SodaStream’s ‘green’ Super Bowl ad banned

A SodaStream advertisement planned for this week’s Superbowl that promotes the environmental benefits of making fizzy drinks at home rather than buying bottles has been banned.

The 40-second ad shows bottles of Coca Cola and Pepsi vanishing as people at home use their SodaStream maker.It has been banned because it ‘actively denigrated’ those companies.

The company says using their product could save 500 million bottles on Sunday, when the Baltimore Ravens play the San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans.

Environmental sustainability is one of Sodastream’s main selling points. On its website is says it is an “”Active Green” solution that minimizes the huge eco-footprint caused by the manufacture, transport and waste of plastic bottles.

Since January 2009 is claims to have saved the world from over 1 billion plastic bottles.


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