Sri Lanka’s electric rickshaws spearhead latest UN climate campaign

By RTCC Staff 

The ‘Carbon For Water’ project in Kenya uses carbon financing to fund household level, fuel-free water purification packs (Source: UNFCCC)

Electric rickshaws in Sri Lanka and a ‘solar sister’ enterprise in Uganda are among the latest projects backed by the UN’s Momentum for Change Initiative. 

The scheme, which receives funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, was launched at the UN climate change conference last December in Durban.

It aims to highlight the multiple benefits of addressing climate change and the positive developments taking place in the developing world to curb emissions and help climate adaptation.

Other projects in this year’s selection include energy efficient brick kilns in Peru, a fuel-free water purification system in Kenya and a bus rapid transit system in China.

The nine new projects will be showcased at the upcoming COP18 climate summit in Doha later this month. UN climate chief Christiana Figueres hopes they will inspire delegates at the conference.

“We are very excited to showcase this year’s lighthouse activities as they demonstrate the commitment by communities, civil society organisations, local governments and private businesses to take concrete action to address climate change,” she said.

“The examples are inspiring and encouraging, not least for governments who have already set the course towards greater climate resilience, but who need to take the next essential steps to galvanize the speed and scope of climate action.”

The initiative’s ‘lighthouse activities’ are those projects which highlight the role of public-private partnership in developing countries to combat climate change whilst bringing benefits to the urban poor.

The UNFCCC will also be launching a new round of the initiative in Doha, focusing on the role of women in climate change action.

Two key criteria are used to select initiatives. They must have proven they are effective and they must be able to be replicated in other countries and communities.

All the projects can be viewed on the Momentum for Change website ahead of the COP18 conference.

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