UKYCC Podcast: How young people can get involved in the international climate process

Across the world the youth climate movement is expanding its reach and growing its influence.

In countries on every continent, young people are coming together to push for action to combat climate change and hold their governments to account.

The UK Youth Climate Coalition formed in 2008, is the UK arm of the movement. Since its formation its members have attended numerous Climate summits as well as running projects pushing for a change at a local and national level.

In the first of a series of UKYCC podcasts that RTCC will be hosting, Nick Beall and Jamie Peters from the UKYCC give an introduction to the group, the work they are doing at the International level at the UN Climate summits as well as at a local level.

The UK Youth Climate Coalition podcast aims to share news and information on what they group are up to as an organisation and give people the chance to hear how young people both in the UK and abroad work to give youth a voice on climate and environmental issues. They’ll bring you interviews, news and features twice a month and would love to hear from you.

If you have any opinions, thoughts or would like to join email [email protected].

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