Saudi Arabia to invest $109 billion in renewables by 2032

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Saudi Arabia proposed to invest $109 billion into renewables. (Source: pixabay)

Saudi Arabia: The oil-rich Emirate is setting for itself more ambitious renewable energy targets than many other countries, aiming to get 33% of its energy from renewable energy sources by 2032 investing $109 billion. (Tree Hugger)

UK: Fracking company Cuadrilla is preparing to start drilling for oil and gas in the south of England. (Guardian)

US: Two European shipping firms were ordered on Tuesday to pay a US$10.4 million penalty and given four years probation for illegally dumping oil-tainted bilge water as well as falsifying records. (Reuters)

Thailand: Thailand has announced plans to build 3,000MW of solar power capacity by 2021, 50% more than previously announced. (Bloomberg)

Research: Most big data centers, the global backbone of the internet, could slash their greenhouse gas emissions by 88% by switching to efficient, off-the-shelf equipment and improving energy management, according to new research. (Stanford News)

Australia: Australia could phase out almost all its fossil-fuel sourced electricity by 2040 if it doubled the current rate of take-up of solar energy and wind energy maintained its current growth pace, said researchers from Australia’s national university’s Energy Change Institute. (Brisbane Times)

UN: The 2015 UN climate summit in Paris could mark start of process to develop a global emissions treaty rather than end. (RTCC)

Research: Natural causes responsible for slowing temperature rise, but overall trends suggest we’ll still hit 2 degrees. (RTCC)

Research: New research shows glaciers in Greenland and the Antarctic are at risk of collapsing into the sea. (RTCC)

UK: A team of UK students are set to smash solar cell efficiency records with a new solar car that will be racing through the Australian outback in the World Solar Challenge. (RTCC)

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