Climate change for kittens

For the last two decades teams flashy communication firms have been paid vast sums of money to get the message of climate change out to the masses.

Global warming is big business for lots of people. Millions of lives are at stake, not to mention the shares in oil and coal companies.

Trouble is, those emissions keep rising, and extreme weather events are starting to occur with an uncanny frequency (it’s just the sun/stars/moon/insert excuse here).

So what’s a climate communicator to do, now every possible avenue bar turning all the lights off for an hour on a Saturday has been exhausted (actually….)

Well – here’s one. Who could possibly resist a small, cuddly, adorable kitten?

And if that kitten were to explain what climate change is all about, why it matters and how you can take steps to stop it, well. Why on earth would you not take note?

These three videos were put together by Andrius Kirvela and his team at PetPunk, Lithuania – let us know what you think.

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