London’s urban gardeners in pictures

It’s easy to think that people living in cities will miss out on all that nature has to offer. 

But around the world, city residents are exploiting every possible nook and cranny – not only to get back in touch with nature but as a way to make their lives and communities more sustainable.

London’s a great example.

The demand of allotments and inner city garden space has left many people frustrated.

In Barking and Dagenham, in East London 337 people were on the waiting list at the end of last year, and in Lewisham, in South East London, 1046 people were waiting for space to open up.

But bored of waiting, many people around the capital are finding innovative ways to find the free space they have, however big or small, to grow fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs.

Check out picture gallery for some great examples – and email your own photos to [email protected] if you want to show us what you have been growing

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