In tweets: New York’s Climate Week opens for business

By Tierney Smith 

The time for climate action is now – and everyone has a part to play.

That’s the message from today’s opening of Climate Week NYC, an event organised by the Climate Group which brings speakers together from business, politics, agriculture and religion.

Now in its fourth year, Climate Week NYC aims to bring together people from across sectors with one aim: to promote a Clean Energy Revolution.

Climate Group Chief Executive Mark Kenber opened this year’s event with a call to the USA to lead this new revolution: “2.7 million Americans are employed in the clean energy economy. But if America wants to be a global leader, change must be faster,” he said.

“The next US administration can ensure America maintains and strengthens its lead in the global clean energy sector… the US must not fall behind its competitors.”

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Prince Albert of Monaco and Twitter  co-founder Evan Williams are among many taking part in the debate – you can follow it via the hash tag #climateweeknyc. Here’s a Twitter taster of the action so far…

A decisive decade

World Bank Vice President of Sustainable Development Rachel Kyte told the crowds that policy choices made over the next ten years would determine what future the world will face over the next 100…

Clean energy future

What will drive investment in renewables? The belief that it’s the ‘right thing to do’, or hard-nosed business decisions?

Climate melting pot

This is a decision we will ALL have to take – no sector is ‘an island’. Farmers, doctors and priests are all chipping in…

Making change easy

How can we help people make the ‘right decisions’ (whatever they are?!)

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