Businesses abandon transport fossil fuels in search of “green fleets”

By RTCC Staff

A new report has found that one in four business leaders have either implemented alternative transport fuel policies or are actively pursuing them.

Companies are increasingly turning to alternative fuel vehicles despite sluggish consumer demand. (Source: Deutsche Post DHL)

The study by consultancy firm Grant Thornton revealed that high oil prices and other associated costs as well as environmental benefits were boosting the uptake of natural gas, electric, hybrid and biofuel powered vehicles.

Transportation is responsible for around a quarter of global CO2 emissions.

“With the United States and the EU pressing ahead with sanctions against Iran, the world’s fourth largest oil producer, it seems unlikely that prices at the pumps will ease significantly in the near future,” said Daniel Taylor, partner & head of automotive at Grant Thornton UK.

“Many dynamic businesses are therefore looking to determine whether switching their fleets to alternative fuels could offer cost savings, allowing them to free up resources that could be better employed in efforts to expand their operations,” said Taylor.

“And of course, switching to ‘greener’ fuels also boosts their environmental credentials.”

While alternative fuel vehicles are struggling to gain traction among the public, the report suggests demand from the private sector could be much stronger.

In March 2011, Deutsche Post DHL rolled out a fleet of 30 electric and 50 hybrid delivery trucks to serve Manhattan, New York.

“The results suggest a bright future for the alternative fuel vehicle industry provided it can produce vehicles which compete with existing ranges in terms of quality, driving experience and critically price, whilst offering cost savings in terms of refuelling.”

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