In Tanzania, ownership of the forest offers new prospects for old loggers

In one of Africa’s fastest deforesting nations, community control over the land offers villages new income, infrastructure and dignity

The fight for the world’s largest forest

In Siberia, an illicit timber industry feeds factories in China. But one of Russia’s fiercest environmentalists is on patrol

Five years after New York declaration, forest promises go unmet

Governments and businesses are not living up to voluntary commitments to halve tropical forest loss and restore 150 million hectares by 2020, report finds

Europeans must face their own role in the destruction of the Amazon

Through consumption of agricultural products that can drive deforestation, the EU is complicit in the loss of the great forest, it’s time lawmakers stepped up

Seven stories that will help you understand the destruction of the Amazon

CHN’s correspondent has been documenting the forces tearing the Amazon apart since long before the world heard of Jair Bolsonaro. Here are several must read stories

Brazil says South American countries will meet over Amazon wildfires

President Jair Bolsonaro made the announcement after meeting with his Chilean counterpart on Wednesday

G7 countries offer $20 million emergency aid to fight Amazon wildfires

The Brazilian government has suggested it would reject the offer after president Jair Bolsonaro’s chief of staff said the resources are “more relevant to reforest Europe”

Ireland threatens to block Mercosur trade deal unless Brazil protects Amazon

Leo Varadkar said Ireland could vote against the free trade deal between South American countries and the EU over deforestation and wildfires concerns



Offshoot of Extinction Rebellion calls for vegan revolution

Drawing on the latest UN climate science report, UK activists under the banner Animal Rebellion plan civil disobedience to promote plant-based farming and diets

Meat and potatoes: international media majors on diet in IPCC coverage

Reporting on latest science around climate change and land use focused on rich nations’ eating habits, but did it miss the bigger picture?

How we manage land is critical to climate justice

The latest science shows the impacts of global warming – and solutions to it – risk worsening inequality if not coupled with support to the world’s poor

IPCC: Urgent action needed to tackle hunger alongside climate crisis

In a special report, the UN’s climate science panel warned use of land to store carbon or grow fuel crops risked worsening food insecurity if poorly managed

It is high time to reboot our relationship with nature

Leaders must take decisive action to support nature-based solutions to the climate challenge, in light of the latest UN science report

Nine solutions to the food-forests-fuel trilemma

The UN climate science body is expected to warn of increasing pressure on land use to meet climate and development goals. Here are ways to limit the conflict

Leaked UN science report warns of clash between bioenergy and food

Models suggest large areas of land are needed for forests and biofuel crops to halt climate change, but this risks worsening hunger, draft tells policymakers

EU ‘climate leaders’ plans found lacking

Finland, Sweden, Portugal, France and Germany praised for ambitious targets, but NGO analysis raises questions over details



Record 72,000 forest fires detected in Brazil this year

Brazil’s space research center INPE reported 9,507 new forest fires across the country, mostly in the Amazon basin, since last Thursday

Bolsonaro shrugs off German aid cuts, as deforestation surges

Brazil “doesn’t need” €35 million of international funds earmarked to protect the Amazon rainforest, the president insists

Indonesian government under pressure to stamp out toxic haze

Rampant forest fires are causing polluting smog to travel to neighbouring Malaysia and Singapore, sending air quality plummeting in Southeast Asia

Ethiopia bids to plant four billion trees in green push

The African country claims to have broken a world record by planting 350 million trees in a day, as part of a collective effort to restore lost forests

EU moots crackdown on deforestation through supply chains

The bloc is considering regulations to address the role of consumer demand for commodities like palm oil, soy and timber in driving forest clearance abroad

Finland’s forestry myth undermines its radical climate ambition

The next EU presidency wants to drive the climate agenda, but its forestry industry is bad for carbon emissions, biodiversity and its indigenous Sámi people

China scrubs its coal projects from ‘world heritage in danger’ decision

Three coal plants that threaten the Sundarbans tiger habitat were removed from a draft text, while Unesco members declined to list the site as ‘in danger’

Yes, we can reforest on a massive scale – but it’s no substitute for slashing emissions

Tree restoration is being touted as the best climate change solution, in a new study, but its results should be interpreted with caution



Car boom brings gridlock misery to ‘green and happy’ Bhutan

Bhutan’s growing economy brings growing gridlock – and a potential threat to the country’s vaunted carbon-negative status

Two million in Zimbabwe’s capital have no water as city turns off taps

‘The situation is bad, period’, says spokesman for Harare council, as suburbs go weeks without water and cases of typhoid are reported

Trains deliver emergency water to drought-hit Chennai

Millions of people are experiencing water shortages as Chennai’s reservoirs are running dry and other sources of water are dwindling

New York City bans inefficient glass skyscrapers, WA state to end coal

New York mayor announces sweeping climate change programme, while Washington’s power will be carbon-neutral by 2030

Life adapts to Louisiana’s disappearing coast

South Louisiana is experiencing the effects of coastal erosion faster than almost anywhere in the world, but life adapts through the buildings and architecture

7 surprising things about the carbon footprint of your food

From sandwiches to ‘bleeding’ veggie burgers, we’ve rounded up some of the latest research and innovations for a low-carb(on) diet

‘We have brought swallows into Milan’, says father of the vertical forest

Stefano Boeri dreamed up the idea of a living building from a childhood story, now he is exporting them around the world

No heating at -6C: Poor bear brunt of Beijing’s air cleanup

Urban demands for cleaner air have left residents of surrounding towns without heating and cooking as coal systems are ripped out and gas supply falters