Branson plans to use Necker as island incubator for renewables

Virgin chief Richard Branson plans to use the tiny Caribbean island he owns to test the effectiveness of renewable energy systems for small island states.

The founder of the Carbon War Room  is calling for proposals to supply over 750 kW of solar and wind energy with the aim of reducing or eliminating the use of fossil fuels on Necker Island.

The project forms the centrepiece of the ’10 island challenge’ UN climate chief Christiana Figueres set Branson at last year’s Rio+20 talks.

The aim is to install 100% renewable systems in ten locations around the world, part of a larger plan to catalyse US $1 Bllion of private investment to reduce carbon emissions.

Necker is a 74 acre island in the British Virgin Islands just north of Virgin Gorda. All of the land on the island is owned by Richard Branson

The Carbon War Room is already committed to help the Caribbean state of Aruba transition off fossil fuels by 2020.

“I am excited about the prospect that Necker becomes a greener more sustainable island,” Branson said.

“We are working with the Carbon War Room to ensure that the lessons we learn can be used by other islands in their transformation to a sustainable and prosperous future.”

VIDEO: Carbon War Room chief Jose Maria Figueres outlines plans for Aruba

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