Jose Maria Figueres on Rio+20: We need negotiators who are connected to reality

By John Parnell
RTCC in Rio

Governments’ action on sustainable development requires a new approach from negotiators, according to Jose Maria Figueres, President of the Carbon War Room and former President of Costa Rica.

Speaking on the sidelines of Rio+20 Figueres said the current set-up was not working.

“Governments will act when they see a lot more activity in their own countries within the business community and civil society,” he said.

“I also believe what will be a fundamental part of getting governments to act is getting negotiators who are connected to reality… Negotiators should not be allowed to negotiate for more than five or four years,” he added.

The Carbon War Room was founded by a group of leaders from business and civil society including Sir Richard Branson, to develop market-driven ideas for large-scale cuts in carbon emissions.

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