French town Tramayes wins Europe’s renewable energy ‘Champions League’

By RTCC staff

The French town of Tramayes has won the 2012 ‘Champions League for Renewable Energies’, beating off competition from over 4,000 competing local authorities across Europe.

The Renewable Energy Sources Champions League is now in its third season, and is contested by towns and cities from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Poland.

The ranking is based on installed power (or area) per inhabitant. The calculation of points is made with an inhabitants’ number equal to 100 minimum, even if a village has less than 100 inhabitants.

The league is slightly skewed as it does not take into account  wind, hydro and marine energy. Only solar PV, solar thermal and wood energy installations are accepted.

According to RES data, the participating municipalities built 5,000 megawatt solar photovoltaic, 2,500,000 square metre solar thermal and 1,500 megawatt biomass plants.

Germany appears to be the leading European state when it comes to solar and wood burning energy production – achieving a top three finish in the four contested categories.

Next year the competition will be open in five additional countries, namely Austria, Belgium, Romania, Scotland and Slovenia.

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