LCEDN VIDEO: Developing pro-poor pathways to the low-carbon transition

By Tierney Smith

Low-carbon development is not only about the transfer of technologies but about making sure the skills and capabilities are also available locally, according to the Sussex Energy Group.

Speaking at the Low Carbon Energy for Development Network conference, Rob Byrne and David Ockwell both from the Sussex Energy Group, spoke about the need for pro-poor pathways to low carbon energy access – which takes into account local conditions.

They believe it doesn’t matter whether the technology is a huge on-grid installation or a small solar system for a single home or to charge a radio, the capabilities to make the decisions relevant to the local area and the skills to develop and maintain the technology will be key to making sure the low-carbon transition is successful.

Rob Byrne spoke to RTCC on the sidelines of the conference about the importance of building these capabilities, as well as the importance of putting poor communities – those who can best express their needs – at the centre of new projects.

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