Hyderabad biodiversity talks: day 8 diary

By Tierney Smith
RTCC in Hyderabad 

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Food security: Eight conditions must be met to feed the world’s growing population, according to a new UNEP report launched today, to coincide with World Food Day 2012. The report warns that the ecological and natural foundations that support our food systems are being undermined by human activity, and call on measures to be put in place to ensure more sustainable agriculture and fisheries.

Finance: Delegates were still unable to agree on preliminary targets for increased biodiversity funding, reporting of domestic expenditures and funding needs and preparation of national financial plans for biodiversity when they met yesterday. The contact group is now closed to give countries time to make additional, regional consultations.

Marine protected areas: Parties discussed the summary reports of ecologically and biodiversity significant areas (EBSAs) produced in regional workshops.  Chair of the group González Posse said that, as a compromise, parties could request the secretariat pass on the summary reports to the UN General Assembly. While many supported this suggestion, some countries highlighted the need for the COP’s endorsement of the summaries first.

Conservation lab: One lab in India has developed a way to conserve endangered species. The Laboratory for the Conservation of Endangered Species (LaCONES) aims to artificially inseminate leopards. The initiative was ready last year, but researchers hit a problem when the female leopards were not biologically fit for the process.

PM’s arrival: Security is high ahead of Prime Minister’s Singh’s visit to the COP later today. He will arrive shortly before 3pm this afternoon and will open the High-level Segment of the talks. Journalists and observers have been warned to get their seats early as the plenary is expected to fill fast for his address.

High-level attendees: It is not only the PM joining the debates today. Many more ministers can be spotted around the HICC this morning as they turn out for the final days of the talks. Hopefully now they are here, progress will be seen on some of the talks more contentious issues.

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