo has been news editor at Climate Home News since 2023. He joined as a reporter in 2020 after stints writing about container shipping, Scotland and British politics. He’s particularly interested in where ‘investment protection’ meets the climate and has reported on this issue in GrenadaSlovenia and across Europe and Asia. His climate reporting highlight was two weeks at Cop26 in Glasgow, watching the final deal dramatically get done.

He’s a huge Chelsea FC fan and a distant relative of Bruce Lee – although his own martial arts career ended quickly as his feet got too cold.

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Chloe Palmer joined Climate Home News in 2022 as social media manager. She has a longstanding interest in environmental communications, focusing on eco-criticism in her undergraduate degree before studying environment, politics and development for her MSc. Alongside her studies and since graduating, she has enjoyed applying her creative communication skills to social media management for various organisations and events, including the Warwickshire and Coventry Green Week 2021.

When she’s not working, Chloe functions as her parents’ dog’s personal paparazzo and is considering seeking help for an obsession with truffle-flavoured everything.

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Sebastián Rodríguez is acting editor of Climate Home News and has been special projects editor since 2022. Based in San José Costa Rica, he started out as a reporter for Ojo al Clima, Central America’s first climate news outlet. He has reported on climate for Reuters, DW and Mongabay. Before joining Climate Home News, he was editor in chief at Climate Tracker. He has reported from the frontlines of the climate crisis and investigated the fishing and pineapple industry in Costa Rica.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing chess, videogames and hiking rainforests.

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