Latin American NGOs back Peru as 2014 UN climate talks host

By Guy Edwards

Latin American civil society organizations are backing Peru’s bid to host COP20 in 2014.

The launch of the joint declaration, signed by more than 60 organisations,coincides with a pending decision about who will host COP20 at the latest meeting of the UNFCCC currently underway in Bonn, Germany.

Palacio de Gobierno in Lima, Peru which could be the host of the 2014 UN climate talks (Source: Flickr/martintoy)

According to the declaration:

The Government of Peru presents a very promising candidacy to host COP20 in 2014, of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Peru has been a progressive voice in the formal and informal discussions on climate change and has demonstrated a willingness to listen and offer counsel in the international negotiations on climate change.

The country was one of the first developing countries to make a voluntary emission reduction pledge in 2008. Its flexible interpretation of Common But Differentiated Responsibilities and Respective Capabilities; and that all countries need to act to varying degrees to reduce emissions, places it in a solid position to host COP20.

1. The signatories to this declaration support the candidacy of the Peruvian government in hosting the 20th meeting of the Parties (“COP20”).

2. Peru’s offer to host COP20 presents a positive step forward for the creation of a draft negotiating text in 2014 to be later agreed in 2015 at COP21.

3. The signatories offer their support and expertise to the Peruvian government in its planning and running of the COP20, to contribute to an inclusive, transparent, equitable and ambitious process.

4. We call on the friends of Peru to contribute their expertise and resources to the Peruvian government if requested.

5. COP20 in Peru could put in motion some positive areas of collaboration between Peru and national, regional and international non-state actors.

6. We assert that the preparations to host COP20 could generate greater interest in the creation and implementation of climate policies in Peru and its neighbours. This could send a positive signal to the private sector that Peru is a destination for clean technologies and renewable energy. In addition, it could drive interest in the media and research centres in Peru and Latin America on the crucial issue of climate change.

7. We believe that Peru’s climate diplomacy offers the possibility to represent in a balanced fashion the interests and concerns of all participating countries and find workable and constructive compromises.

8. Peru’s pledge to reduce the net rate of deforestation of primary forests to zero by 2021 provides a constructive platform for countries to come to Peru to negotiate an ambitious and equitable draft text for 2015.

Organizations signed up:

Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (SPDA), Perú

Movimiento Ciudadano frente al Cambio Climático (MOCICC), Perú

Asociación Interamericana para la Defensa del Ambiente (AIDA)

Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G), UK

Centro Mesoamericano de Estudios sobre Tecnología Apropiada (CEMAT), Guatemala

Mesa Nacional para la Gestión de Riesgo, Nicaragua

Mesa Nacional de Cambio Climático, Guatemala

Asociación Nacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza, República de Panamá

Proética, capítulo peruano de Transparencia Internacional

Plataforma Climática Latinoamericana


Instituto de Políticas para el Transporte y el Desarrollo (ITDP), México

Foro Del Buen Ayre, Argentina

Comisión Interdisciplinaria de Medio Ambiente (CIMA), Argentina

Fundación Centro Estudios de Ecológico de la Republica Argentina (FUCEERA)

Fundación Proyectos Ambientales (PROA)

Asociación Ambientalista Ecolapaz, Argentina

Asociación Ambientalista del Sur, Argentina

Asociación Ambientalista Mayu Sumaj, Argentina

Asociación Amigos de los Parques Nacionales, Argentina

Asociación Argentina de Abogados Ambientalistas, Argentina

Asociación Civil de Ecología Social (A.C.E.S), Argentina

Asociación Civil Red Ambiental, Argentina

Asociación Civil Tierra XXI, Argentina

Asociación de Protección al Ambiente Serrano – Calamuchita Aproas, Argentina

Asociación Ecologista Piuke, Argentina

Asociación Eco Raíces, Argentina

Asociación Lihue, Argentina

Asociación Ecologista Rio Mocoreta, Argentina

Asociación Vecinal Moronense (AVM), Argentina

Bios Argentina

Centro Ambiental Argentino (CAMBIAR)

Centro Andino de Desarrollo e Investigación Ambiental (CADIANDINO), Sede Central, Argentina

Centro Argentino de Meteorólogos (CAM), Argentina

Centro de Protección a la Naturaleza, Argentina

Centro Uruguayo de Tecnologías Apropiadas (CEUTA)

Comisión Ecológica Ituzaingó, Argentina

Continental Nea, Argentina

Federación Amigos de la Tierra Argentina, Amigos de la Tierra

Foro de los Ríos, Argentina

Fundación Agreste, Argentina

Fundación Ambiente Ecológico (FAE), Argentina

Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (FARN), Argentina

Fundación Arandu, Argentina

Fundación Argentina de Energías Alternativas y Renovables (FADEAR), Argentina

Fundación Argentina de Etoecologia (FAE)

Fundación Cullunche Para la Conservación del Ambiente la Flora y la Fauna, Argentina

Fundación del Sur, Argentina

Fundación Inti Cuyum, Argentina

Fundación Norte Ecológico, Argentina

Fundación Orden Ecológica (FOE), Argentina

Fundación Pacha Mama para el Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo, Argentina

Fundación para el Desarrollo Sustentable de Eco Regiones (FUNDESER), Argentina

Fundación Pasos, Argentina

Fundación Península Raulí, Argentina

Fundación Red Informática Ecologista (RIE), Argentina

Grupo Ambiental para el Desarrollo (GADE), Argentina

Grupo Ecológico Bolívar (GEB), Argentina

Greenpeace Argentina

Iniciativa Radial, Argentina

Instituto de Estudios e investigaciones sobre Medio Ambiente. Fundación Jorge Esteban Roulet, Argentina

Karst, Organización Argentina de Investigaciones Espeleológicas

Movimiento Transfronterizo de ONG Ambientalistas de La Triple Frontera (AR, BR, UY), Argentina

Multimedios Ambiente Ecológico (MAE), Argentina

Observatorio de Políticas Sociales y Ambientales, Argentina

Red Eco-Ambiental de Jujuy, Argentina

Taller Ecologista, Argentina

Rótary Internacional. Distrito 4825. Rótary Victoria, Argentina

The joint declaration is still open. If your organization wishes to sign it please get in contact with guy_edwards[at]

This article first appeared on Intercambio Climatico and has been reproduced with the author’s permission.

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