New York’s solar industry receives $1 billion boost

State Governor Andrew Cuomo outlines plans to generate 3GW from the sun by 2023

(Pic: Bigstock)

(Pic: Bigstock)

Solar providers in New York State have received a huge boost after Governor Andrew Cuomo announced $1 billion in incentives for new photovoltaic systems.

Part of the NY-Sun initiative, the investment is aimed at increasing New York’s solar capacity from 316 megawatts to 3 gigawatts.

“This $1 billion investment underscores New York’s commitment to growing the clean energy economy,” Governor Cuomo said in a statement

“By providing long-term funding certainty, the State is attracting private sector investment, creating new economic opportunities and supporting sustainable development.”

More than 400 solar companies operate across the State, employing 5000 people. The 32 MW Long Island Solar Farm installation is the largest photovoltaic array in the eastern US.

In 2011 New York was the eighth largest energy consumer in the US, but due to its popular mass transportation systems, has the second lowest per capita energy consumption.

Nuclear, gas and hydroelectric provide the bulk of the state’s electricity. Its Renewable Portfolio Standard requires that 30% of electricity is generated from renewable energy resources by 2015.

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