Rio+20: Highlighting the role of the private sector on Business Day

By Tierney Smith
RTCC in Rio 

Tomorrow will see business discuss the work they are doing for sustainable development (UN Photo / Guilherme Costa)

Business Day at Rio+20 tomorrow aims to showcase the work being done by the private sector to combat the twin problems of the environmental and economic crises.

Private sector involvement in sustainable development goes beyond that of financing and the Rio Conventions Pavilion Business Day aims to showcase the innovation, research and new technologies that are being driven by business.

The day will address the role the private sector will play in setting examples for sustainable development and the importance of public-private partnerships in implementing sustainability policies.

The day will highlight work being done in a range of sectors including manufacturing, energy and industrial sectors.

Companies speaking at the event will include Coca-Cola, BT Brasil, Starbucks, Volvo, General Electric, Puma and PwC.

UNFCCC Chief, Christiana Figueres and Chief Executive of the UNCCD Luc Gnacadja will also address attendees about the role that the private sector will play in both addressing climate change and land degradation.

Kicking off at 11am the event will take place at the Rio Conventions Pavilion, opposite the Rio Centro Conference site on Monday the 18th.

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