UK offshore wind output increases by 54%

By Tierney Smith

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Friday 21 December

Last updated: 0940

UK: The Department for Energy and Climate Change said in the last quarter in the UK the amount of electricity generated by offshore wind increased by 54% while onshore wind went up by 38% due to increased. Despite over 600 new turbines being built to October this year renewable energy still makes up just 12% of British supply.  (the Telegraph)

Worldwide: National laws, rules and regulations on cutting carbon emissions are doing more to tackle climate change than international agreements, according to research from the London School of Economics and Globe International. (Business Day Live)

US: A coalition of green groups has called on President Obama to ramp up climate change efforts in his second term. The BlueGreen Alliance sent a letter to Obama urging him to give climate change a high profile and continue setting air pollution limits. (The Hill)

Worldwide: Global temperatures are forecast to be 0.57 degrees above the long-term average next year, making 2013 one of the warmest years on record, according to the Met Office. (Reuters)

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