South Korea praised for pushing climate ambition ahead of Doha

By RTCC Staff

South Korea’s drive for green growth and a low-carbon future has been applauded by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

“Korea has taken great steps to enhance energy security and to foster the development of new and renewable energy alongside the expansion of it energy-related R&D programme, which is one of the largest in the IEA,” said the IEA’s Executive Director, Maria van der Hoeven.

Since 2008 the country has been working towards a target to reduce greenhouse gases emissions by 30% on business-as-usual projections by 2020. This year the South Korean government announced details of an emissions trading scheme to help reach this target this target.

Their latest country review – focused on South Korea – comes as countries head to Doha for the latest round of climate talks, where how to raise the ambition of carbon cuts will be a central theme.

South Korea has become a critical player in the international environmental negotiations. This year the country became the host of both the Green Climate Fund and the 2014 UN biodiversity summit.

While praising the ambition of the country, the IEA has also urged caution over some of South Korea’s existing energy strategies.

With a strong emphasis on nuclear, the IEA warn that recent incidents in the country and globally must act as a reminder of the importance of an enhanced nuclear regulatory authority.

The IEA has also warned that a clear, long term vision must be developed for Korea’s electricity and natural gas markets that allow effective competition.

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