Build your own solar power station

By RTCC Staff

Ever wanted to build a solar power station? Well now’s your chance.

Following the success of their DIY Solar Mobile Phone Charger’s in Kenya earlier this year, UK solar panel manufacturers KnowYourPlanet have now replicated the process for organisations and charities across the world.

Mobile phone ownership has soared. In Africa, for example, it increased from 16 million in 1999 to 376 million today.

But being able to charge your phone can be a costly and time consuming process – in Uganda people spend $1-3 a month on charging fees and can travel 20km to the nearest electricity point.

You could build your own solar panel with KnowYourPlanet’s DIY Kit (© Marina Kloess Photogaphy/

KnowYourPlanet aims to help overcome this, while at the same time creating local businesses that can build, sell and repair the chargers.

Each DIY kit will provide the technical knowledge and components to build the phone chargers.

Find out more about the DIY Solar Mobile Phone Charger Kit.

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