Hyderabad biodiversity talks: day 11 diary

By Tierney Smith

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Finance: A final text on financial mechanisms was been sent for approval early today. No news as yet. On resource mobilisation, a text has also been produced, but it is now being scrutinised by ministers for approval. It is thought the final text will be discussed later this afternoon in the main plenary session.

G77: A letter from one of the most influential developing nation groups, the G77, warns that they will not undertake significant conservation activities unless funding is provided.

Progress: Texts on Geoengineering and biofuels are expected to be signed off today. Talks over REDD+ have been tortuous but should also be agreed on – Tim Christopherson from UN-REDD explained why this subject had caused so much controversy here.

Missing ministers: It appears only 77 of the 192 parties sent ministers to Hyderabad. Of these few appear to be attending High Level Segment meetings. In this morning’s press briefing, CBD communications officer David Ainsworth said the number of ministers attending is within the range they would normally expect for a conference. They also say the lack of ministers in the High-Level discussions is because many will be splitting their time between there and other negotiations.

Picking cotton: UK Minister for Environment Richard Benyon visited cotton fields in the remote village of Nurjahanpalli yesterday. Marks & Spencer (M&S) sources its cotton from. Benyon told the workers at the cotton field that he would not be able to buy another t-shirt from the outlet without thinking of India.

Tiger database: The National Tiger Conservation Authority of India is set to create a national database for tigers, to help aid their protection. Each tiger will be given a unique identification number and code. Experts say it will help enhance monitoring of the species and give better estimates of the population in the country.

Video of the day:  IUCN’s Gerard Bos outlines main positions in COP11 finance negotiations

Gerard Bos from Responding to Climate Change on Vimeo.

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