Nissan promises to deliver electric London black cab by 2015

Car giant says zero emission taxi can eliminate 20% of exhaust fumes from the city’s 20,000 black cabs

(Pic: Nissan)

(Pic: Nissan)

By 2015 London’s streets could welcome the capital’s first all-electric black cab, courtesy of Nissan.

The Japanese car-maker plans to install an electric motor in its new NV200 model, which currently runs on a petrol engine.

Last year it trialled a prototype of the vehicle, which it hopes can eliminate 20% of exhaust fumes from the city’s 20,000 black cabs.

David Jackson, a spokesman for Nissan UK, told RTCC the company is committed to delivering cleaner transport solutions, but suggested UK authorities need to develop better electric powering facilities for cars.

He added the launch in 2015 would “depend on the infrastructure and all conditions around electric taxis. London is in the frame as are other places.”

The current iconic Hackney carriages are one of the best known taxis brands worldwide, but concern has been growing in recent years over pollution levels in the British capital linked motor vehicles.

Last year the European Environment Agency warned London had the highest level of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a toxic gas, of any city in Europe.

In 2011 London Mayor Boris Johnson said he wanted the city to become the electric car capital of the world. According to the Source London scheme he set up, there are currently 1392 charging points across the city.

The city will also trial six electric buses this year. They will operate alongside a fleet of diesel, hybrid, hydrogen and cooking oil powered vehicles.

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