Brazil must reverse deforestation trends before EU finalises Mercosur trade deal

Imazon study finds indigenous people’s territories at greatest risk from forest clearance as a result of growing agricultural activity under the agreement

Bolsonaro’s attack on the Amazon breaches Brazil’s constitution, climate lawyers argue

Brazilian campaigners are fighting in the Supreme Court to reinstate anti-deforestation policies and resources slashed by the Bolsonaro administration

Landless Brazilians are invading more and more protected areas of the Amazon

Emboldened by President Bolsonaro, landless people are settling in environmental reserves and indigenous territories

Mark Carney oversees blueprint for scaling up carbon market as offset demand soars

With more and more businesses setting net zero emissions targets, the voluntary carbon market needs stronger quality control to scale up, says UN special envoy

Mangrove revival: How tree-planting is financing women’s businesses in Kenya

Kenyan women are planting mangroves in Lamu County and using the revenue from selling “blue carbon” credits for microloans to start small businesses

Mayan communities are suing the Mexican government over a million solar panel megaproject

Indigenous communities say they did not give consent for a Total-backed solar megaproject on their land

Brazil’s military operations are not halting deforestation in the Amazon

Jair Bolsonaro has transferred the command of anti-deforestation operations in the Amazon to the military. But the army presence is making little difference

Covid exposes Mexico City’s water access gap between rich and poor

The coronavirus pandemic lays bare the impact of Mexico City’s mounting water crisis on vulnerable households, while gated communities enjoy reliable supplies

Australia green-lights controversial project in ‘gas-fired recovery’

Campaigners say the Narrabri gas project will destroy local biodiversity and water supplies as well as increase greenhouse gas emissions.

China host of major nature talks fails to step up at UN biodiversity summit

Campaigners had hoped President Xi would surprise the world again this week with tough measures to reverse biodiversity loss. They were left disappointed



African ministers call for investment in Great Green Wall to aid Covid-19 recovery

Plans for an 8,000km green belt across the Sahel region have stalled, with fresh funds needed to halt desertification and create sustainable livelihoods

‘Solidarity economy’: Indigenous women run WhatsApp food swap in Costa Rica

The Cabécar community is combining traditional customs and modern technology to cope with pandemic and climate change pressures on food security

Green shift urged to revive Brazil’s economy and shield Amazon forests

President Bolsonaro could rebuild the economy faster after Covid-19 by making low-carbon growth a pillar of recovery, international study says

These women built a dam and saved their families from ‘man-made starvation’

While chronic drought and poor governance leave millions of Zimbabweans hungry, the women of Rumwanjiva can grow their own vegetables

Jamaica becomes first Caribbean nation to submit tougher climate plan to UN

Jamaica adds forestry and land use to updated climate plan and toughens goals for energy. UK, due to host UN talks, hails “greater climate ambition”

Now is the time to climate-and-pandemic-proof our food systems

Social safety nets and shorter supply chains are essential to protect smallholder farmers facing spiralling debt and bankruptcy

EU plans to protect 30% of land and seas by 2030 for biodiversity

The European Commission set out a strategy to overhaul farming and strictly protect carbon-rich forests and wetlands, to benefit wildlife

Shorter supply chains needed to end hunger after pandemic: UN envoy

The coronavirus crisis has heightened inequities of food availability and nutrition. A 2021 Food System Summit aims to boost resilience and sustainability



Despite socialist scepticism, Cuba shows interest in carbon trading

In its national climate plan, Cuba indicated it would like to sell carbon credits on an international market, a concept previously opposed by socialist allies

Encouraged by Bolsonaro, land grabbers advance on Amazon indigenous territory

Illegal settlements are springing up on indigenous territories in the Brazilian Amazon, driving deforestation

UN fund pays Indonesia for forest protection as deforestation rises

Campaigners accuse the Green Climate Fund of letting governments game the UN’s Redd+ forest protection scheme, as Indonesia is awarded $103 million

Forest destruction spiked in Indonesia during coronavirus lockdown

Travel restrictions allowed illegal deforestation to flourish in Indonesia – and government plans to cut environmental protections raise fears for the future

Amazon land grabbers are destroying brazil nut groves for cattle pasture

Emboldened by a promised amnesty on land seizures, cattle ranchers are felling brazil nut trees, edging out families who have harvested them for generations

The Amazon home of Bolsonaro’s mineral fantasy

Indigenous inhabitants of the region with the largest deposits of niobium in the world claim the right to decide what is done with the metal

EU must not sacrifice the Amazon rainforest on the altar of trade with Brazil

As Brazil’s second-biggest trade partner, the EU should condemn President Bolsonaro’s assault on environmental protections and indigenous rights

Amazon faces ‘perfect storm’ of forest clearance, coronavirus and wildfire

President Jair Bolsonaro’s opening up of the Brazilian rainforest to logging and mining makes its people vulnerable to the Covid-19 pandemic, experts warn



It will take more than a few cycle lanes to make green, pandemic-proof cities

The coronavirus lockdown gave a glimpse of what cleaner cities can look like, but as people turn to private cars for safety from infection, pollution could soar

Addis Ababa riverside project gives priority to development over residents

Ethiopia wants $900 million riverside project to be a model of green development – yet one resident says shelters were demolished ‘without warning’

Car boom brings gridlock misery to ‘green and happy’ Bhutan

Bhutan’s growing economy brings growing gridlock – and a potential threat to the country’s vaunted carbon-negative status

Two million in Zimbabwe’s capital have no water as city turns off taps

‘The situation is bad, period’, says spokesman for Harare council, as suburbs go weeks without water and cases of typhoid are reported

Trains deliver emergency water to drought-hit Chennai

Millions of people are experiencing water shortages as Chennai’s reservoirs are running dry and other sources of water are dwindling

EU ‘climate leaders’ plans found lacking

Finland, Sweden, Portugal, France and Germany praised for ambitious targets, but NGO analysis raises questions over details

New York City bans inefficient glass skyscrapers, WA state to end coal

New York mayor announces sweeping climate change programme, while Washington’s power will be carbon-neutral by 2030

Life adapts to Louisiana’s disappearing coast

South Louisiana is experiencing the effects of coastal erosion faster than almost anywhere in the world, but life adapts through the buildings and architecture