Infograph: The world’s greenhouse gases by source

By John Parnell

An updated version of the World Resource Institute’s global greenhouse gas emissions chart has been released.

ASN Bank and the consultancy Ecofys have released a new version with data from 2010 added into the mix.

The chart shows which of the big greenhouse gases is emitted from each fuel source and from which sector.

Since 2000, CO2 has become less dominant falling from 77% to 76% in the ten years from 2000 to 2010. Methane and industrial gases like HFCs both crept up in its place.

Emissions resulting from land use change fell from 18.2% to 15%.

Transport grew from 13.5% to 15% during the same period.

The World's GHGs

Source: ASN Bank/Ecofys CLICK TO EXPAND

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