WWF: UK government stuck on a ‘brown economy’

By John Parnell

The Government and the Treasury are jeopardising Britain’s economy by failing to back green growth, WWF-UK has told RTCC.

Dax Lovegrove, the group’s head of business, sustainability and innovation said businesses would have to up the pressure in order to get the government to catch up.

“Business would benefit from more engagement with governments. What’s difficult, certainly in the UK, is that the government and the Treasury are not particularly behind green growth,” he said.

“They are pretty much stuck on a brown economy, in the long run that’s not good for British business.

“We’ve got to try and turn that thinking around and get our politicians to catch up,” he added.

Wednesday’s UK Budget, announced by Chancellor George Osborne, did little to counter Lovegrove’s accusations against the British Government with fuel duty cuts, shale gas subsidies and no measures to reinforce the green economy.

VIDEO: Lovegrove on the UK government’s ‘brown economy’



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