Arctic glacier melt caught on camera

The Extreme Ice Survey team have 34 cameras are deployed at 16 glaciers in Greenland, Iceland, the Nepalese Himalaya, Alaska and the Rocky Mountains of the U.S.

These cameras record changes in the glaciers every half hour, year-round during daylight, yielding approximately 8,000 frames per camera per year.

To mark the launch of their film Chasing Ice they have released a series of stunning pictures from their set of cameras – chronicling the changing world around us.

Iceland/Svínafellsjökull Glacier. Jeff Orlowski, provides scale in a massive landscape of crevasses on the Svínafellsjökull Glacier in Iceland. Photograph by James Balog, © 2008 James Balog/Extreme Ice Survey

Rappelling into Survey Canyon, looking down at moulin channel dropping meltwater 2000 vertical feet into crevasses through Greenland Ice Sheet. EIS director, James Balog, is shown. Photograph by Jeff Orlowski/Extreme Ice Survey © 2009 Extreme Ice Survey

Jeff Orlowski by James Balog, © Extreme Ice Survey

Director Jeff Orlowski by James Balog © Extreme Ice Survey

Scouting Survey Canyon. James Balog on left, Jeff Orlowski on right. Greenland Ice Sheet, June 2009. Photograph by Adam LeWinter/Extreme Ice Survey © 2009 Extreme Ice Survey

James Balog hangs off cliff by Columbia Glacier, Alaska to install time-lapse camera. Photograph by Tad Pfeffer/Extreme Ice Survey © 2007 Extreme Ice Survey

Director Jeff Orlowski by James Balog © Extreme Ice Survey

In Disko Bay, Greenland, 20-story high icebergs broken off from the Greenland Ice Sheet float into the North Atlantic, raising sea level. Photograph by James Balog, © 2010 James Balog/Extreme Ice Survey.

EIS field assistant, Adam LeWinter on NE rim of Birthday Canyon, atop feature called “Moab”. Greenland Ice Sheet, July 2009. Black deposit in bottom of channel is cryoconite. Birthday Canyon is approximately 150 feet deep. © Extreme Ice Survey

James Balog, Director, Extreme Ice Survey, at minus 30 degrees F, Disko Bay, Greenland. Photograph by Jeff Orlowski/Extreme Ice Survey, © 2008 Extreme Ice Survey

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