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Delegates at the talks in Bonn (Photo credit: UN Climate Change)


The annual Bonn climate talks are supposed to build momentum and set the scene for the next Cop summit.

But let’s hope Dubai is nothing like what’s been happening on the banks of the Rhine this week.

Although talks have been going on regardless, governments have yet to officially agree on the agenda, placing whatever is agreed upon on a shaky legal footing.

Rich countries and vulnerable developing countries want an emphasis in talks on reducing emissions to keep 1.5C within reach.

But the big emerging nations aren’t so keen, at least without an emphasis on rich countries paying for it.

All developing countries – big and small – want to discuss their plans to adapt to climate change.

But, again, for rich nations, that raises the awkward question of who should fund this adaptation.

Agenda talk can all seem distant from the real world. But when things get talked about, things get done.

The last Cop’s breakthrough on loss and damage was only possible because developing countries and campaigners fought hard in Bonn for the issue to even be on the official agenda of Cop27. Developing countries hope finance for adaptation is next.

This week’s news:

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And the internal meetings of the Eastern Europe group in Bonn have been no less contentious, as the region talks about which of its members should host next year’s Cop.

Bulgaria has put itself forward but Russia says, because of the EU’s support for Ukraine, they will veto any EU member state.

Luckily, two non-EU states have thrown their hat in the ring. Unluckily, those two are Azerbaijan and Armenia, who were recently at war with each other and are likely to veto each other.

If the group can’t agree, there are three possible solutions: the talks could be in Bonn, the UAE could host again or Australia or Turkiye – who are bidding for Cop31 – could swap turns with the Eastern Europe group.

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