Indian Aviation Minister urges region to reject “unilateral” international green policies

By John Parnell

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Tuesday 9 October

Last updated: 1730

Scotland: Scotland: Climate scientists have question Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond’s claim that Scotland can become a leader on climate change. While the government in Edinburgh is aiming to source 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020, Salmond’s pursuit of 12-24 billion barrels of oil in the next 40 years would result in around 100-200 time more CO2 being emitted than saved. (The Guardian)

CBD COP11 in Hyderabad: CBD chief Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias tells @rtcc_edking that too many governments lack the urgency needed to tackle environmental problems head-on. He also called for nations to develop plans to put policies agreed through the CBD into practice.

Central America: As many as one million small farmers’ livelihoods could be at risk from climate change, according to new research. Scientists from the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) said shifting rainfall patterns could cost the region $120m a year by 2020. (AlertNet)

Qatar: The president of the next UN climate talks in Doha has indicated a potential focus for the conference during a meeting in Denamark. HE Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, deputy Prime Minister of Qatar said: “Business and industry have a lot to contribute to an effective transition towards a green economy. I am here to assure you that the State of Qatar will continue to work diligently to bring together all interested parties in a manner that is transparent, inclusive and pragmatic.” (Gulf Times)

CBD COP11 in Hyderabad: The focus turned to the Small Island States, as countries reviewed the island biodiversity work programme. Ethiopia, for the African Group, called for the integration of climate change adaptation and mitigation activities into biodiversity conservation while India suggested including the promotion of eco-tourism practices. Others seek to keep the CBD and the UNFCCC climate work separate.

UK: Ending fossil fuel subsidies is one suggestion to help raise extra money to combat climate change and the idea has an important new backer. Puma chairman Jochen Zeitz and Virgin founder Richard Branson will chair a new organisation called Team B. Designed to overhaul the way business is done by chasing specific reforms, an end to handouts for profitable oil firms is said to be high on the list. (The Economist)

CBD COP11 in Hyderabad: The EU laid out their case study of how to implement the CBD’s Strategic Plan on Biodiversity. Thomas Koetz from the EU Commission presented the bloc’s Strategy to 2020, which focuses on filling the gaps and integration into other policies – including agriculture and fisheries. He took a panel through six specific targets including, conserving nature, green agriculture and forestry, sustainable fisheries, invasive alien species and contributing to global targets.

EU: A new website to show-off successful climate action projects has been launched by the European Commission. The Worldulike project, features a range of climate solutions from car sharing programs to industrial scale energy from waste schemes. (BBC)

CBD COP11 in HyderabadMost of us have watched at least one climate change documentary – but what about global warming Bollywood? One India Akshay Kumar, known in India for his mainstream Bollywood films, is turning his attentions to the issue. Titled White Knight will follow Chewang Norphel of Leh who makes artificial glaciers to conserve water for those living in high altitudes.

India: The Indian Aviation Minister Ajit Singh has urged other regional states to reject carbon reduction schemes like the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Singh said told an industry conference that delegates should “oppose any unilateral environment measures imposed by a state or group”. (Reuters)

CBD COP11 in HyderabadGreenpeace activists held a protest in Hyderabad, India yesterday, slamming the Indian government for turning a blind eye on the large scale environmental destruction they say is taking place for coal mining activity. The protest was organised to coincide with Environment and Forests Minister, Jayanthi Natarajan’s visit to the city to open the CBD COP11 Conference.

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