Gothenburg reveals plans for silent electric bus system by 2015

Silent, zero-emission electric buses are set to sweep onto the streets of Gothenburg by 2015.

Built by Volvo and part of a wider ElectriCity project, the vehicles will be powered from renewable energy sources and are set to travel between two of the city’s major science parks.

“The electric bus service entails a new mode of public-transport system usage, which is highly positive for Gothenburg,” said Anneli Hulthén, Chairman of the Municipal Board.

“It will highlight Gothenburg as a progressive city in terms of city planning. This is also in line with our prioritized objective of having Gothenburg reduce its climate impact to become a climate-neutral city, and of increasing sustainable travel.”

Gothenburg’s environmental priorities include better air quality, cleaner marine waters and flourishing streams (Pic: Flickr/tomislavmedak)

Sweden’s second largest city has a proud history of investing in low carbon infrastructure.

The City of Gothenburg’s development strategy includes proposals to ensure all district heating is powered from clean sources and that new buildings are constructed using ‘passivhaus‘ principles.

Local energy company Göteborg Energi is planning a 80-100 MW power plant that will transform biomass and forestry waste into fuel through thermal gasification.

The City also says that by 2050 it will have a “sustainable and equitable level of emissions of carbon dioxide”.

In addition to the electric buses, the cooperation between Volvo and the council also includes the creation and trial runs of new bus-stop solutions, traffic-routing systems, safety concepts, energy supply and business models.

ElectriCity is also expected to clear the way for more, attractive public-transport solutions in the Västra Götaland region.

“A silent and emissions-free public-transport system will enable the inclusion of locations in the city that are currently off limits,” said Volvo CEO Olof Persson.

“It is immensely satisfying to be able to launch this in our hometown, in cooperation with Region Västra Götaland and the City of Gothenburg.”

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