Rio+20: Usual suspects holding up the talks says Seychelles Ambassador

By John Parnell
RTCC in Rio

The “usual suspects” are holding up talks at Rio+20, the Seychelles Ambassador to the US has said.

Delegates worked into the night in Rio but progress is slow. (Source: UN/Guilherme Costa)

When asked who was delaying the staggered talks on a draft outcome to the UN Sustainable Development summit, Ronald Jumeau pointed to similarities with other environmental discussions.

“[It’s] the usual suspects. The same people that you run into problems with at the climate change negotiations,” he said.

“Some of these are the major polluters, from the global north and south. This is no longer a North/South debate. There are also industrial interests at play.”

The Seychelles and other small island states are among the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change and related environmental impacts.

“We hope the conference can add to our voice in these debates. We know this is not a climate change conference. But the reason we are talking about the green economy and sustainable development is because of the effects of climate change,” he added.

“Rio+20 must realize that climate change is a threat to sustainable development.”

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