Sea level rise could reach 6 inches by end of century, warns leaked IPCC report

By Tierney Smith

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Monday 17 December

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US: The Obama administration has tightened limits on soot pollution from power plants, diesel and refineries, facing down opposition from industry groups and some members of Congress. The rules could say 40,000 premature deaths and cut healthcare bills by $4 billion. (Business Green)

US: New studies aimed at finding the linkages between food insecurity and obesity believe that climate change – and its effect on food production – could take the obesity crisis in the US to a whole new level. Some researchers have found that food insecurity can lead of people making poor decisions about what and how much they eat as the prospect of not having enough food presents itself. (Grist)

IPCC: A leaked draft of a UN climate science report due out next year concludes sea level rise could reach 6 inches a decade by century’s end, showing they are rising quicker than previously predicted. (the Independent)

US: President Obama is expected to nominate Massachusetts Senator John Kerry to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. If Kerry takes on the role he is likely to raise climate change to one of the top priorities for the next four-years. (National Journal)

Australia: One of the most bushfire-prone nations in the world, researchers are warning that Australia is unprepared to deal with them. They warn that many of the measures that could be taken to assess and reduce the fires’ impact are not being used and say better planning for climate change – which is expected to increase the risk of these fires – is needed. (ABC)

Canada: This weekend marked Canada’s official withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol. First announced in 2011, the move makes the country the first to remove itself from the agreement. (The Vancouver Sun)

Worldwide: New research warns that action must be taken before 2020 to prevent dangerous climate change. The study found that limiting levels of global warming will become much more difficult to achieve, and much more expensive, if action is not taken soon. (Science Daily)

US: As President Obama looks poised once again to make a decision on whether to construct the Keystone XL Pipeline – based on a second, more environmentally-sensitive path – critics are calling for a full climate change study to be carried out. They warn that producing oil from the Alberta tar sands releases more carbon dioxide than conventional drilling, and would increase global warming. (Fox News)

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