Ten top climate change apps for your smartphone

Knowledge is only a tap away – here are ten top apps to help you understand climate science and policy

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MathTappers: Carbon Choices

This app aims to demystify abstract concepts like climate change, CO2 and greenhouse gasses. By showing how much CO2 is emitted from everyday activities like bathing, eating and entertainment, users can build an understanding of their personal impact on the environment.

Skeptical Science

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Climate change sceptics should start trembling now. This app provides all the arguments you need to counter any comments from climate change sceptics. The easy navigation by Skeptical Science allows you to take a statement and find out for yourself whether or not it is based on credible science. Automatic updates are also available when new Skeptic arguments are available and when new research is added.


Keep control of your energy whilst on the go with British Gas’ app through which you can see how much it is costing to leave your phone charger plugged in all the time, or the heating on at night, and when you can really see how much you’re using, you can start to make small changes to use less and save money on your bills.

Voodoo Skies Normal or Not

By comparing the current weather forecast in your location to a massive database of weather history this app can tell you how it compares to previous temperatures and rain fall patterns for that day of the year in history. It can tell you if the weather you’re experiencing right now is as a result of climate change or normal weather patterns.


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An Australian sea-lion pup takes you on an adventure in this app to find energy saving tips to protect oceans from climate change. Explore the Great Southern Oceans, dodge enemies and race against the rising sea temperature as you discover simple energy-saving tips to help protect oceans from the impacts of climate change.

Chasing Ice

This is the official app of the award-winning documentary film, Chasing Ice, and takes you on an audiovisual journey through the stunning arctic findings of nature photographer James Balog’s Extreme Ice Survey. Chasing Ice, the app, has deployed revolutionary time-lapse cameras to capture a multi-year record of the world’s changing glaciers compressing years into seconds and capturing ancient mountains of ice in motion as they disappear at a breathtaking rate.

Commute Greener!

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Commute Greener! offers UK residents an easy way to measure the carbon dioxide emissions emitted during your everyday commute. Whether you are travelling by car, bus, train, bicycle, or other means of transport you can join in. This app allows you to set a target and also challenge friends, family and colleagues to reduce their CO2 emissions.

AlertMe Energy Map

This app will tell you who in your area isn’t pulling their weight in reducing carbon emissions. Find out the average spend per household a year on energy in your area, how much electricity and gas is used and how much carbon this creates. Energy Map shows how your borough ranks against others in the UK for energy use and CO2 emissions.


(Pic: Pollution)

This app tells you about pollution levels in your area with an interactive map and a detailed list of nearby fossil fuel plants. It also offers information on potential health risks in the area as well as frequent database updates.


Companies are ranked on how well they address climate change so you can support the high scorers when you shop, and send messages to the low scorers urging them to take action on climate change.


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