LCEDN VIDEO: Multi-disciplinary approaches needed to low-carbon research

By Tierney Smith

A more multi-disciplinary approach is needed to low-carbon research to ensure it is successful in developing countries, according to the Low Carbon Energy for Development Network (LCEDN).

The LCEDN aims to bring together researchers, policy makers and practitioners from across the UK and the world to expand the research into low-carbon development in countries in the Global South.

Speaking to RTCC at the network’s first conference at Loughborough University (4th-5th April) Ed Brown, the UK LCEDN Co-coordinator says that researchers and policy makers must learn from the projects of the past to make sure that the money spent currently goes towards the right projects.

He says as much focus needs to be placed on the social sciences as on technological research and warns the UK must break away from the technological determinism it has experienced in the past.

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