Fossil fuel companies “underestimating” divestment movement

Top polluters are failing to appreciate scale of “rapid” campaigns around world and size of investors involved

“What a lot of those companies are underestimating is the rapid divestment campaigns going on around the world… while some people say they are around the fringes the reality is there are some very big names saying we’re going to get out of fossil fuels and change the things that we do – Axa announced that last week.

“So I think the challenge for these companies is while a lot of them are addressing climate as part of their core sustainability, they’re doing it in a way that a lot of people would say is business as usual. The challenge for the corporate world is taking a significant advance step to do other things to go beyond simple compliance… investing in the measures that will lead to better mitigation and adaptation – using that to be more competitive.”

Martijn Wilder, head of environmental markets at Baker Mckenzie, interviewed at Carbon Expo 2015


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