Exeter students debunk ‘climate myths’ in new animation

Climate change communication is a tricky business.

With so much information flooding the airwaves, twitter, facebook and a vast network of blogs, it can be hard to keep track of what really is going on.

One day it’s raining, the next it’s sunny. Then it’s snowing in the summer. These days thermals and swimming trunks are holiday essentials.

Even the Mayor of London Boris Johnson is confused – he says he feels sorry for all those hardworking folk who build swimming pools expecting hot summers.

And who doesn’t, although if you invest in a non-heated swimming pool in the UK you should also consider visiting a doctor.

Put simply, it’s a minefield, with all these models and predictions. Last week scientists from the UK Met office declared climate change could actually be making the country wetter and colder – fancy that.

But help is at hand – thanks to five students from Exeter University and Peter Cox, a Professor of Climate System Dynamics.

Their ‘A day in the life of Billy’ video, part of Exeter’s ‘Grand Challenges’ programme, has all the basics on climate change Boris is likely to need.

Questions include: What is climate change? Isn’t it always changing? Why is there snow in a warming world? And what are the benefits of a changing climate? What can we do to stop it happening?

A day in the life of Billy was produced by Abigail Colclough, Laura Johns, Hannah Theyer, Louise Kimpton and Shivam Joshi

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