UN climate talks ‘moving to end’ with new draft deal

New draft deal released at 1330 as French presidency warns future of multilateralism is at stake if no agreement is reached today

(Pic: UNFCCC/Flickr)

(Pic: UNFCCC/Flickr)

By Ed King in Paris

UN climate change talks in Paris are “moving towards the end” with a deal in sight, according to France foreign minister Laurent Fabius, president of COP21.

In highly charged address to the 195 countries involved in talks Fabius said a new draft text would “mark a historic turning point.”

The proposed agreement he has put before countries includes a long term emissions reduction goal, regular five year reviews and recognises the need to help vulnerable nations hit by climate-related damage.

Fabius warned envoys the future of multilateralism was at stake in Paris, urging governments to agree to the set of compromises on offer.

China envoy Su Wei said agreement was “very close.” Venezuela climate ambassador Claudia Salerno said officials had worked “strongly” all night for a text that was the “best” they could all get.

Countries now have two hours to check the new set of proposals before gathering for what could be a final plenary session when agreement is reached.

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