Have hope, humanity is finding ways to defeat climate change

In a new book, Ed Davey finds examples the world can follow to respond to the moral calls from activists Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg

EU must back indigenous people against Bolsonaro’s attacks

Brazil’s president has slashed forest and indigenous protections in his first 100 days. As a major importer of soya and beef, the EU should check his power

Brazil: Official who fined Bolsonaro for illegal fishing in 2012 is fired

The $2,500 fine launched a seven year vendetta against José Olímpio Augusto Morelli and the agency that protects the Amazon, from the man who now runs the country

Indonesia says it will ‘mainstream’ low-carbon development

By 2045, Indonesians could be as wealthy as those of the Netherlands or Germany today if green policies are chosen, a government report found

Russia floats first law to regulate CO2 emissions

Draft bill would give government powers to regulate CO2 and create carbon markets, but faces stiff opposition inside and outside Moscow administration

Life adapts to Louisiana’s disappearing coast

South Louisiana is experiencing the effects of coastal erosion faster than almost anywhere in the world, but life adapts through the buildings and architecture

Weeds flourish and fish decline in Lake Victoria’s ‘deadest’ corner

As invasive water hyacinth chokes fishing communities, the World Bank launches a third phase of investment to try and restore the degraded lake

Brazil’s first indigenous congresswoman defends her people’s rights from Bolsonaro

Joênia Wapichana helped to win land titles for five indigenous groups in Brazil’s far north, but the president is threatening to re-open the area to white farmers and miners



Bolsonaro’s Davos speech promised anguish in indigenous lands

Presenting an acceptable Brazil to global investors, the president failed to mention measures he has taken that are already fuelling violence in indigenous lands

MPs call to expand post-Brexit green programme across whole government

Indications that Britain’s new environmental watchdog will be government-funded raise questions about its independence, the National Audit Office said

Chile issues 2019 wildfire warning amid heat forecasts

As massive fires burn in the centre of Chile, dry, windy predictions for the summer mean 70,000 hectares could be lost, the government warns

Brazil to review Paris Agreement status, says Bolsonaro environment minister

Ricardo de Aquino Salles, a close ally of farming interests, was named as minister on Sunday, he said the conversation about global warming was ‘secondary’

EU should target carbon dioxide removal as part of net-zero emissions strategy

Only an ambitious policy, backed by technologies that remove carbon from the air, can bring the EU in line with the Paris Agreement temperature goals

France aims to ban deforestation imports by 2030

New French strategy puts pressure on Brussels to set an EU-wide action plan to stop agricultural trade destroying forests

US funds with big Amazon farming stakes face Bolsonaro choice

Finance to be ‘very important’ tool if Brazil’s government strips Amazon protections, say researchers

What Europe can do if Bolsonaro attacks the Amazon

Brazilian presidential frontrunner Bolsonaro has pledged to strip environmental protections. The EU can make those decisions hurt



European Commission classifies most palm oil fuels as unsustainable

Deforestation-linked stocks cannot be counted towards renewable targets, commission rules, but green group angered by small farm loophole

EU set to tighten rules on palm oil for biofuels

Indonesia and Malaysia say the EU measure will unfairly disadvantage their crops, while environmentalists worry it won’t be tough enough on deforestation

WTO chief is in denial over climate impact of trade

Roberto Azevêdo says he hasn’t ‘seen one, single credible study’ showing environmental impact of trade. He could start with the WTO’s own work

World’s three biggest rainforests face year of precarious politics

Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Indonesia all face a year of political flux placing their vast rainforests in peril

Brazil’s natural resources open for business, says Bolsonaro

In first overseas speech, president says he will strike balance between environment and “much-needed economic development”

Six big questions as Brazil’s new president heads to Davos

After months of rhetoric and speculation, what Jair Bolsonaro will actually deliver for Brazil’s people and the Amazon will hinge on these questions

Two Koreas build green cooperation

As part of broader thawing of relations, the north and south are working together in the fight against a tree-killing worm

African forest communities must be heard in the fight against climate change

The Congo rainforest is a hugely important carbon reservoir, yet the people who live there are often excluded from conversations about how to manage it



7 surprising things about the carbon footprint of your food

From sandwiches to ‘bleeding’ veggie burgers, we’ve rounded up some of the latest research and innovations for a low-carb(on) diet

‘We have brought swallows into Milan’, says father of the vertical forest

Stefano Boeri dreamed up the idea of a living building from a childhood story, now he is exporting them around the world

No heating at -6C: Poor bear brunt of Beijing’s air cleanup

Urban demands for cleaner air have left residents of surrounding towns without heating and cooking as coal systems are ripped out and gas supply falters

New York City aims to be carbon neutral by 2050

Donald Trump’s home city aligns its strategy with tough 1.5C global warming limit, in defiance of the president’s hostility to climate action

US exports of tar sands waste are fuelling Delhi’s air pollution crisis

India has emerged as the world’s largest importer of petroleum coke, an oil byproduct that is now a major cause of pollution in the capital

Sydney and Vancouver are fulfilling climate promises made in Paris

As national governments delay, cities around the world are committing to climate action

Lobbying data reveals carmakers’ influence in Berlin

As a dieselgate-charged election approaches, data reveals German officials met with auto lobbyists more than once every two days to discuss the scandal

Developing disasters: How cities are making hurricanes more destructive

Scientists warn of expanding “bull’s-eyes” as the US builds in parts of the country at ever-greater risk because of climate change and severe weather