Why EU must embrace 30% climate target

By RTCC Staff
RTCC in Doha

The EU must increase its domestic climate action if it wants to continue to portray itself as a leader at the UN climate change talks, according to Bas Eickhout Member of the European Parliament.

“At this stage the global level debate on ambition is postponed, that’s why it becomes even more important to deal with your own ambition at a regional level,” said Eickhout, a member of the Dutch Green Party.

“The EU can decide today to go to minus 30%, they can do it today. The future is a green economy and the only way to get their first is to act now so what the hell is the EU waiting for.”

The EU was praised for pushing through an agreement in Durban but has faced criticism in Doha. Its 20% emissions reduction target, that it acknowledges it is already on track to surpass, is considered unambitious. Many governments and NGOs wanted the group to increase its goals in the hope that it can catalyse further action from others at the summit.


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