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What’s at stake for the climate in Australia’s election?

A Labor government would bid to host Cop29, strengthen emission-cutting targets and climate-proof Pacific aid, but not curb fossil fuel exports

Slow progress on Great Green Wall prompts soul-searching at UN desertification summit

African leaders expressed frustration at UN talks in Abidjan over funding barriers as climate impacts in the Sahel outpace action to address them

Who will replace Patricia Espinosa as the UN climate chief?

The Mexican diplomat is stepping down in July after six years in the top climate job. Female candidates from Africa and Asia are tipped to be best placed to succeed her

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The UN needs a climate chief who can name the problem – Climate Weekly

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EU unveils €300bn plan to quit Russian fossil fuels by 2027 and boost clean energy

The European Commission proposes increased ambition for renewables and energy efficiency, while seeking alternative oil and gas supplies in the short term

Rich countries seek coal-to-clean energy deals with Indonesia and Vietnam

Following a finance deal for South Africa to regenerate coal mining areas, western climate diplomats are discussing similar packages with Asian countries

Leak: EU mulls investment treaty exit as Japan blocks green reforms

Internal committee minutes show EU frustration with Japan’s protection of fossil fuel interests under the Energy Charter Treaty, as a decision deadline looms

Former presidents of Mexico, Niger, Kiribati join commission to tackle overshoot risks

The Climate Overshoot Commission will explore controversial options to cope with global heating in excess of the 2C Paris limit

Ukraine builds legal case against Russia for environmental damage

Officials have recorded 231 alleged environmental crimes since Russian troops invaded and are preparing to seek reparations

Haiyan, the Hunger Games and human rights – Climate Weekly

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Why Denmark and Bangladesh are urging support for victims of climate disaster

Millions of people in vulnerable nations are experiencing losses and damages from climate impacts. To help them, we need to break the deadlock at UN climate talks

Australia’s billionaire coal-buster – Climate Weekly

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Fuelling unbearable heat – Climate Weekly

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Vulnerable nations set to pilot loss and damage funding facility

Finance ministers from vulnerable nations have secured philanthropic funds to demonstrate how support for victims of the climate crisis could work

China’s coal miners face a challenge to capture leaked methane

China has committed to cut methane emissions in a deal with the US but a lack of robust monitoring and expensive capture technologies are barriers

Breaking the silence on overshoot – Climate Weekly

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As 1.5C overshoot looms, a high-level commission will ask: what next?

Fifteen former leaders and ministers are set to address sensitive questions on the role of CO2 removal and geoengineering in climate action

Pakistan’s tree-planting ambition in doubt after Imran Khan’s exit

Climate experts are urging Shehbaz Sharif’s government to continue Khan’s flagship forest restoration initiative



Philippines inquiry finds polluters liable for rights violations, urging litigation

The national human rights commission found 47 “carbon majors” acted “immorally” and could be sued – giving fresh impetus to legal challenges

IMF’s resilience fund ‘out of reach’ for some nations in need

The Resilience and Sustainability Trust aims to help countries prepare for climate shocks. Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and the Philippines are among those unlikely to qualify

No red alert was issued ahead of deadly South African floods

Experts say a communication breakdown, poor housing and inadequate infrastructure contributed to a death toll from extreme rainfall of 300 and rising

DR Congo audit exposes ‘lawless’ logging sector, implicating six former ministers

As Norway, UK and Germany commit millions to protect the Congo rainforest, a damning report shows governance in chaos

In doubling adaptation finance, ‘champions’ aim to avoid repeat of $100bn failure

Officials from European and vulnerable countries are trying to make sure promised money reaches those in need, but a US shortfall looms large

South African bank held to net zero standard for GCF accreditation

Developing country board members objected that it was unfair to hold institutions in rich and poor countries to the same green standards

The world’s poorest have the strongest resilience, yet their voices remain unheard

Those on the frontline of the climate crisis have something to teach the world about climate resilience if they are given a meaningful seat at the table

After US fails to pay its debt, UN’s flagship climate fund warns of austerity

Without more money coming in, the Green Climate Fund’s head warned that the pipeline of carbon-cutting projects in developing countries would have to be cut



Migrant workers suffer heat stress during Ramadan in Arabian Gulf

Muslims find it hard to reconcile fasting with working outdoors in temperatures of over 35C, as heatwaves become increasingly common

Russia, China oppose ‘human rights’ in nature talks, amid slow progress to a deal

The draft biodiversity agreement references indigenous peoples’ rights but a proposal to streamline the text could strip more specific language from the targets

Carney, Kyte oversee carbon offset rules to address greenwashing concerns

Two initiatives will release standards for the voluntary carbon market this year, while campaigners denounce offsetting as a “scam” that delays real climate action

Will Nigeria’s climate change law put the brakes on gas flaring?

Nigeria has promised to end gas flaring by 2030 under its national climate plan but communities are sceptical, given previous unmet deadlines

Around the world, women are putting their lives on the line to defend the climate

Extractive industries are associated with higher rates of violence against women. Solving the climate crisis and gender inequality go hand in hand

‘They put a gun to my head’: Colombian anti-fracking activist tells of ordeal

In an exclusive interview with Climate Home, 21-year-old Yuvelis Natalia Morales speaks out on the activism that nearly cost her her life

Indigenous peoples in Guatemala demand sovereignty over oil and mining resources

The case could set an international precedent for indigenous people to control resources on their land, which they say is critical to climate action

Debt-stricken Tunisian farmers ‘ignored’ as government rolls out solar megaproject

Date growers see little benefit from the solar boom as they struggle with drought, pests and soaring electricity bills



Campaigners take Canada to court over oil extraction project

An NGO co-founded by environment minister Steven Guilbeault is challenging the approval of Equinor’s plan to drill millions of barrels of oil offshore Newfoundland

Mexico’s oil gets even dirtier as flaring continues to soar

Since president Andrés Manuel Lopez-Obrador was elected in 2018, oil companies have burned more and more gas as a byproduct

Governments risk $340bn in legal claims for limiting oil and gas projects, study finds

Investors could use obscure treaties to lock countries into polluting energy systems and delay climate action, researchers warn

How a tech billionaire is forcing Australia’s coal die-hards to face the future

Mike Cannon-Brookes’ market raid on AGL, Australia’s biggest polluter, is putting its slow coal exit plan under scrutiny

Amid record profits, tar sands companies want more subsidies for carbon capture

Canadian oil producers MEG Energy and Cenovus say the government’s $2.6 billion plan to support carbon capture and storage is not enough

EU plans to stop buying Russian crude oil in six months

In a tightening of sanctions against the Kremlin, Brussels proposes to cut off the source of a quarter of EU oil imports by the end of the year

DR Congo approves auction of oil blocks in one of the world’s largest carbon sinks

At least three of 16 oil blocks earmarked for drilling overlap with the world’s largest tropical peatland complex, posing a double threat to the climate

Germany to build LNG terminals at ‘Tesla speed’ in shift away from Russian gas

Green vice-chancellor Robert Habeck is fast-tracking gas import facilities to weaken the Kremlin’s market power



War in Ukraine is triggering a food crisis – and climate change has more in store

Governments must fund humanitarian relief and prioritise cropland for feeding people, not livestock or cars, to guard against future shocks

Australian carbon traders defend troubled offset market against whistleblower claims

Policy upheaval and stark criticism of the quality of carbon offsets from a former official have thrown Australia’s ability to deliver on carbon targets into doubt

War in Ukraine is compounding a hunger crisis in East Africa, charities warn

Up to 28 million people are facing severe food insecurity as soaring wheat prices follow failed rains, Covid and desert locusts

Prison, party mansions and a naval base among urban areas India claims as ‘forest’

The government has long used a broad definition of forests which is at odds with UN guidance and overstates India’s climate credentials

Amazon indigenous community restores giant freshwater fish and thrives

Through control of their territory, the Deni people sustainably manage stocks of pirarucu, boosting their numbers 425% in 11 years

India falsely claims forestry progress in ‘skewed’ report, experts warn

By counting plantations and urban parks as forests, the Indian government hides deforestation caused by industrial projects

Cooling towers, fake snow: What the Beijing Winter Olympics says about climate change

The spectacle of fake snow and an old steel mill’s cooling towers has sparked climate debate among Olympics-watchers

Norway underpaid Indonesia for forest protection results, study argues

British research sheds light on why Indonesia might have cut ties with donors, finding that funds were inadequate to compete with palm oil sales



Nigerian airlines win jet fuel subsidy after shutdown threat

After domestic airlines threatened to ground their planes, the government agreed to cover some of their rising fuel costs

Turkey opens laboratory to grow algae for jet fuel, in EU-backed clean aviation push

Ministers hope Turkish Airlines will make its first biofuelled flight by the end of 2022, but experts are sceptical algae can make much of a dent in aviation emissions

A race for lithium is sparking fears of water shortages in northern Argentina

The salt flats of Catamarca hold rich resources for a green revolution, but the impact of mining on water sources has nearby communities worried

US spending on airport expansion flies under the radar for climate activists

Public funding of $25 billion to airports generated little controversy despite flying’s outsized climate impact, in contrast to the European discourse

UN shipping body agrees voluntary measures to cut black carbon in the Arctic

At the International Maritime Organization (IMO) meeting, countries urged ship operators to switch to cleaner fuels in Arctic waters

UN shipping body considers zero emissions goal, defers decision to 2023

While the US, Japan and Panama backed setting a zero carbon shipping goal for 2050, emerging economies said rich countries needed to go first and provide finance

After Cop26, countries must turn climate promises into action on global shipping

A meeting of the IMO this week is the first test of translating promises made in Glasgow into bold action. The world must turn its gaze to shipping

As Cop26 car pledge underwhelms, delegates ask: where are the bikes?

At transport day in Glasgow EVs were given centre stage, in what campaigners said was a missed opportunity to promote public transport and active travel



The heat in Delhi is unbearable. This is what the climate crisis feels like

A short walk in the afternoon is exhausting. Heatwaves will keep getting worse until we stop burning fossil fuels

Leading scientists pitch for annual IPCC reports to keep climate on the agenda

Corinne Le Quéré is among a group of authors proposing the IPCC publish updates on key climate indicators every year amid an “explosion” of scientific literature

Global hub launched to help countries slash methane emissions

Chilean ex-minister Marcelo Mena will lead the hub, urging governments to tackle methane from fossil fuel, waste and farming sectors in updated national plans

Saudi Arabia dilutes fossil fuel phase out language with techno fixes in IPCC report

The Kingdom pushed for a stronger emphasis on carbon capture and storage as a climate solution that keeps the oil industry alive longer

Five takeaways from the IPCC’s report on limiting dangerous global heating

The world is on track to overshoot 1.5C warming. Leaving fossil fuels in the ground, changing lifestyles and removing CO2 from the air are needed to fix the climate

Maldives greenlights destructive dredging to build housing and luxury resorts

The president is approving a $147 million land reclamation project on Addu atoll, despite warnings of “irreversible damage” to the environment

UN targets early warning systems for all in five years

Building the capacity to alert everyone in time to prepare for droughts, storms and flooding can prevent damage and save lives, at an estimated cost of $1.5 billion

Mapping vulnerability: why the IPCC’s geography of climate risk is contentious

The UN’s climate science panel labelled 3.3-3.6bn people as highly vulnerable to climate disaster – but the definition is disputed