Eminem calls for climate action with NYC Times Square message

Slim Shady’s an unlikely climate champion, but visitors to New York’s Times Square will see him rapping for the world this week.

In an unlikely partnership, climate campaign Connect4Climate and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) have teamed up with rapper Eminem and Kenyan hip-hop group TS1 to call for action on climate change – check the video below.

The thousands of Christmas shoppers moving through Times Square this week will get a timely reminding about climate change’s impacts in Africa and across the world, as the collaboration music video plays on the square’s two huge HD screens.

Last month, climate change came to the doorsteps of many New Yorker’s as Hurricane Sandy hit the US East Coast, causing billions of dollars of damage.

Eminem is the latest musician to add his voice to the climate movement. Earlier this year South Korean rapper Psy did his own video focusing on the Green Climate Fund.

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